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Overused Excel Spread-Sheets?

I am working now give or take 20 years in the hospitality business. I worked in “normal” operations in different positions, updated concepts or changed them entirely, I did also openings. noch 892 Wörter

PSUs for Databases and above

Hi all!
I’m researching about and decided to share the list of all Oracle Patch Set Updates (PSU) for Databases and above, until now. noch 1.064 Wörter


Reading USER* Views with different user

Yesterday a colleague of mine asked me for assistance. He is developing an database application for a customer and the customer requests to have all the database objects in one user schema and use another user with appropriate privileges for the application. noch 716 Wörter


MEAN Stack on Azure using Visual Studio - MongoDB

In the last two parts of this 3 part post I covered building/deploying an Angular application hosted by an Express webserver running on Node.js. For this last part, I promise it will be fairly short, and it’ll get you up and running with a local MongoDB database. noch 563 Wörter


Organizing your Pattern Stash

$1.00 – $3.99 pattern sales are very eye catching when walking through the fabric store.  I myself love patterns.  I’ve kind of collected them over the years but at one time I found I was starting to buy patterns I already had.   noch 520 Wörter


Has your tenant been blacklisted?

When you become a landlord, whether for the first time or even if you have been doing it for a while, it is always stressful to find tenants. noch 347 Wörter