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Stephen Harper's Austerity and Weak Oil Prices are Sinking Canada's Economy

Canada has a federal election coming up on October 19, 2015. The election could not have come at a worse time for Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservative Party. noch 1.081 Wörter


Infrastructure dollars are crucial, even if it puts us in a deficit

“Deficit” seems to have become a swear-word in Canadian politics. Leave it to Trudeau Jr. to pick up on his father’s potty mouth.

In a huge platform announcement Thursday, the Liberal leader… noch 440 Wörter


26 Foreign Films - Week 4

Film: Deficit (2007)

Country of Origin: Mexico

I’ll be honest. I was quite keen to watch Downfall, but it wasn’t on Netflix. I found an sub-par copy on YouTube, but it was quite difficult to immerse myself within the first twenty minutes. noch 531 Wörter

Nine employees at First Nations University axed to balance the books

REGINA – Nine full-time employees have been laid off at the First Nations University of Canada to help make up for a $801,527 deficit.

Dr. Lynn Wells, Vice President Academic, said lower than expected enrollment in the 2014-2015 school year is to blame for the deficit. noch 157 Wörter


Discussion: do Keynesians have a limit on deficit?

This article is really just a place for me to continue a conversation I’ve been having with @mcnalu and @spatchcockable on Twitter.  The 140 characters started off as restrictive then descended into farce. noch 559 Wörter


Jason Kenney Falsely Claims Canada is "the only country in the world" to Eliminate its Deficit

From Press Progress

Canada’s Defence Minister Jason Kenney is gaining quite the reputation for saying things that later prove untrue!

This year, Kenney claimed a Canadian frigate was  noch 278 Wörter

The Slow Growth Economy We’re Stuck In

We have very high debt and Paul Krugman says in “Debt Is Good” that we need more! The Congressional Budget Office’s latest report this week, “ noch 335 Wörter

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