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Greece Fails To Secure Bailout Funds

Despite passing more public spending cutbacks that lead to national demonstrations and riots, Greek efforts to secure another round of bailout funding to avoid bankruptcy has failed. 26 weitere Wörter


The Five Most Important Takeaways from Trump's Budget

It’s both amusing and frustrating to observe the reaction to President Trump’s budget.

I’m amused that it is generating wild-eyed hysterics from interest groups who want us to believe the world is about to end. 565 weitere Wörter

Fiscal Policy

Puerto Rico Pension and Highway Agency Declare Bankruptcy

The highway authority and the largest public pension in Puerto Rico have joined in declaring bankruptcy protection (link).


The US Current Account Deficit - Is it China's fault?

The current account or trade balance, a touchy subject for the US for a long time. As usual with numerous presidents before Trump, Trump blames current account surplus countries like China, Germany and many developing countries for America’s current account deficit which Jeffrey Sachs described  602 weitere Wörter

Labour targeting social and infrastructure deficits, not financial

Finance spokesperson Grant Robertson says that a Labour government would target infrastructure deficits and social deficits‘ and revise the Government targets on lowering financial deficits. 345 weitere Wörter


Labour debt-pointers are risking their party's economic credibility again

I actually can’t take it anymore. It is economically illiterate and it is self-defeating and it has to stop. It is like someone lighting a fire, which is an inferno when the fire brigade arrives, and then the person who starts it runs around replacing the brigade’s water with oil, and fanning the flames, whilst screaming at the fire bridgade that they can’t believe the fire isn’t out. 570 weitere Wörter


Chicago Schools To Borrow Up To $389 Million

The Chicago school systems plans to borrow up to $389 Million dollars in order to be able to remain open for the remainder of the school year (link).