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Dance Floor - feat. 'The Loft' or: Happy Feet

Dance… Dance!! Sneakers, Stockings & Suspenders. Lindy Hop was at a club called ‚The Loft‚ – with the Electro Swing Carneval – Jazz music and pretty people… a happy night! 24 weitere Wörter

Damien Richard

Just shut up and dance

So I know I am a little behind with this challenge, but you won’t believe it… windows decided to forget the internet. Was without internet on the computer for 3 days so sad… and I am also getting ready to finish college so my mind is elsewhere. 149 weitere Wörter


Kamil Kowalski - “How Deep Is Your Love”

„How Deep Is Your Love“ is a song by Scottish DJ and record producer Calvin Harris and English production trio Disciples, released in summer of 2015. 172 weitere Wörter


Featured Friday: Meeting Equipment 101

Our week of featuring meeting equipment ended today.

We hope you enjoyed seeing our inventory!

Here are some great sizing guides to help figure out layouts and sizing for pipe and drape, stages, and dance floors! 30 weitere Wörter


Wedding Wednesday: Dance Floor Sizing Guide

The #1 question we get from our clients about dance floors is what size dance floor should I get for X amount of people?

It’s a great question, and an important one! 146 weitere Wörter


Minute Monday: Weekend Update

Last Friday, we did the final walk thru of the room for Bravo Wedding Affair at The Hilton Inn and Executive in Downtown Portland! It’s officially only 5 days away.

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