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Throwback Thursday...Track 15

When my husband and I got back in touch after something like 15 years apart, we began by just talking by phone as mates. He went to see Arctic Monkeys and I remember him calling me when I was with my parents and I jumped up to run upstairs to talk to him for the first time by phone, all in a fluster as I obviously had a little crush on him already. noch 64 Wörter


Hi! We need this instead

There will be a time where you will face the unexpected “Hi! We need this instead”. If you’ve already encountered this, great you muscled through! Or did you? noch 305 Wörter

DJ Creative Process

ℙress ℙlay▷: ❝Sexy Girl Reprise❞ MAM

This has been on my workout playlist forever. I doubt it’s ever coming off. ‾ ‿ ⁀

Songs I Love

Out of water

Pulsing music,
Deafening noise,
Crowded space.
Writhing bodies,
Wide eyed,
So out of your league.
Body joins the sweaty ones on the floor,
Head swaying, noch 80 Wörter


Need For Mirrors - Verve [Warm Communications]

The latest release on esteemed US imprint Warm Communications comes from the ever reliable Need For Mirrors. Verve sees the London-based producer deliver a stomping slab of dancefloor tech with both eyes firmly on the dancefloor; crunchy breaks evoke the spirit of the 90s techstep golden era and the bass riff here is a pure head-nodder. noch 98 Wörter

Drum & Bass

TR Tactics - Mental Delusion EP [Citrus Recordings]

Austrian D&B duo TR Tactics follow up their excellent recent work for Addictive Behaviour with a fresh new single for Citrus Recordings. Mental Delusion hits down hard with big squelchy bass riffs, while on the flip fellow Austrian producer Phentix joins the TR team for a punchy drum workout on  noch 20 Wörter

Drum & Bass