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"Happy" 4th of July

Maybe it’s not too late… but there is but one hope. Have a sober 4th of July.


The EU's Trojan Horse: legal or illegal - it's all Greek to most

By now, I regularly need to take a break from Greece’s epic tragedy. The drama is a horror story for every ordinary Greek and becoming more horrifying by the day. noch 601 Wörter

Current Affairs

To point finger at something/att peka på en spricka

When someone try to get our attention, because of an obvious upcoming crisis, how often do we not listening? Instead we are occupied with tell the pointer to quit pointing. noch 327 Wörter


U.S.-Cuba relationship

It troubled in the Cold War era.

Event :->>  In 1959, Fidel Castro and a group of revolutionaries seized power in Havana.

They took some steps… noch 305 Wörter

International Relations

The Curse of Self-Awareness - The Oka Crisis 1990

As the 25th anniversary of the Oka Crisis is upon us, there is a new Indeigogo film project underway that seeks to recount what happened during that year-long struggle, and how it has impacted upon the First Nations people ever since.  noch 2.601 Wörter


UN officials to probe deadly Burundi police raid

UN human rights officials have said they will investigate the deaths earlier this week of civilians during a police raid in Burundi, as observers described Monday’s parliamentary elections as not “free or credible”. noch 56 Wörter


APC Crisis: Party forms faction; declares parallel interim committee in Bayelsa

Sanctioned members of the All Progressives Congress in Bayelsa State have formed a faction in the party with the declaration of a parallel interim committee. noch 31 Wörter