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Open Up The Unexplored Possibilities Of Clinical Trials With The Multiple Functions Of Edc Software

Any kind of research work always opens up the multiple possibilities of your challenges and to explore all these possibilities for getting the best input for your research work you should know them well. 469 weitere Wörter


APEX (Hoch) Verfügbar ?

Below please find a link a to download the slides of my talk „APEX (Hoch) Verfügbar ?“ at DOAG 2017.

APEX Hochverfügbar


What is Private Cloud in Singapore?

A private cloud in Singapore is the software-defined data center which combines the essential hardware and other computing resources in to the unified virtualized unit. The private cloud’s layer of the hardware and the networking abstraction which is provided by the software enables the enterprises to do scaling and provision of resources which is more dynamically than it is possible with the traditional hardware-centric computing environment. 261 weitere Wörter


IN and Subqueries

I’d like to share my current favorite SQL combo, which has been quite helpful recently. The database I use on a daily basis is designed such that there are several main tables that hold IDs and metrics followed by several tables that act as libraries and hold the values that are paired with each ID. 319 weitere Wörter


SQL Operations Studio Linux

Great news, a visual way to manage SQL Server from Linux.

SQL Operations Studio came to fill a gap we were waiting to develop and manage SQL Server databases on Linux. 327 weitere Wörter

Sql Server