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Chemo treatments and cancer illnesses can wear heavy on the patient/survivor and the family. Not only are there the physical problems, but there are the emotional and the day-to-day tasks that become seemingly overwhelming. noch 370 Wörter


India's daughter and then there were men.

A twenty-three year old girl was raped in a moving bus by six men in December, 2012.
It shook a city. It devastated a country. Shocked and scared the women of the country, even more so. noch 119 Wörter


UK is anxious of getting refugee receiver reputation, says top legal commentator

“The United Kingdom is anxious of getting a reputation of a state that receives refugees,” said Joshua Rozenberg, who is the best-known legal commentator and journalist in the United Kingdom. noch 158 Wörter


Statistics versus Intention

The general consens from ages has been to consider Education as the path for a “civilized”, healthy and modern Nation.

Let’s take Mexico as an exemple and consider the evolution of its Literacy Rate from the last 30 years, and its social and economical reality today: noch 190 Wörter


Modern Freedom of Choice: Death by a 1000 cuts

(Survival manual/2. Social issues/Modern freedom of choice)

Modern Freedom of Choice topics:
1. ‘The Matrix’ (as a metaphor)
2. How Industry Manipulates Public opinion
3. How Propaganda Works in the West… noch 7.153 Wörter

Survival Manual

Coming home to homelessness

Homelessness is not just an economic-structural problem. It’s a cultural problem and at its core, a spiritual problem. We who are privileged are emotionally armored against the massive, global, traumatic experience of our fellow human beings. noch 398 Wörter

Path With Heart

Trans Life Line (Crisis Hotline)

(877) 565-8860
Trans Lifeline is a non-profit dedicated to the well being of transgender people. This is the first crisis and suicide hotline in the U.S. noch 30 Wörter