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Importance of Web Application Firewalls

Application Firewalls are known to manage traffic across network, which is transmitted in and out of any said application. It is therefore very much important to have security measures in place to protect information and the onslaught of data from prying eyes. noch 479 Wörter

Application Firewall

Australia spared the worst of rise in web attacks: Akamai

Australia has been spared the worst of a significant increase in attacks on internet-connected systems highlighted in content delivery giant Akamai’s latest state of the internet security report.  noch 58 Wörter


High schooler allegedly hired third party to DDoS his school district

A 17-year-old high school boy may face state and federal charges for allegedly having paid a third party to launch a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack that crippled the West Ada school district in Idaho, US, for a week and a half earlier this month. noch 560 Wörter


DDOS: What Can You Do About It?

Distributed Denial of Service attacks might seem like the lesser of two evils, but they are just as devastating. They can easily target you resources such as processing power, bandwidth, and storage capacity and drain them in an instant. noch 511 Wörter

Application Delivery Networking

The Rise of the IoT Zombies: Who Is Your Router Working For?

By: Rishi Agarwal, Chief Evangelist, NSFOCUS

It has been several years now since the infiltration of “smart” devices – both into our homes and our bodies – began, and there is no shortage of articles that have expounded upon the danger and potential vulnerabilities that this technology has unleashed. noch 966 Wörter


Time to Identify Advanced Threats is 98 Days for Financial Services Firms and 197 Days for Retail

According to a Ponemon Institute Survey, sponsored by Arbor Networks, Financial Services and Retail organizations agree, advanced threats are the most serious security challenge facing their organizations. noch 505 Wörter

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