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Do you need a blockchain?


Blockchain technology is set to have a profound impact on a wide variety of industries, ranging from capital markets to the music business. 955 weitere Wörter


Being Accountable

Today I read a post on Twitter from someone I follow about accountability. I’ve been struggling recently with staying on track. Lately I just can’t seem to stay focused. 128 weitere Wörter


Database Questions

1. What is DBMS ?

The database management system is a collection of programs that enables user to store, retrieve, update and delete information from a database. 2.087 weitere Wörter


Create Cosmos DB , failover options,data replication options from azure subscription

This article outlines the steps to create Cosmos DB from the azure subscription.

  1. login to azure portal – Click on Azure Cosmos DB – Create Cosmos DB…
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Microsoft Cosmos DB features,options and summary

This article gives an introduction on Microsoft Cosmos DB, features available in them and options to integrate with application.


CosmosDB is the next Generation of Azure DB,its a enhanced version of document db. 910 weitere Wörter



1. Identify space for achive log files
2. Identify space for flashback files
3. Set archive log parameters
4. Set parameters – db_recovery_file_dest and db_recovery_file_dest_size (after reaching this size, it will overwrite flashback files so set this parameter with right value) 144 weitere Wörter


SAPVoice: Don't Fall For The "Autonomous Database" Distraction


It’s always satisfying to challenge new soundbites, especially when they mask the inadequacies that preceded them.

Similarly, it would be easy to believe that big database companies like Oracle are leading the renaissance of their own industry. 1.374 weitere Wörter

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