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The Flash Insider: To POC or Not To POC?

Guest Post

I’m excited announce another guest blog written by my good friend and funny-talking American cousin Nathan Fuzi. Like me, Nate comes from a database background but joined the all-flash storage revolution back in its infancy. 1.771 weitere Wörter


Updating Reach Scores Database

You may be wondering why I haven’t updated the Reach Scores Database lately. Essentially, the site becomes bogged down whenever I’m free to update it (weekend nights). 134 weitere Wörter

Site News


Dear chess friends,

The first release of the CGR database is available! Check here!

But I have a few questions for you. Ideally, if we want to discuss this together, the easiest way would be to join the… 705 weitere Wörter


Isolation Levels

Isolation Issues

Lost Update
A lost update can be interpreted in one of two ways. In the first scenario, a lost update is considered to have taken place when data that has been updated by one transaction is overwritten by another transaction, before the first transaction is either committed or rolled back. 1.594 weitere Wörter


Bioinitiative website provides searchable research database

From the CTIA (formerly known as the Cellular Telephone Industry Association) website:

From time to time, some researchers report that a study shows a possible connection between radio frequency fields and a health problem. 1.463 weitere Wörter

The relationship (ERD) between tables in Service Manager

Place where we could find the relationship (ERD) between tables in Service Manager:

Navigate to Tailoring > SQL Utities > Entity Relationship Diagram.
In the Table Name box, type the name of the table that you would like to view (such as: probsummary, incidents,…) 10 weitere Wörter

Service Manager