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Labour did not overspend in office. So why do Labour's leadership candidates keep saying so?

Perhaps the most depressing aspect of the Labour leadership contest is hearing the candidates acquiescing in the myth that Labour in office overspent – and, by implication, accepting the Tory framing that Labour crashed the economy.   noch 856 Wörter

UK Politics

Are Economics and Social Progress Related to Each Other?

“Your (last post) is one of the most active and positive that I have read of yours. You do put your time to where your values are. noch 277 Wörter

Jack Heidel

U.S. Posts Biggest Monthly Budget Surplus in Seven Years, A Simple Math Lesson

The boost in receipts narrowed the U.S. budget deficit for the previous 12 months to $460 billion, from $510 billion in March and $499 billion in the prior year.

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Balanced Budget Requirements Don't Work as Well as Spending Limits

When I first came to Washington back in the 1980s, there was near-universal support and enthusiasm for a balanced budget amendment among advocates of limited government. noch 805 Wörter

Government Spending

The Last Labour Government

Good day world!

Now under that headline and me being a Tory you might expect me to leap into the attack and blame the recession on the last Labour government. noch 1.453 Wörter


NHS Deficits at all time high

The NHS trust has hit an all time high deficit of £822m in 2014-15, compared with £115m the previous year. This is a significant increase and highlights the crisis that the NHS is currently under. noch 105 Wörter


Budget headlines

I’ve only seen headlines and summaries on the budget. Two stand out to me from those that the Herald has highlighted in Budget 2015: 10 things you need to know. noch 97 Wörter