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Ich war's nicht! - It wasn't me!

I remember when our sons used their first German swear word – living in an exclusively English speaking environment I knew that they only could have learned this from one of us (and I promised to mend my ways). noch 215 Wörter


Gut Ding darf Weile haben? - Is time on my side?

The lack of formal schooling and that the learners in general are not accustomed to write or to use writing utensils in the broadest sense shows in many ways.  noch 803 Wörter


Blut ist ein ganz besondrer Saft - Blood is quite a special juice

Salah would like to donate blood.  His motivation seems to be less altruistic (although there is that, too) but more of a belief that blood-letting will physically do him good.  noch 771 Wörter


Neue Lieder braucht das Land - New songs is what is needed

I’ve shied away from using children’s songs in class until now because I was worried that it might be childish and that the learners might consider it  patronising.  noch 481 Wörter


Ebb and flow - Ebbe und Flut

Ich unterrichte dreimal die Woche für drei Schulstunden.  Mehr geht nicht, weil die Mehrheit der Teilnehmer wegen Kinderbetreuungsfragen oder Arbeitsverpflichtungen nicht länger bleiben kann.  Gerade die Arbeit hält viele meiner Schüler für immer mehr Zeit vom Unterricht fern.  noch 327 Wörter



I have to vent today. Vent or platz! (excuse my Yiddish)

Who the f*@k writes these textbooks for alphabetisation?!

Which numbskull had the glorious idea to introduce colour coding for articles in the same lesson that teaches about colours in general?! noch 334 Wörter


Drei mal drei ist neun - Two times two is four

I didn’t feel very well today so when half of my class disappeared because of doctor’s appointments, work commitments, and consultations with the foreigners’ office I took out a board game and sat with the rest of my students at the table. noch 748 Wörter