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Jeremiah - Chapter 15

The sword to kill: the dogs to tear, the birds to feast and beast to devour. Death but no burial is what this passage in Jeremiah 15:3 prophecies. 1.701 weitere Wörter

Dr. J. Stark

Flee to the Koronus Expanse

Rogue Trader is an RPG system set in the 40k Universe.  The primary setting is the Koronus Expanse; a vast region of space beyond the Halo Stars.   1.544 weitere Wörter

Is it possible to have a digital afterlife? Discussion for March 28th 2017

Please try and view the following short BBC film:

Rest in Pixels

A summary of the main points in the film are detailed here:

‘What happens when we die is changing, the unrelenting changes in technology over the past decade and how we interact with that technology have left us with us with a digital representation of our own selves that lives on for ever. 959 weitere Wörter


Review: I, Daniel Blake

Written by Filip L

The most recent film from the acclaimed film director Ken Loach, “I, Daniel Blake”, is the story of a decent and kind middle aged man who, through no fault of his own (he suffered a heart attack), finds himself at the mercy of the welfare state. 659 weitere Wörter

Daniel Blake

Mobilita kyčlí při silovém tréninku (i při jiném)

Mobilita kyčlí při silovém tréninku (i při jiném)

Mobilita, stabilita, hypo, hypermobilita. Pojmy, které jsou v dnešní době poměrně nadužívané a nesou v sobě nádech tajemna, protože ne všichni jim plně rozumí, což má za následek dezinformaci a šíření bludů.  1.373 weitere Wörter


UFC 210: Cormier vs. Johnson II Predictions

UFC 210 takes place in Buffalo, NY on 4/8/17.

Daniel Cormier (18-1) vs. Anthony Johnson (22-5)

The main event showcases champion Daniel „DC“ Cormier and challenger Anthony „Rumble“ Johnson in a fight for the undisputed UFC Light Heavyweight Championship. 940 weitere Wörter



Friday night I came up with an idea of what to do for the weekend considering its spring break. Around 5:00 I asked him how he felt about driving to Pigeon Forge, TN; to my surprise he agreed. 427 weitere Wörter