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Relations At Lightening Speed

In present times

true soul felt love

is deficit of true emotions

not abundance of emotions.

Times now 

has moved on to 

not be patient… 16 weitere Wörter

Life's Philosophies

Debt for America

Let’s keep the rhetoric in perspective.

The Republican tax reform is projected to add $1 trillion to the national debt … over ten years.

BEFORE tax reform the CBO projected that the debt would grow by $11 trillion over ten years so now instead of $11 trillion it may be $12 trillion. 188 weitere Wörter


The Fight for 15 just got Local

So the illustrious crowd up in Sacramento… you know the group, our elected officials… have really jumped the shark as you say.

I think, maybe, they have magically left Planet Earth and ended up in some parallel universe that made California into a state made up of only major urban areas and their satellite communities. 983 weitere Wörter

A Pox on All Their Houses

So our humble and fearless leaders in Washington have come up with a federal budget deal late Monday night. To the shock and surprise of no one, spending is increased – to be offset by cuts ten years from now – and another debt ceiling increase. 492 weitere Wörter

Quick Recommendations for Nebraska's 105th Legislature Session Part 1: Taxes!

Just over a week into the 105th session of the Nebraska State Legislature, a plethora of challenges face Legislators and Nebraska as a whole. For 2018, many of 2017’s problems will continue, but the Trump Administration’s bold policy shifts have undoubtedly added new problems and worsened old ones. 586 weitere Wörter


China May Lessen Its Currency Manipulation Soon

The Chinese currency management done over the past several years is a significant issue because it raises the U.S. trade deficit, and a higher U.S. … 393 weitere Wörter