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The Brave Little Toaster - Internet of things cyberterrorist

Are you a fan of the brave little toaster, a story of household objects coming to life when not observed by humans? If you haven’t seen it, it is like Toy Story with toasters, reading lamps and radios. 486 weitere Wörter

Network Box USA named in CIO Review's 20 Most Promising DDoS Solution Providers for 2016

CIO Review – DDoS Special

The corporate world is constantly getting smarter by leveraging the latest internet technology advancements. Information sharing has over the years witnessed a gradual displacement of paper with digital becoming the dominant and favored medium. 839 weitere Wörter


AWS launches Shield to protect web applications from DDoS attacks

At its re:Invent developer conference, Amazon today announced AWS Shield, a DDoS protection service for web apps that run on Amazon’s cloud computing service. 273 weitere Wörter


Doğu Sahili DDoS IoT Saldırısı 2

Makalenin ikinci bölümünü yazarken, 21 Ekim tarihli saldırının hedefi olan DYN firmasının Oracle tarafından satın alındığı haberi geldi.

Bu makalenin amacı, mevcut tehlikenin büyüklüğüne dikkat çekmektir. 942 weitere Wörter


European Commission experience DDoS attack

The European Commission was attacked around 3pm on November 24th by a DDoS. Both the EU’s main website and the network gateways were targeted in the attack making it difficult for staff to work. 41 weitere Wörter

What Bruce Schneier teaches us about IoT and cybersecurity

As if I haven’t said it a million times, IoT security is critical.

But just when I thought I had it all figured out, somebody comes along and sheds new light on this very important topic in a different way. 1.479 weitere Wörter


Three Whitehat Countermeasures to the Botnet Threat

In late October, about half the internet got shut down when thousands of compromised devices were recruited to attack one of the web’s most widely used „phonebooks,“ the domain name service provider Dyn. 827 weitere Wörter