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DoS vs. DDoS: One on One, or One on Many

Please read the following post with this notion in mind: DoS doesn’t refer to the classic operating system, nor is DDoS a “Different” version of this system. noch 451 Wörter


RSA 2015 - The Preview Video

I give a preview of RSA 2015, running April 20 – 23 in San Francisco’s Moscone Center. F5 will showcase a number of solutions that help organizations defend against the threats to their data and protect the perimeter. noch 55 Wörter


What is DDoS and the reason why should we care?

41% of organizations experienced a DDoS attack during the year 2014, their systems of websites either disturbed or even taken offline totally. One out of five was offline for the entire day. noch 374 Wörter

Tabster, Robin Hood for Android, Insurance drones and more fintech news (innoupdate 16.2015)

Overview by Maarten Korz (@korz) of this weeks innovations & startups in the financial (FinTech) and banking industry. This weeks links:


How Vulnerable is Our Web?

We all live under the assumption that the web is unbreakable. After all, it has thousands of different nodes and is so decentralized that there isn’t even as many as a handful of places that control the Internet. noch 850 Wörter


China rolls out "Great Cannon" super cyber weapon, starts blasting away at the web.

Researchers have uncovered a powerful and previously unknown weapon that China’s government is brazenly using to knock sites out of commission. Dubbed the Great Cannon, the tool has been used to bombard two anti-censorship GitHub pages with junk traffic, but it just as easily could be used to wage stealthy attacks that silently install malware on the computers of unwitting end users. noch 981 Wörter


New Book

There is still the opportunity to read non-electronic books. This one could be a good choice:

Molly Sauter, The Coming Swarm: DDoS Actions, Hacktivism, and Civil Disobedience… noch 15 Wörter