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The Skies Over Bethlehem

He had a dream last night that left him floating all the morning in a surreal fog.  In the dream, he was looking through the woods for a persimmon tree he’d once found but lost.  noch 1.173 Wörter

Where to take energy from when there is little support

I am not much into physics and this is just a guess but I think there is something to it. Sometimes we are in a situation in life where all we can do is get ourselves out of a mess on our own. noch 409 Wörter


Una mentira repetida adecuadamente mil veces se convierte en una verdad / La verdadera formula de DólarToday

El siguiente post, tiene como única finalidad, exponer lo que podría considerarse una explicación más a detalle, sobre como el sitio web DolarToday, se ha convertido en el más grande exponente del mercado negro en Venezuela para la cotización de las monedas de más influencia como lo son el dólar y el euro al momento de realizar transacciones cambiarias consideradas ilegales dentro de nuestro territorio, consecuencia a su vez de una cierta incapacidad y mala gestión de un gobierno cuyo sistema está lejos de alcanzar una estabilidad política económica y social. noch 1.126 Wörter


How to be ready for anything

Written by Chelsea Zappone

When Pastor Tim first asked me to write the blog post this week, I was a little thrown off. I am not a writer, I often struggle over finding my words, and more often than not I have at least one pesky typo hiding in my final drafts. noch 479 Wörter

Stories From The Pews

On Displacement

Today we’re going to get our hands dirty and talk about several of the big ideas in international relations. The Rohingya crisis sits messily at the nexus of displacement, identity politics, post-colonial states, and countless other issues. noch 1.193 Wörter


32. Faith in Crisis

What do I mean?

Do I mean, keeping your faith throughout a crisis and coming out the other end with your faith intact?
Do I mean having faith that the crisis contains some important and essential lesson that will improve your life? noch 251 Wörter