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The federal budget: Here's what to look for Tuesday

The Conservative government’s first balanced budget in eight years is expected to sprinkle billions in spending on long-promised tax cuts and transit projects across Canada, months before a federal election, while hammering home that the deficit has been eliminated. noch 753 Wörter


Not Our Debt Not Our Deficit!

By Steve Wilkins – Medway TUSC Council Candidate for Hempstead and Wigmore

The cuts have been justified on the grounds that we are in debt due to ‘overspending’ and that there is consequently a budget deficit. noch 114 Wörter

Bail Out

Obama's irresponsible student loan policies leave taxpayers with trillion-dollar bubble

This is from Investors Business Daily.

It says:

In 2010, Obama eliminated the federal guaranteed loan program, which let private lenders offer student loans at low interest rates.

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The Government Deficit

The Government Deficit

     We often hear politicians talk about “the deficit”. What is it? Why do they seem so keen to blame it on other people and to talk about reducing it? noch 1.902 Wörter

Money Matters

More Anti-Factual Analysis from Paul Krugman

I don’t know whether to be impressed or horrified by Paul Krugman.

I’m impressed that he’s always “on message.” No matter what’s happening in America or around the world, he always has some sort of story about why events show the need for bigger government. noch 691 Wörter

Big Government

Budget is now balanced but billions in future surpluses wiped out: PBO

The federal budget watchdog says the books are already balanced but that tens of billions of dollars in expected surpluses will be largely wiped out by new tax breaks, lower oil prices and reduced EI premiums — possibly leading to small deficits within two years. noch 813 Wörter


House Votes To Repeal Tax On Richest 0.2 Percent Of Americans

When the Republicans cut food stamps and even NASA they say that they’re trying to balance the budget. When they refuse to fix our crumbling infrastructure they say that there is no way to pay for it. noch 54 Wörter