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Six Obama Parallels with the King of Babylon for Biblical End-Times

When asked about the end of the world, Christ cited an abomination spoken of by Daniel that early believers understood as military brought by Rome and they fled the city as Christ warned in Matthew 24. 677 weitere Wörter

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Daniel 10: Let Your Holy Angel Be With Me

(21 verses, 3:46 to read)


What I am about to READ

  • Daniel sees a vision during the 3rd year of Cyrus’s reign over Persia (c.
  • 483 weitere Wörter
Old Testament

Trusting God In The Middle of Political Turmoil

Just reading the title one would think that I am talking about the political scene in America in 2016, and I am. But I am also talking about the days during the life of Habakkuk. 348 weitere Wörter

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