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Angry Baltimore protester takes over CNN's microphone during Freddie Gray march

More than a thousand demonstrators took to the streets of Baltimore Tuesday to protest the death of Freddie Gray, who died in police custody on Sunday, a week after his spine was apparently injured during a chase and arrest by Baltimore police. noch 106 Wörter


Facebook cambia configuración en hilo de actualidad

Las publicaciones de amigos, páginas o marcas de empresas que les diste “me gusta” aparecerán hasta arriba de tus actualizaciones

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“Fuck you” Miguel Marquez

Miguel Marquez, who has become a de facto protest-trotting correspondent for the network, had his microphone taken away tonight in Baltimore. A protester then went off on a profanity-laden rant, saying: “Fuck him! noch 50 Wörter


Michael Brown Memorial Tree Vandalized One Day After Planted

In honor of Michael Brown a tree was planted in his memory in Ferguson, Missouri was vandalized and destroyed the following day, as reported by a local news channel. noch 68 Wörter


CNN's 4/20 pot play fails

CNN was really hoping to make big gains in Monday primetime with an encore of Weed 3 and episode one of High Profits, both of which came in first place on their initial airing on Sunday… noch 83 Wörter


Don Lemon Profile...

Vanity Fair’s Taffy Brodesser-Akner profiles Don Lemon…

Here was his chance. Each night, he hosted a panel of aviation experts and theorists and gave updates on searches, but soon the searches were over, and so the updates gave way to just talking, and the hour became the sort of hour at which CNN specializes: long conversations that took the place of actual news, of which there was usually none.

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To the Nation of the Cross, we are back again ...

Hey!  Whoohoo, things are lookin’ up for believers. It seems the “Brights” might be finally noticing unpeaceful ripples in the Islamic pond – Dar al Islam… noch 1.273 Wörter