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Esteman Becomes Dancing King in “Baila”

Colombian pop singer, Esteman, just released his music video for “Baila” (“Dance”) and while it is not as sticky as his Facebookrrhea song, the video is sparkly and even more intriguing for its choreographic aesthetics. noch 105 Wörter


Dazzling Clarity


The natural border is broken,

hold me warmer,

squeeze me closer.


Lead me as we see,

music vaporizing on our face.

Give me darling – noch 54 Wörter


Viva Goa

Worth a try.

Possibly Dubai’s oldest Goan restaurant, the interiors remind us of the 1980s. We are particularly fond of the family friendly dance floor up front. noch 39 Wörter


Jungle Feelings: Magic on the Dancefloor

Back to basics. Hands in the air! Junglists: Let’s get back to what it’s really about: The magic on the dancefloor.

This collection is dedicated to anyone who gets carried away by the music and the mixing. noch 554 Wörter