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Yemen's Humanitarian Crisis

Land, homes, lives, clothes, scarves, sandals, notebooks, calendars, toys, food, water, safety, happiness, and family: all snatched by the greedy and merciless hands of the Houthis and Yemeni government. 476 weitere Wörter

Airplane Emergency

In order to help others, you must first help yourself.

When an emergency arises or the cabin pressures drops, the oxygen masks are released. You need to place the mask over your own face before you try to assist someone else. 33 weitere Wörter

Self Care

Luxury Advent Calendar for the Soul - 15 December

Behind today’s window is a song and appeal.

I found this on this post:

Legendary singer-songwriter, Ralph McTell, has re-recorded his timeless song, ‘Streets of London’, with a choir made up of clients from  302 weitere Wörter


Could it really be?...

Do you ever hear of something and go „I’ll never go through that“ or „does that even exist“ and then all the sudden your sitting in your car after a long night of work and go Holy Bologna… does exist and I am living it? 563 weitere Wörter

Treasure 26 - Creatives, Career, Crisis

Nugget #1 this week comes from Their mission is: „Make the workforce more productive by letting people do the work they love most.“ produced a short film that features interviews with four freelancers in NewYork.  272 weitere Wörter





Something unprecedented is happening in our country to unseat the highest levels of government and politics in Washington, D.C., and Wall Street with the take down of the Federal Reserves is on Trumps list to be dissolved before the start of next year January 1, 2017. 266 weitere Wörter

It’s all about the people

I was interested to read the crisis communication predictions for 2018 in a blog by Jonathan Hemus. (

He made some interesting points including the issue of readiness for a crisis, the questions about integrity and the future challenges of cyber attacks and terrorism. 188 weitere Wörter