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10#TechNews-Xiaomi e-Cigarette, OnePlus 5T Star Wars, Maps Go, Nokia 9, S9

Here are some awesome tech stuff from around the world and the great news is that OnePlus has launched its Star Wars Limited Edition. 242 weitere Wörter

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Mirai botnet authors plead guilty

The authors of the infamous Mirai botnet – used to launch record-breaking Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks last year that knocked major segments of the internet offline – pleaded guilty to federal cybercrime charges last Friday, 8 December. 841 weitere Wörter

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The Mirai Botnet Was Allotment Of A Academy Apprentice Minecraft Scheme

The best affecting cybersecurity adventure of 2016 came to a quiet cessation Friday in an Anchorage courtroom, as three adolescent American computer savants pleaded accusable to masterminding an aberrant botnet—powered by apart internet-of-things accessories like security cameras and wireless routers—that unleashed across-the-board attacks on key internet casework about the apple aftermost fall. 5.740 weitere Wörter

Bitfinex cryptocurrency exchange is back up after repeated DDoS

Bitfinex, which claims to be „the largest and most advanced cryptocurrencies exchange,“ is back up after being slammed to the mat by multiple DDoS attacks over the past weeks. 295 weitere Wörter


Distributed Denial of Service Attack on Cloud Computing

As distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks form one of the biggest threats encountered by Internet users and cloud computing services, we are going to examine the effects of DDoS attack and defense mechanisms against different types of DDoS attacks on cloud computing environment. 805 weitere Wörter

Cloud Computing

Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex plagued by DDoS attacks

Digital currency exchange Bitfinex has been going through a sticky patch of late, having been knocked temporarily offline on Monday due to a distributed denial-of-service… 465 weitere Wörter

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