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Quick thoughts on True Detective season 2...

What a weird season! I honestly can’t categorically tell you if it was good or bad. Some where in the middle? Maybe. When it soars, the tension is unbearable. noch 694 Wörter


The 2008 Blazing Reel Film Awards

2008 is one of those years that makes me glad I started these awards because when I look at the five nominees for Best Picture I don’t see a single film that deserves to be there. noch 75 Wörter

TBR Film Awards

True Detective Season 2 Review

Brace yourself, this is not going to be a negative review. It will, in point of fact, likely come close to being a glowing review. True Detective is an anthology series, a hurdle in and of itself for some people, something that is magnified by how the first season was received by most. noch 494 Wörter

True Detective Season 2: The Good, The Bad and The (Mostly) Ugly

I was SUPER pumped up for True Detective Season 2. Season 1 was some of the best TV I had seen in a long time since The Wire. noch 1.013 Wörter


TELEVISION: True Detective Episode 5: Other Lives Recap (SPOILERS)

The fifth episode just aired last night with some questions answered and posed even more that need to be answered. Two months after the shootout that concluded the previous episode, the Capere investigation has been shut down and deemed solved, with the detectives going their separate ways. noch 531 Wörter


True Detective Recap and Review: Season 2, Episode 3

Well, T.S. Eliot may have had it slightly wrong…

After all, it is supposed to end with a whimper, and not a bang, right?

Well, maybe the world will go out with a whimper, so its still possible that Eliot could be right about that… noch 1.546 Wörter


Ballers and True Detective

Ballers – I hate to say it but…”meh”. As far as pilots go, this was just ok. I’ll come back next week because of the Rock but I am far from hooked. noch 225 Wörter