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Database Projects in Visual studio 2015

Database projects  helps us to develop, compare, manage and deploy the database elements in Visual Studio.It makes it very easy to control the version of any database element( table, views, stored procedure, function or any kind of scripts) for an individual or in a team environment. noch 446 Wörter

Database Project

Database Spotlight: Business Source Elite

Business Source Elite provides full-text articles from nearly 1100 business publications.  Included are scholarly and trade periodicals in business, management, and economics on topics including accounting, banking, finance, international business, marketing, sales and more.  noch 103 Wörter

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Impress Your CTO (1)

There are plenty of developers who will happily build the functionality described in a set of requirements.

That is fine as far as it goes. We need requirements and we need to deliver working software to satisfy requirements. noch 588 Wörter

Software Development


“There are other types of programming tasks that a database is highly optimized to do, and given the option, you should take advantage of it to perform these chores.

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Taking Slices from LiDAR data: Part V

For this post, let’s combine the work in the last 4 posts in order to get a single pipeline for doing the following:


Toad for Oracle - Integrations with TFS, GitHub & Subversion

With the upcoming 12.9 release, Toad is taking a confident step toward greater leadership in the DevOps space.  A significant portion of this effort rests on the power of the available integration between Toad and popular version control/configuration management providers.  noch 58 Wörter


New Database: Gale World History in Context

We thank the Fulton County School District for recently purchasing a subscription to Gale’s World History in Context.  Like all of our Gale In Context databases, it features great content and helpful tools for working with the digital content featured in this online library.  noch 155 Wörter

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