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Fantage Under Attack!!

Melanie3580 here. Are you having trouble signing into fantage? While on the log in page, Fantage released a statement that they’re under a DDos attack! Which will cause issues while logging in. 71 weitere Wörter

Cyber Security Awareness is Your Seatbelt

In light of the recent KRACK attack, National Cyber Security Awareness Month, and it being the year anniversary month of the crazy Dyn attack – I figured discussing the Internet of Things and the security around them would be a great topic for the official launch of TriciaKicksSaaS! 1.244 weitere Wörter



What is DDOS?

A “denial of service” (sometimes called a “distributed denial of service” or DDoS) attack occurs when a system, in this case a web server, receives so many requests at one time that the server resources are overloaded the system simply locks up and shuts down. 396 weitere Wörter


Are your things disabling the internet around the world?

If you have a smart tv chances are it is connected to the internet, but what if it was also connected to thousands of other devices with internet connectivity working to disconnect you from the internet?  201 weitere Wörter


DDoS: The Democracy of Crime

My SOURCE Seattle presentation on a Heart of Darkness style journey through startups, carriers, DDoS, and record setting disruptions by people who implicitly admit to their actions and somehow avoid consequences. 1.329 weitere Wörter

Information Security

DDOS approaches and Flowspec

Denial of Service – for once a technical term that is pretty much exactly what it says on the tin.  Essentially the service you are trying to provide (be that internet access, a corporate application, connectivity), is denied.   3.337 weitere Wörter