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Oracle Issues 'Massive' Security Update

Oracle’s latest security update is a doozy, listing fixes to some 270 vulnerabilities in key software products for businesses including its flagship database.

The security advisory, called a critical patch update, was issued Thursday. 359 weitere Wörter


B2B Database Migration what you need to know - P1 Business Analysis

Migration of Business Database systems

Migration being the process of translating X into Y without changing

  • the desired outputs
  • or the business features
  • or the project scope…
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Tech Talks - DB2 for Linux, UNIX and Windows

by Sajan Kuttappa, Content Marketing Manager

IBM DB2 for Linux, UNIX and Windows database software is the foundation that powers many IBM Analytics offerings. In conjunction with the… 189 weitere Wörter



The Bilkent University Library provides access to electronic books in history, international affairs, literature and related subjects which are belong to Adam Matthew Books Collection. The Library currently has access to the following modules; 15 weitere Wörter


Infrastructure from scratch. Part 6. Database

Database question is probably must have the most reliable answer in all service questions. The more you ensured what to use and how to maintain – the more fast and reliable your system will be. 1.617 weitere Wörter


Database Ransom Attacks Hit CouchDB and Hadoop Servers

For the past week, unknown groups of cyber-criminals have taken control of and wiped data from CouchDB and Hadoop databases, in some cases asking for a ransom fee to return the stolen files, but in some cases, destroying data just for fun. 7 weitere Wörter