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Upload large mysql database using php

ini_set(‚memory_limit‘, ‚999M‘);
$mysqlDatabaseName = ‚dbname‘;
$mysqlUserName = ‚db_user‘;
$mysqlPassword = ‚db_password‘;
$mysqlHostName = ‚localhost‘;
$mysqlImportFilename = ‚db_file.sql‘;

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TRIAL DATABASE: GALE Cengage Learning Digital Collections

GALE Cengage Learning Digital Collections are on trial until 31 December 2016.

Gale Cengage Learning Digital Collections provide access to sources in history, art, political sciences, music, literature, geography  and related subjects.


Dynamic Management Views (DMV) and Dynamic Management Functions (DMF)


Dynamic management views and functions return server state information that can be used to monitor the health of a server instance, diagnose problems, and tune performance.

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Check schema and objects in MSSQL

打字猴以前工作上需要寫deployment scripts更新客戶的database,這時候就需要檢查database裡面的schema和objects (e.g., View, Stored Procedure, Functions, …)是否有被正確地deploy進去。 141 weitere Wörter

Role Management in Oracle 12c

A role is a name to which a set of privileges is associated with. A user can be granted a role instead of granting individual privilege. 239 weitere Wörter


Mac install MySQL using brew

  1. brew update
  2. brew info mysql
  3. brew install mysql
  4. export 2 path
    export MYSQL_PATH=/usr/local/Cellar/mysql/5.6.27
    export PATH=$PATH:$MYSQL_PATH/bin
  5. brew services list
  6. brew services start mysql
  7. set root password…
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