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the hunter
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Carpe Diem
Festival of the Great Target

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Dying to music

WALKING THROUGH the living room the other day, the FM station was playing a nice classical work, and I thought, “That would be good to die to,” and I envisioned falling forward onto the ceramic floor, … noch 281 Wörter


Ethereal Music to Relax to: Dead Can Dance, Delerium, Black Tape for a Blue Girl, Loveliescrushing, The Machine in the Garden

If I’ve had a really rough day sometimes I like to listen to music to unwind; my go-to for those moments is often ethereal music.  Ethereal music was seeded in the 80’s with influences like the Cure and Cocteau Twins and peaked in the 90’s.  noch 610 Wörter

Aimee Harris

Album Review: "The Menagerie Inside" - High Drama Post-Rock from UK's Midas Fall

From the highest points of Manchester, one can see the moors stretching out to the foothills of the Pennines mountain range, also known as “the backbone of England”. noch 610 Wörter