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Stille crisis in onderwijsland

Het is crisis. Crisis voor u, mezelf en iedereen die begaan is met het belang van een democratie en de letterlijke betekenis van het woord. Het huwelijk tussen dèmos (volk) en krateo (regeren) vertoont barsten. 374 weitere Wörter

Censuring actuaries for telling the truth about the pension black hole

Last week I wrote on „The Public Pension Black Hole“. In the report I wrote the beauty of pension accounting is that slight tweaks can make a large unfunded liability… 438 weitere Wörter


Never Two Without a Third

In any situation where you think you have only two choices, create a third.


Daily Obstruction: State of Being and Process of Becoming

State of Being and Process of Becoming

Defeat is not failure.  Failure is giving up, not trying, dropping out.  Failure is a mental state.  Defeat is part of a process.  11 weitere Wörter

Daily Obstruction

Venezuela: An Economic Autopsy

Robert Petrosyan, Senior Fiscal Policy Editor

In early August, there were quite a few stories in the news. The election is a 24-hour media cycle dream: we have chaos going on in both Europe and in the Middle East, and we have the usual celebrity tabloid content that floods our media. 822 weitere Wörter

Fiscal Policy

Elephant in the Room: The CA Pension Crisis

Robert Petrosyan, Senior Fiscal Policy Editor

John Adams once said there were two ways for a society to enslave itself: ”One is by the sword. The other is by debt.” An army from Oregon isn’t going to be invading California anytime soon, but the threat emerging from our debt is not one to ignore, and will only snowball as the years go by. 1.023 weitere Wörter


Inside The Life of an IMAlive Volunteer


From Vancouver, BC, Canada

I volunteered because the struggle is personal, and growing up overseas I realized how important accessible and empathetic mental health help and awareness is. 76 weitere Wörter