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Dr. Daniel Daniel’s Short Guide on Sedation Dentistry

The thought of visiting a dentist makes 40 percent of Canadians anxious, according to Statistics Canada. So you are in a good company if the person in a white coat makes you feel nervous. noch 468 Wörter


Jared Leto is going to be a great Joker

A significant problem with anything that translates from written form to a video type format is that it can’t possibly be right for everyone.  Period. noch 1.054 Wörter

Pope Francis and Russian Orthodox patriarch to hold historic meeting

A meeting in Cuba on 12 February will be first between religious leaders since two churches split almost 1,000 years ago

Click here to read an article by the Guardian… noch 1.534 Wörter

Last Days

Aliss Cresswell: prophetic word for 2016 - massive spiritual shift

Aliss and husband Rob lead Morning Star Europe and its relational network from Chester, England.

Several especially interesting points in the detailed word she brings resonate with me, for example: the return of those who’ve been offended or hurt by church or feel disqualified, misunderstood and disillusioned – unexpected ones from other faiths, New Agers and celebrities encountering Jesus – the emergence of radical followers – the prophetic going up a whole new level – the relevance of Daniel and of Cyrus for 2016. noch 109 Wörter


His wife raised him almost like a white child.

Wilson N.C.

Jany 5th 1865.

Col. Whittlesey


Moses Daniel (Freedman) reported to the Superintendent of Freedmen at Goldsboro that his former master Jacob Daniel a highly respectable citizen of this County refused to give to him his child… noch 325 Wörter

Wilson County

"Strong as Death is Love" by Robert Alter

Robert Alter. Strong as Death is Love. New York, NY: W. W. Norton & Company, 2015, pp. 234, $16.95 (paperback).

Strong as Death is Love… noch 411 Wörter


You're Wrong, Daniel: Dinosaurs

I challenged my friends to tell me why I’m wrong about my impervious ideas. In this edition of You’re Wrong, Danielinternet giggle specialist Justin Crockett  noch 807 Wörter