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China’s Great Firewall -- And Poisoning Internet Attacks From China

By Adam Pasick

Software designer Craig Hockenberry noticed something very strange was happening to his small corporate website The Iconfactory one morning last month: traffic had suddenly spiked to extremely high levels—equivalent to more than double… noch 464 Wörter

DNS DDoS Attacks are Growing and Evolving


DNS is a critical infrastructure of the Internet as every web transaction involves a DNS service provided by the Internet service provider. A successful attack against DNS services that manages to disrupt these services will halt all other Internet-based services. noch 1.985 Wörter

DDoS Attack

1 in 5 businesses expect others to protect it against DDoS

According to a recent study carried out by Kaspersky Lab and B2B International, currently one in five business representatives surveyed believe that their online services should be protected against DDoS attacks by their IT service providers (in particular, network providers). noch 343 Wörter


Feb 25, 2015, Episode 360, Show Notes

Episode 360 of The CyberJungle is about 27 minutes long.  The interview with Heather Wilde begins at about 15:50. You may download the file directly… noch 205 Wörter


Cyber Security: Why 2015 will be the year that every consumer became anxious.

On Christmas Day, gamers with an Xbox or PlayStation console were unable able to connect to Xbox Live or PlayStation Network (PSN). When mentioned in conversation, the general reaction from non-gamers shocked me; “Oh no – They had to spent Christmas Day with their families instead of their console? noch 490 Wörter

Games Consoles

EMC gets GA versions of Avamar and DDOS code pulled back to DA

Came across this strange series of events on a recent install. Apparently, EMC has found bugs in client installers for Avamar 7.1 SP1 (7.1.1-141) and also pulled back DDOS due to bugs discovered in its code as well. noch 188 Wörter

Data Protection

Public sector sees largest increase in DDoS attacks

Verisign just released its Q4 2014 DDoS Trends Report, which provides a unique view into online distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack trends from mitigations on behalf of, and in cooperation with, customers of Verisign DDoS Protection Services, and the security research of iDefense Security Intelligence Services. noch 419 Wörter