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Slowloris : Low bandwidth DoS tool

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Today an old tool that was and is still used by a lot of activist and hackers.

What it does is to send excessive packets to the target server…causing it to crash. 125 weitere Wörter


CNET: Google rolls out free cyberattack shield for elections and campaigns

CNET: Google rolls out free cyberattack shield for elections and campaigns. „On Wednesday, Jigsaw announced that Project Shield, its free DDoS protection tool, would be available to political campaigns, candidates and political action committees. 35 weitere Wörter

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RTBH with BIRD and JunOS

Remote Triggered Black Hole is a very useful Security Tool that can be extremely helpful during DDoS Attacks, it leverages on BGP Communities and help us drop tarffic before it reaches our Infrastructure. 1.782 weitere Wörter


Denial-of-service attacks

Have you ever feel that a webpage is loading too slow compared to other times, a poor network performance while trying to retrieve s file from a cloud server, an increasing amount of time in order to reach an specific service from the internet? 344 weitere Wörter


Una semana en seguridad del 16 al 22 de abril

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La semana pasada, se habló acerca de Facebook y MySpace, se notó un cambio en el kit Magnitude exploit, donde comenzó a adoptar el ransomware GandCrab, se echó un buen vistazo a una nueva forma de adware que está basada en Python, se conversó un poco sobre el hacking ruso con un periodista, alentó a los minoristas a hacer las preguntas correctas para proteger sus negocios, e intervino en una forma de acelerar el ancho de banda de Internet y aumentar la privacidad a través del nuevo servicio DNS de Cloudflare. 299 weitere Wörter

How do cybercriminals employ social engineering?

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When a cybercriminal is able to infiltrate the systems of a company, chances are they did not do so with brute force. Through various means, they can dupe people into giving out valuable information that grants them access. 225 weitere Wörter

Police take down the world's largest DDoS-for-hire service

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According to Engadget

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The internet might be slightly safer against distributed denial of service attacks…

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