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puPHPet Box MySQL backup

As you all know by now, I love puPHPet. And I like tinkering with things. Which of course leads to the occasional breaking of things. And then I realised, okay, your sites files are being mounted into this virtual machine, what about the databases though? noch 289 Wörter


.Net and local databases.

Today I restarted work on a side project that had been on hold for various reasons.

In that period away from that project, however, I had learnt to work with new tools and features in Visual Studio at work, such as databases, resources and settings, which I wanted to practice and use more. noch 143 Wörter

Building a Database of Loyal Clients, One Referral at a Time

When grocery industry executive Sandra Cox of Clovis, Calif., started a family almost a decade ago, she knew she needed a career that would permit a more open and flexible schedule. noch 36 Wörter

Having issues with TRIRIGA 3.4.2 and Crystal Server 2013

We are in the midst of a platform upgrade from TRIRIGA 10.1/3.1.2 on Embedded Crystal Server 2008 to TRIRIGA 10.1/3.4.2 with a new Crystal Reports 2013 RAS server. noch 152 Wörter


Managed File Transfer in IM&P

From getting MFT to work in IM&P and Jabber, I’ve discovered that it is really important to configure everything in the right order.

DO have the database completely configured before attempting to perform the configuration within cupadmin (See my previous… noch 559 Wörter


Notes for Oracle as External database in IM&P

For a while I’ve been running an Oracle XE as my external database for chat persistence and message archiving. Trying to remember how to add an additional database when it was time configure Managed File Transfer was a pain for sure. noch 393 Wörter


Connect to Oracle DB (JDBC)

  1. Add Oracle JDBC Driver as project dependency in pom file
  2. In DataSource service class establish the connection …
  3. noch 35 Wörter