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How to Block Websites and download files

It is important to System Administrator to keep the bandwidth on equal range. Sometimes user may download the movie/song/software, this will affects the other users bandwidth on same network. noch 331 Wörter


ADM Technology Committee Approves Internet Content Filtering Policy

At its meeting on January 28th, the ADM Schools Technology Committee approved a new internet content filtering policy, which provides a formal mechanism for decisions regarding whether specific internet content or services will be filtered.   noch 274 Wörter

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How do we filter internet content: the concept of "deny all"

At a meeting later this week, a subcommittee of the district’s technology committee will begin exploring our internet filtering and social media policies.  While content filtering is a very complex issue, with implications stretching from the mundane (the process for requesting that a website be unblocked, for instance) to the extraordinarily challenging (such as issues of censorship and cyberbullying), the simple reality remains that the… noch 919 Wörter

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