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Entry 0112: A Little Background on my New Call of Cthulhu Character

LP: Dead Can Dance by Dead Can Dance

2016 4AD Records, CAD 3622, reissue

Favorite Track: A Passage in Time

Wendell Christmas sat on the stalled train, watching the cardinals flash red past his finger-spotted window. 677 weitere Wörter


Dead Can Dance: The Serpent’s Egg/Aion/Spiritchaser – album reviews

Dead Can Dance

The Serpent’s Egg/Aion/Spiritchaser (4AD)


Released 17 March, 2017

09/10 09/10 09/10

The dead dance again.

4AD, over the course of a year, have been re-issuing their entire catalogue of Dead Can Dance’s albums. 322 weitere Wörter

Music Reviews

Day 13: Today's Writing Song

One of the most haunting pieces of music ever written has to be „The Host of Seraphim“ from The Mist soundtrack. The incredible performance of musical harmony and vocals is by the band Dead Can Dance. 70 weitere Wörter


Vintage RT: Spring Goth

This retrotransmission episode is inspired by the schizophrenic weather of early spring, when its warm and sunny one day, then cool, damp, raining, and grey the next. 70 weitere Wörter


Peel Sessions - Dead Can Dance, 2 June 1984

After a very industrial-sounding first session in late 1983, Dead Can Dance returned to the John Peel session around seven months later with a taste of their now-more-familiar „world“ style. 218 weitere Wörter

John Peel

I just saved Brooke Shields from drowning so I want Dead Can Dance to play my birthday party

Sorry for the grainy pic folks, this was taken at the Temple Buell Theater in Denver, Colorado back on August 19, 2012. Yes, I got to see… 282 weitere Wörter



The prism of light emanating from the oft intermittent sky caressed the melting patch of snow. Enigma stood aside a desolate road with her eyes glued to the glistening pattern. 176 weitere Wörter