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Ruler of today

I don’t know about you but man don’t I struggle with liking ‚Kanjo‘ guys (County officers). These guys have a way with throwing their weight around and letting everyone know they can throw you in jail then make your life miserable. 1.472 weitere Wörter

Kawin Gantung — 1

Main Cast : Kang Daniel, OC, and Wanna One Members

Genre : Marriage-life, Romance, School-life

Length : Chaptered



Gue sekarang lagi dalam perjalanan menuju ke hotel dimana keluarga gue sama calon gue; yang masih belum gue ketahui siapa, bakal ketemu untuk pertama kalinya. 1.575 weitere Wörter


The feast of King Belshazzar (Dan 5:1-5:1)

“King Belshazzar

Made a great feast

For a thousand

Of his lords.

He was drinking wine

In the presence

Of the thousand.”

Now there is a switch to King Belshazzar, the grandson of King Nebuchadnezzar. 41 weitere Wörter

The restoration of the king (Dan 4:36-4:36)

“At the time

That my reason returned

To me,

My majesty

Was restored

To me.

My splendor

Was restored

To me,

For the glory

Of my kingdom. 66 weitere Wörter

it is about learning

The second week of school brings us to where we find our hero leading his parents through Back to School night.

And this will be the only picture that he has consented to. 302 weitere Wörter


August 18 @ Daniel 7-12

Daniel 7-12 (NLT link)

Discover His heart: He hears and answers our prayers

“O our God, hear your servant’s prayer!  Listen as I plead.  For your own sake, Lord, smile again on your desolate sanctuary. 598 weitere Wörter

Daily Devotions

The dream was for the king’s enemies (Dan 4:19-4:19)

“Belteshazzar answered.

‘My lord!

May the dream

Be for those

Who hate you!

Its interpretation is

For your enemies!’”

Belteshazzar or Daniel replied by calling King Nebuchadnezzar, his lord. 30 weitere Wörter