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Yandex's Android browser now supports third party ad-blocking extensions

Another brick in the wall for the mobile ad-blocking wars: Yandex has opened up its Android browser to third-party ad blocking extensions.

The browser already had Yandex’s own ad-blocking tech built in but the Russian tech giant is now releasing an API for developers of content filtering software to further expand the capabilities for browser users to control what see. noch 291 Wörter


Build your own computer defence shield: security infographic

Build your own computer defence shield: security infographic for you to print out and keep:

This security infographic will offer you a few pointers when beefing up the security of your network. noch 22 Wörter


Content Filtering: Choose What Content You Want to Display

Content Filters are an evoking methodology used in the field of security technology. Essentially, these are set of tools that are intended to monitor all of the traffic carries out on a network and compare it to a set of rules that define any unacceptable activity. noch 384 Wörter

Linux Firewall

Chart of the Day: Internet Freedom Across The World

Freedom House analysed 65 countries around the world to determine online freedom. According to the independent watchdog organization analysis 42 of those countries required internet users or private customers to restrict online content. noch 44 Wörter


The PornBan debate: our archived pieces on the subject

Sadly, the debate on banning pornography has not moved very far over the last two years. Here are pieces that CCG has published on the subject over time: noch 41 Wörter