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How to prepare for PWK/OSCP, a noob-friendly guide

Few months ago, I didn’t know what Bash was, only heard of SSH tunneling, no practical knowledge. I also didn’t like paying for the PWK lab time without using it, so I went through a number of resources till I felt ready for starting the course. 915 weitere Wörter

Discovery of 8,800 servers sends warning to Asian cybercriminals

In one of the more curious cybercrime announcements of recent times, Interpol’s Asian centre says it has “identified” 8,800 servers used as command & control (C2) for all sorts of bad things including DDoS attacks and distributing ransomware and spam. 468 weitere Wörter

Law & Order

Hacker Jailed Two Years For Making Software That Causes DDoS Attacks


Today, England’s Old Bailey court jailed 20-year-old hacker Adam Mudd two years for initiating distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks against several popular games and gaming services, the BBC… 150 weitere Wörter


Teenage cyber hacker Adam Mudd jailed for global attacks

A computer hacker has been jailed for two years for masterminding global online attacks as a teenager from his bedroom in Hertfordshire.

Adam Mudd, now 20, admitted creating malware in 2013 which was used to carry out 1.7 million cyber attacks. 320 weitere Wörter


Serangan Masif DDoS Lumpuhkan Twitter, Indonesia Terdampak – Jumat pagi, pukul 07.10, waktu timur Amerika Serikat atau sekitar pukul 8 malam WIB, sejumlah layanan online terkenal mendadak terasa lambat saat diakses atau tumbang sama sekali.  337 weitere Wörter

StarHub outage not due to DDoS attack after all, say regulators


A StarHub outage in October last year was not caused by a cyber attack as first thought, but was down to its infrastructure not being able to cope, according to an investigation by government regulators. 279 weitere Wörter