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In economic crisis, Angola votes for first new leader in 38 years

LUANDA (Reuters) – Angolans headed to the polls on Wednesday in a parliamentary election expected to usher in the ruling party’s defense minister as the first new leader of Africa’s second-biggest oil producer for 38 years.


According to the reports, at least 45 militants of one the opposition groups laid down arms in Aleppo province to gain amnesty and return to peaceful life. 49 weitere Wörter


Mutual Guarantee

Natural Mutual Guarantee And The Human „Mutation“

Mutual guarantee is the default existential state of the vast, cosmic, natural system we exist in. Without this selfless, altruistic, positive, mutually complementing interaction in between all comprising elements of the system, the general balance, homeostasis – that is crucial for sustaining life, optimal development – wouldn’t be possible. 1.066 weitere Wörter

Similarity Of Form

Living in the present

Focus on the now.

Be present.

Focus on the now.

Fuck this. How am I supposed to focus on the present when I’m supposed to have my future determined? 369 weitere Wörter

Syria Peace Talks in Astana Postponed

Kazakhstan said on Tuesday that the next talks to try to thrash out a Syria peace plan in its capital Astana may be held in mid-September, after Russia had planned to hold them in late August. 212 weitere Wörter

Facebook to Make 'Safety Check' a Permanent Feature on its Mobile App


The Safety Check feature first appeared in 2014 to help users let loved ones know they are safe if they are close to a crisis. 310 weitere Wörter


The Radio Production Series - The Importance Of Teamwork

When an event as tragic as the Manchester bombing takes place the world stops and watches. This is an insight into my day as a radio producer from 23rd May 2017, a day after the Manchester bombing. 949 weitere Wörter