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Callaway's Cyber Digest 17 Oct 2016

I keep telling people that we’re entering the Golden Age of Hacking. Interesting stuff happens so fast that it hardly makes sense to re-tweet it all, so here’s a digest of the latest things that caught my eye: 225 weitere Wörter


Is your router taking part in DDoS attacks right under your nose?

Educating the home owner and small business owner is key when dealing with the exploitation of IoT devices like home routers.  Please take the time to rotate default passwords and spread the word!

Security News

DDoS Threat Posed by Mirai and Other Botnets using Internet of Things (IOT)

If you’re excited to implement smart appliances into your home network, you must read this CERT Alert for you to secure your devices and minimize exposures. 795 weitere Wörter

Online Buzz

Top CyberSecurity News For October 16th 2016

  1. Mirai IoT DDoS Trojan Now Targets Cellular Network EquipmentFrom Softpedia. 

    Sierra Wireless, one of the biggest hardware manufacturers of mobile equipment, has issued an alert yesterday, warning customers not to use default passwords with their devices as they might be at risk of infection from the infamous Mirai malware.

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Is your router taking part in DDoS attacks right under your nose?

We’ve written about BWAINs before.

A BWAIN is a Bug With An Impressive Name that has been given special marketing treatment in the hope of getting the… 1.125 weitere Wörter


Multi-Layered Attacks Require More Sophisticated IT Security

By Paul Mazzucco, TierPoint Chief Security Officer

Cyber-criminals are after your corporate data and they’re going to great lengths to get it. With the help of sophisticated bot-nets, the Internet of Things and multi-layered attack strategies, the threat to sensitive customer data and intellectual property has grown stronger. 950 weitere Wörter