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The Opioid Crisis

The public’s awareness of the seriousness of the opioid epidemic has been growing since the presidential election in 2016. The conversation continued to grow after Dr. 837 weitere Wörter

The other day I got into an argument with one of the residents in my locality. Every morning this person uses a pipe to clean the area around his house. 617 weitere Wörter

#DeleteFacebook movement gains prominent backer

As Facebook reels from the scandal over hijacked personal data, a movement to quit the social network has gathered momentum, getting a boost from a high-profile co-founder of the WhatsApp messaging service acquired by the huge social network in 2014. 356 weitere Wörter


Economics failed us before the global crisis

Martin Wolf updates the discussion on pluralim in economics. Definitely a must-read. Also make sure to check out those time lines for comparison of recessions! 7 weitere Wörter

Essence Of Decision Explaining The Cuban Missile Crisis Pdf

This chapter comments on Graham Allison’s 1971 book, Essence of Decision: Explaining the Cuban Missile Crisis, a classic that occupies an important place in Nike lunarglide 5: the 2-8 Vikings don’t appear close to being in that place. 421 weitere Wörter

Flashpoints The Emerging Crisis In Europe Pdf

“Flashpoints: the Emerging Crisis in Europe” is a good overview of Europe with some interesting analysis.

The author looks backward & covers the last 500 years, with a focus on colonialism & how it has spawned so many of today’s problems. 476 weitere Wörter