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Daniel For You, Part Eleven (Daniel 9)

„Like the people of Daniel’s day, we need the mercy of God. And like the people of Daniel’s day, we need it based on his character; not on his external conformity.“ page 163…

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Praying Through God's Word: Daniel


‘Daniel resolved not to defile himself’ (Daniel 1:8). We thank You, Lord, that Daniel was devoted to You. It was not easy to live as Your faithful servant. 1.766 weitere Wörter

Praying Through God's Word

Daniel Chammas - Regular Pay and Overtime in California

During the course of his career as a lawyer, Daniel Chammas has worked with various clients who have experienced issues with employees in connection with their regular rate of pay and the overtime payments that they are due if they work more than the number of regular hours of work. 392 weitere Wörter


Daniel Cosby Dentist - Four Tips to Find the Right Dentist for You

Daniel Cosby DDS knows that finding an excellent dentist relies both on reputation and on a number of factors specific to each individual patient. Finding a provider who meets your specific needs is important, and he is aware that keeping the following in mind in your search will help improve your likelihood of success. 214 weitere Wörter

Cosby Dentist

Daniel For You, Part Ten (Daniel 8)

„What we should take from this text is not just a better understanding of the nature of apocalyptic literature. The exilic community who first read this book were meant to learn that the day of salvation would not arrive without an increase in suffering before hand.

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Daniel For You

But If Not

Compromise can be a very good thing. Happily married couples know “a compromise is an agreement whereby both parties get what neither of them wanted.” And that’s OK because loyalty to the other preserves the “I love yous.” Compromise is a kind of social game we play to preserve relationships, to keep the peace, and to prevent everyone from suspecting they got shortchanged. 2.544 weitere Wörter


Bruno Mars was the wedding singer at Spotify CEO Daniel Ek’s wedding


The Silicon Valley and music industry elite gathered on Saturday at gorgeous Lake Como in the Lombardy region of Italy to celebrate the wedding of Spotify CEO Daniel Ek to Sofia Levander. 172 weitere Wörter