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Bernie Sanders' Plan Would Save America Trillions

A couple weeks ago the Wall Street Journal ran this piece which argued that Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders’ plans for expanding Social Security, single payer health care, and free college would cost the country $18 Trillion over the next decade. noch 465 Wörter

Health Care

NDP to present 'responsible budget' for Alberta on Oct. 27, says finance minister

Albertans will find out Oct. 27 just how big a deficit the province is facing this year and what the NDP government is planning to do to get Alberta back in the black. noch 538 Wörter

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Simple Answers

Some of the political party leaders are promising to balance the budget if they win the next election.  Is this really necessary?  It’s actually a false analogy, a victory for the conservatives.  noch 461 Wörter


Why the Federal Government Fails So Often

This blog is about the major fiscal and economic problems of our country and specifically our stagnant economy (2% real growth for the past six years) and massive federal debt (the public debt, on which we pay interest, is 74% of GDP, the highest since WWII). noch 320 Wörter

Jack Heidel

NajoWrimo Day #2 what inspires my creativity

Dear diary,
I thought over the entry I wrote yesterday. Though I consoled myself saying that yes I’m creative by the smattering of writing skills I have, by collecting coins and stamps and by taking up some dance classes, but still I’m not convinced that I’m being fruitfully creative. noch 227 Wörter


Kansas tax collections $31M short of expectations last month

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — Kansas collected $31 million less in taxes than anticipated last month, prompting one of Gov. Sam Brownback’s most vocal legislative critics to predict Thursday that the Republican will be forced into another round of budget cuts. noch 327 Wörter


Audited figures for 2014-15 show hefty deficit and debt in New Brunswick

FREDERICTON – The New Brunswick government ran up a $388.6 million deficit last year, $2.5 million less than projected.

The government released its 2014-15 audited financial statements Wednesday. noch 59 Wörter