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Deinstall 11gR2 and 12cR1 ORACLE_HOME on UNIX

Deinstall 11gR2 and 12cR1 ORACLE_HOME on UNIX

Here we are going to deinstall ORACLE_HOME on UNIX platform using the “deinstall” binary of ORACLE_HOME. noch 1.414 Wörter


Best Embedded RDBMS Databases for .NET Developers

Black Falcon Software develops products for professional .NET developers and like any other MicroISV, the need for developer products to have embedded databases is often a necessary component for such work. noch 1.574 Wörter


Dynabacus - CRM Record Count Tool from Sonoma Partners

Get the total count of records per entity inside the CRM 2015+ database, or use a view to filter it down to showing the number of records meeting a specific criteria.


Delaware's Regulation 811 Would Make All Student Health Records Electronic In A DOE Database

They say timing is everything.  No sooner do I write an article about student data and big companies dealing with that data and then the Delaware State Board of Education puts up their agenda for their next meeting on October 15th.  noch 211 Wörter

Delaware DOE

Man of Distinct(ion)

Its not often that I learn something new about the fundamentals of SQL. Sure they add to the syntax all the time and you learn something  about what you can do with these addition but fundamentals, that’s basic stuff – the kind of stuff you rattle off a thousand times a day without even thinking about it . noch 344 Wörter


Amazon RDS for MariaDB

Amazon RDS for MariaDB Finally! I have been broadcasting for sometime that the reason that Amazon has not moved RDS MySQL from it’s 5.6.x version, was due to the belief that Oracle was intending to charge an arm-and-a-leg from AWS for the privilege of doing the upgrade to 5.7.x. noch 100 Wörter


How To See Contents Of A Stored Procedure In Oracle?

Ever found yourself in a situation when you need to see the code/content of a Stored Procedure in Oracle? We need to check it for troubleshooting & database optimisation. noch 50 Wörter

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