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„The most important things in life are the connections you make with others.“


'Puerto Ricans struggle to find safe drinking water'

Some Puerto Ricans are resorting to desperate and potentially dangerous measures to collect water from parts of the island that are polluted with industrial chemicals

Politics And Society

Elevator Crisis

Up on the 16th floor of the steel office building, an elevator dangles by weakening suspension cables. Trapped inside are people all in business attire packed shoulder to shoulder. 304 weitere Wörter


La crisis en el deporte

Una mayoría de españoles es consciente de los recortes que se han llevado a cabo durante una de las crisis económicas más duras de nuestro país. 331 weitere Wörter


The Pursuit of Wisdom

Whilst graduating from The University of Sheffield in July of this year I felt ready for the next step, sure that I was well-equipped for whatever it was life was just about to throw at me. 509 weitere Wörter

Coming Of Age