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PostgreSQL 9.6 on RHEL 7.2 -FATAL: semctl(SETVAL) failed: Invalid argument

PostgreSQL 9.6 on RHEL 7.2 -FATAL: semctl(SETVAL) failed: Invalid argument

The error below started occurring once we upgraded to PostgreSQL 9.6 on RHEL 7.2. It was strange because all we did was had a user to login, check the status of pgsql and logout. 366 weitere Wörter

Oracle Database

Building a text database using Tinderbox

I’ve been writing Question and Answer (Q&A) sections for Mac publications for longer than I care to remember. Despite having advised many questioners to use tools like Tinderbox to help them structure their work and keep it in order, I’ve never been particularly good at that myself. 1.472 weitere Wörter


What's the real (effective) way to send email campaigns?

OK.  So lately, I’ve had some real questions about email marketing.  There is so much out there, and so much to learn, that many of my clients (and potential clients) are just getting frustrated with how unpredictable email marketing seems to be. 622 weitere Wörter

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Police Body Cameras and Face Recognition point to Perpetual Surveillance

Police body cameras are widely seen as a way to improve law enforcement’s transparency with the public. But when mixed with police use of facial-recognition tools, the prospect of continual surveillance comes with big risks to privacy.

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Delete existing record from PostgreSQL database with Python and Psycopg2.

Today’s blog post will show an example of how to delete an existing record from a PostgreSQL database utilizing Psycopg2 , a feature-rich Python module, that offers a tremendous amount of functionality for working with Python and… 1.068 weitere Wörter


Optimasi Database di Django Menggunakan Query select_related

Bandingkan 2 query ini:

Query 1:

data = Quote.objects.filter(published=True).order_by('-modified')

Query 2:

data = Quote.objects.select_related('author').filter(published=True).order_by('-modified') 46 weitere Wörter