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Daily Obstruction: You've Been Carrying That Weight a Long Way

You’ve Been Carrying That Weight a Long Way

There may be times when you wish to drop everything.  But some things make big messes when dropped.  noch 36 Wörter

Daily Obstruction


Here in the united States we live in a crisis community, if its not bird flu its swine flu, if its not swine flu its ebola, there’s always some new thing that people are always raving about. noch 286 Wörter

Education is Free. A Diploma, Not So Much!

This is an editorial, an opinion. If you feel my words are out of line please remember that I did things on my own too, and that my efforts mattered even if you want to dismiss them due to your perception of my privilege.

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Mrs Enginerd

Disgraced Trader’s Struggle for Redemption

“It’s not necessarily about money, it’s about winning,” he told a visiting group of American college students. He told them that to understand trading, they needed to forget everything they learned in economics class and envision the amoral, take-no-prisoners world of “The Hunger Games.” noch 95 Wörter


The hijacking of compassion

The image of death and destruction strikes deep.
The rubble was once a loved home.
My brothers and sisters, together we weep
in a quest to survive they now roam. noch 164 Wörter


Saudi Bin Ladin Group cuts 100,000 jobs

It has been recently filtered that the major Saudi Arabian construction company, Saudi Bin Ladin Group, has issued 77,000 final exit visas meaning it had terminated 77,000 foreign workers. noch 166 Wörter


UEFA calls special meeting on Platini crisis


Budapest – UEFA will hold a special meeting before the Europa League final in Switzerland on May 18 to decide how to choose a new leader if Michel Platini fails to overturn a six-year ban from football. noch 232 Wörter

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