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China Announces Cuts of 300,000 Troops at Military Parade Showing Its Might -

China is truly a paper tiger. The conservative movement would want us to believe that they are a great military power. They have one non functional aircraft carrier and have stolen most of their technology from hacking the United States military. noch 77 Wörter

The Most Important Report Yet! Pre-Jade Helm Document Surfaces That Explains How The Govern’t Plans To “Master The Human Domain!”

By Lisa Haven 

“The evolving nature of warfare indicates that adversarial military forces may employ individuals to operate within the local populations, refugees, and detainees to disrupt friendly operations.” ( noch 483 Wörter

End Times

The Heartbreaking Migrant Crisis

Today, when I saw the photograph of the body of the young Syrian boy washed up on a beach, I cried. I cried openly.

I am not someone living in a country plagued by war, or tyrannical regimes. noch 437 Wörter

You Can Change This.

There is a tiny body
limp in the sand, and It’s taken
you seeing it five times to realise
the reality of this complete lack… noch 96 Wörter


Hope for Humanity - Will You Look The Other Way?

I don’t normally like to release two blog posts so close together, particularly not in the same day.

However, I was moved to tears today after seeing the heartbreaking images of Aylan Kurdi who died yesterday. noch 279 Wörter


In today's headlines

Some mornings prior to beginning work I have a few minutes to catch up on the news, see what’s happening in the world. To me, its always important to know the world news. noch 479 Wörter