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2017 Photo of the Week

This photo was actually taken last Wednesday 15th February. Fire in the hills. This was not what our city needed. This view was phenomenal. Usually you can see the whole of the port hill suburbs, houses and bush. 109 weitere Wörter


Into The Great Unknown

Today is slightly nerve racking. We go and see a psychiatrist who specializes in DID, hopefully she will work out better then our current one… telling us to ‚get over it‘ isn’t exactly something a doctor should say. 248 weitere Wörter

Dissociative Identity Disorder

How to find a good name for your blog?

How to find a seriously good blog name? It was a struggle, my previous blog was called because I was a food blogger (I brought all the recipes with me, please, take a look).   309 weitere Wörter


The Final Straw

Many people go through life without feeling the need to exercise or watch what they eat. Weight gain, decreased strength, endurance, and/or flexibility, the onset of disease, these are all situations that happen gradually, many times without the individual’s notice.  309 weitere Wörter



You ever feel like you’re going through a mid-life crisis? Is that normal for a 22 year old?….probably not. Honestly a lot of things have been going on in my life and well, it’s still a big adjustment for me. 513 weitere Wörter

Daily Posts

I was in crisis.

So on Tuesday 7th February 2017 I went into crisis.

It all started when I had my CAMHS appointment in the morning, i’d been feeling bad for around a month. 576 weitere Wörter