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Budgets are a fiscal fig-leaf for the naked capitalists

Budget for business

Labour’s budget has been condemned by left and right as breaking its promises to spend more on restoring funding in health, education housing and income support. 999 weitere Wörter


A louse, by any other name...

I feel pretty lousy.  With no intended defamation of that ubiquitous parasite, the louse, I think I must have picked up a bug (of another kind) from one of my sweet cherubs at school.  470 weitere Wörter

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‘How Quickly Things Can Change’ and ‘Where the Rubber Meets the Road’

1. How Quickly Things Can Change

On Thursday I sat in a small room in a large hospital… again… waiting to hear some good news from the doctors, waiting for some answers, waiting to find out what they can do to help (and when), waiting to see what God will do in this situation and how He will use it for our good and for his glory. 2.890 weitere Wörter


In terms of ideas floating around I saw an online video ad for refugee action that highlighted the application of offense as opposed to action. So what happened? 737 weitere Wörter

Troops Kill Two Terrorists, Arrest 11 Others After ‘Fierce Gunfight’

Troops on Operation Lafiya Dole have killed two suspected members of the Boko Haram terrorist group after a tough gunfight in Borno State.

The Nigerian Army confirmed this in a statement on Friday by the Deputy Director of Public Relations, Theatre Command Operation Lafiya Dole, Colonel Onyema Nwachukwu. 218 weitere Wörter


Why is it so hard to stay clean?

I admit I know a couple of people who were able to win the battle of addiction and stay clean. They are part of a group that is very small in comparison to this epidemic. 912 weitere Wörter

Addiction To Investing

Living The Dream with Marx's Theories of Crisis

This episode is a recording from Marx200 Brisbane of Dave’s (@withsobersenses) presentation on Marx’s Theories of Crisis .

Music by Stereolab

Listen here: … 9 weitere Wörter