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Into the Labyrinth - Dead Can Dance [#640]

The sixth studio album from Dead Can Dance was the first to make me think that perhaps it was time to move on from this particular taste in weird music. 108 weitere Wörter


Preview: Moon Child (El Nino de la Luna) - Bluray

Inspired by occultist Aleister Crowley’s 1923 novel of the same name, Agusti Villaronga’s film centres around the extraordinary 12-year-old David (Enrique Saldana), who has been adopted by a treacherous scientific cult where extraordinary mental powers are common. 83 weitere Wörter


Scene and Heard  –  CCLXXXV : Hourglass - Daarien feat. DJ Tallah (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Hourglass is a song which says so much about the musical world we find ourselves in today. With the abandonment of the old tribal allegiances, the hard and fast rules which created rigid styles, musicians are freer to make music which wilfully fuses genres, cross-pollinates sounds and gene-splices musical DNA. 380 weitere Wörter

Album Perdana Dead Can Dance

Dead Can Dance adalah debut album studio oleh akting musik dari Australia. Album ini dirilis pada waktu 27 Februari 1984 pada label rekaman 4AD.

Genre: Rock, Folk, World, & Country… 28 weitere Wörter

Dead Can Dance

Park Jiha-Communion

Park Jiha

Communion (tak:til/Glitterbeat 2018)

Buy it or Listen to it here

Sometimes an album just grips you up and demands your attention. This is one of those albums. 371 weitere Wörter

Scene and Heard – CCLXXVII : Church of Lies - Rebecca Relansay (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Gothic music all had a touch of the melodrama and theatre about it, even those embryonic bands like Bauhaus who held the keys  to the musical crypt revelled in a filmic, widescreen persona. 166 weitere Wörter