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The key word: "Déficit, déficit, déficit"

Justo esta semana hemos estado analizando en clase el concepto de déficit y precisamente esta misma semana una máquina se ha puesto en ebullición…..¿Qué ha sucedido con el objetivo de déficit que tenía España? noch 647 Wörter

State Officials Still Seeing Red In Current Fiscal year

 HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) _ Connecticut’s budget is still on track to end the fiscal year with a deficit.

In a letter to State Comptroller Kevin Lembo released Friday, Democratic Gov. noch 118 Wörter


Alberta's credit rating downgraded again

EDMONTON – Alberta’s credit rating has been downgraded again.

Standard & Poor’s has changed the province’s rating from double-A-plus to double-A.

The company says the downgrade reflects what it calls „Alberta’s very weak budgetary performance and high, increasing debt burden.“ noch 202 Wörter


How Large NGOs Are Using Data to Transform Themselves


Not many would associate innovation with large, service-oriented nonprofits with decades of history. But in our study of many such organizations—including World Vision, Habitat for Humanity, The Salvation Army, and Save the Children—we found a handful are innovating by seeking out data, taking it seriously, and then using it to pivot their approach from serving constituents’ needs to tackling the underlying problems that produce them. noch 875 Wörter


Persuasive Writing

A new strategy that the school has been using since we met for a crisis intervention plan, has been to allow The Boy to send me an email when he is overwhelmed. noch 547 Wörter

Special Needs Parenting

The force that’s reshaping the global economy has big implications for the US dollar


Dramatic historical juxtapositions that highlight the extent of today’s technology revolution are easy to find. The chip inside a singing birthday card has more computing power than the Allied forces had in World War II, according to Professor Michio Kaku’s Physics of the Future (2012). noch 1.008 Wörter

Money Matters

I have returned there where I had never been

27. IV 2016

Debt and guilt are two intimately related concepts. In some languages (Sanskrit, Aramaic, Hebrew, German) the two words even have the same root — the German makes it particularly explicit: Schulden (debt) vs. noch 1.038 Wörter