Schlagwörter » Consciousness

hey is a good beginning for a show of extraordinary explainations beyond the realm of feelings.

A bridge lays a way from one side to another. 70 weitere Wörter


Are you aware?

Have you ever been in the situation where you where in a group, felt that something was wrong, spoke up, and no-one listened?

This situation, a human and other humans, and the need of one to address a point which isn’t heard, or just suppressed. 308 weitere Wörter


The little girl and the doll

A doll sits in the window of a store, a sign points on it: „this is Charles“.

a little girl goes by.
The girl is abroad she left her home, leaving behind a different doll called „Hammond“. 323 weitere Wörter


Thinking out loud

times like this make me think about solutions.

… make me think about obstacles and goals.

The world needs a society which has time to heal itself. 375 weitere Wörter