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Email Marketing

Part of Digital Marketing is the email aspect of things, where emails are used to advertise different products and services to the relevant customers and clients. noch 255 Wörter

Available Android app of Testeverything Site


Now you view the TestEverything Site updates on your Android mobile.just download the android app

Please refer the below link to download the apk file of  Teverything Site. noch 18 Wörter


Complex Data Relationships with Neo4j

I found myself facing a dilemma while working on a data model to incorporate medical nomenclature records (body structures, procedures, disorders, etc.), their associated relationships, and additional Healthcare data. noch 625 Wörter

R Coding

Overview of Global Data Services in oracle 12c

This article should give you an overview of the new feature in Oracle 12c – Global Services. We are aware of database services in oracle. These services provide a workload management by ensuring that clients connect to the optimal instance which is offering the service. noch 693 Wörter


Solaris Sun Cluster - Changing Fault Monitor Password (fmuser) for MySQL

Solaris Sun Cluster – Changing Fault Monitor Password (fmuser) for MySQL

There was a requirement to change the fmuser password after the Sun Cluster for MySQL was implemented. noch 386 Wörter


Update, 24 July 2016: New paper, new database

  • Paper accepted for BIOSIG2016, entitled ‚A Large-Scale Software-Generated Face Composite Sketch Database‚, which describes a new database for face photo-sketch recognition. The paper has been accepted as a „further conference contribution“ and limited to 8 pages as opposed to the 12 pages submitted for review; the original paper submitted for review (12 pages) has been made available since it naturally contains more details than the 8-page paper, which researchers may find helpful.
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Photo-sketch Recognition