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No Place Like Home: Luke's Wonderful Bar Mitzvah

Yesterday evening, our team of Amanda and Blake were delighted to be at Luke’s Bar Mitzvah, hosted in a marquee at the family home.

With Luke at the centre of this celebration, and with his brilliant family around him, there was such a special atmosphere during the entire evening. 109 weitere Wörter


A Grand Occasion

I’ve been feeling behind on my posts here lately, and it’s unintentional, but sometimes, as you know, life just gets in the way. In the next few weeks here, I’m hoping to play some catch up and share the rest of the beautiful moments, adventures, outfits, and fun times that have happened over the last few months. 137 weitere Wörter


This week 09/19/16

I’ll be subbing Lyrical/Jazz class’s at EDGE 3 times this week. Thursday | Friday – #edgepac

Thursday 09/22/16

  • Lyrical/Jazz – 1pm

Friday 09/23/16… 106 weitere Wörter


Space Jazz, Electrocution Crackle, and Hints of Italo-Disco on the Latest Club 12" Releases

We seem to be living through one of dance music’s introspective periods. In the absence of any dramatic new genres—the mainstream purgatory of „tropical house“ notwithstanding—or stylistic shifts, producers seem to be looking back into club history for inspiration, or tinkering around the edges of current sounds with new techniques and alterations. 1.612 weitere Wörter

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Top Hits predict a smash from Maggie with “ My Love”

Growing up around New Orleans, Maggie began crafting her musical taste young, studying violin, piano, voice and rhythm. After moving to Houston, she taught herself guitar at age 15 and began writing music as well as arranging and learning to produce songs. 562 weitere Wörter

Top Female Artists

A sober person's night out

I distinctly remember being one of those teenagers who used to be like ‚I don’t know why people have to drink to have fun.‘ My parents certainly didn’t have to worry about me sneaking out my bedroom window and getting drunk with friends when I could quote scientific research about the impact of alcohol on an adolescent brain better than they could. 1.658 weitere Wörter


The Photo booth (a wedding must have)

We have been to a few weddings this year and I have to say a photo booth is a must. If you have guests that are not big drinkers or dancers this is a great way to keep them happy. 237 weitere Wörter