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A Question of Who

A crisis not of many words
And terrifying in its simplicity.
Approaches from behind the shadows
Cast by ones own identity.
„Who am I?“ then „Who are you?“, 86 weitere Wörter


Europe vs Africa: The refugee double standard

As hundreds of thousands of refugees continue to make their way into the European Union – already the home of 1.3 million – many governments have begun passing anti-immigration laws in response. 43 weitere Wörter

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I found this poetry on Mirakee App. I felt related to, but unfortunately it was not well-written. I hope the original writer doesn’t mind. I’ll take it with proper credit. 113 weitere Wörter


#Vrijhandel en #globalisering in een wonderlijke analyse van Arie Elshout, maar hij ziet een factor ernstig over het hoofd @volkskrant #volkswoedevolkomenterecht

Hoe vrijhandel een vies woord werd (Arie Elshout, Ten eerste/de Volkskrant, 21 oktober)

Dat vrijhandel en globalisering Europa en Amerika welvarender hebben gemaakt lijkt vergeten… 2.494 weitere Wörter


Crisis in Libya: Who's to blame?

In this week’s UpFront, we talk to the former NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen, who still maintains the NATO-led air campaign against Muammar Gaddafi in Libya was a „model intervention“. 53 weitere Wörter

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Stress & Crisis in Recovery


Most clients who move into supported housing or a residential setting have had a recent crisis where they may have involuntarily or voluntarily been admitted to hospital. 461 weitere Wörter