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Saskatchewan Budget 2017: sales tax increasing to deal with $685M deficit

The Saskatchewan government is increasing the provincial sales tax (PST) to deal with a deficit forecast at $685 million as the province looks to return to a balanced budget in three years. 938 weitere Wörter


Turning Right on Sesame Street

There’s a lot in the news lately other than the latest federal budget proposals, and of course there’s plenty further news within that proposed $3.6 trillion of spending that’s currently up for debate, but somehow the relatively mere pittance of $454 million per annum for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting is once again getting column inches and air time. 683 weitere Wörter


Things are Looking Good but Can We Afford to be Complacent?


Everybody should read Tyler Cowen’s compelling new book, “The Complacent Class.”  As I have discussed in two recent posts, here and here, Mr. 332 weitere Wörter

Jack Heidel

Are You Prepared for Another Property Tax Hike?

The Octorara Area Board of Directors and Finance Committee met on Monday, March 20, 2017. Seven Board members were in attendance. Sam Ganow and Hank Oleyniczak were both absent. 1.201 weitere Wörter

Board Meeting

Wall tells Saskatchewan residents to brace for tax increases in deficit budget

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall says there will be tax increases in the provincial budget as part of the government’s three-year plan to balance the books. 662 weitere Wörter


Manitoba's deficit forecasted to be less than $1 billion: Fiscal update

WINNIPEG — The Manitoba government is looking at a lower-than-expected deficit.

A fiscal update from the province says it is now projecting $872 million in red ink for the fiscal year that ends March 31. 109 weitere Wörter


Best Nootropics for ADD & ADHD: 10 Alternatives to Adderall®

Best Nootropics for ADD & ADHD: 10 Alternatives to Adderall®

Find out the top 10 nootropic alternatives to amphetamines in Attention Deficit Disorders – with or without Hyperactivity – and where to legally obtain them. 9 weitere Wörter