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Week 7 – Studio

Feedback on Central Proposition

Design can be used to create a collaborative communication tool to facilitate connectedness and enable people to develop empathy as they support an aggrieved loved one through crisis. noch 175 Wörter



So done with today. Called the therapist around 11pm last night to leave a voicemail. She called back early this morning. Andi didn’t pick up, but she called her back and left a voicemail mentioning a good time to call again. noch 117 Wörter


Why Bruce Jenner's 'Transition' Reflects the Failing of the Modern Human Being

By The Bug

Representing YOU

We are pathetic.

Yes, the human race is truly the biggest joke our universe has played on itself.

It is simple math and essentially we are fundamentally, not only insane, but lack complete ethics, decency, and, most importantly, accountability. noch 1.088 Wörter

Bruce Jenner

Mid/Quarter Life crisis

It is strange. When you think, as we know more, as we understand more, the more deluded we get. It is not that we never are deluded as kids. noch 1.627 Wörter


metaphysical rationalization

I told my best friend about Alex.  I’ve never kept a secret from him in my life and he was kind of pissed that I kept this one so long… more on that later – maybe. noch 665 Wörter

Weekend Inspiration 4/25/2015

Please share with anyone who needs some inspiration and hope this weekend. Powerful guest posts about Faith and Life in Action start on Monday. Don’t miss it! noch 8 Wörter


Greece and Germany: the other side of the debt

During the last months, there has been some discussions about the fact that Germany has not paid back its debt towards Greece at the end of World War II. noch 917 Wörter