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But I did go out! So what happened?

When I was younger  of course and still at work. I once went to a Peter Gabriel concert with my best friend from school and a friend from work, another concert with someone else from work at Leicester university. 292 weitere Wörter


The anniversary of my brother's death

Today is the anniversary of the day I lost my Brother; it has been 21 long years without him. Even though I miss him; I know he is at peace. 36 weitere Wörter

I Love Myself

We not only become what we think; we become what we picture and feel. Repeat the affirmation “ I Love Myself”. Now picture the realties behind it as clearly and in as much detail as possible. 180 weitere Wörter

Excuse my vulnerability


It feels like I am at the rock bottom.Like there is no escape.All that’s keeping me alive right now is loving someone.And knowing,that surely someone else is feeling the way I am right now too.That I am not alone in this. 64 weitere Wörter

Andy Greenway's Story

Andy Greenway, Oldham Facilitator for Andy’s Man Club, tells his own Open Shutters story in the video below. Andy’s Man Club has branches all over the country where men gather every Monday evening to share problems and spread the message that it’s OK to talk. 19 weitere Wörter

Let go of toxic people

Sometimes, even if we don’t want to, we need to let go toxic people and things in our lives. They deserve freedom as much as we deserve peace of mind. 8 weitere Wörter


Everything feels wrong

Everything I say or do, or even think feels wrong. Its like, why do I even bother talking at all? Whatever I say is useless. 63 weitere Wörter