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CNN Tonight butchers Cabrera's report

Although the word “serial killer” was never uttered from correspondent Ana Cabrera’s lips in her report that aired last night on CNN Tonight with Don Lemon, that was how the show’s account characterized the incident. noch 199 Wörter


DAVID A. GRAHAM: Why Are the Republican Debates Limited to 10 Candidates?

The Atlantic — Fox and CNN have chosen a cutoff that neither accommodates all of the candidates nor facilitates a satisfying debate.

In an increasingly quantified and poll-obsessed political world, it’s not often that you get arbitrary numbers. noch 120 Wörter


Baltimore Rioters ‘Thugs,’ but Not Texas Waco Bikers?

What are your thoughts? Are there a double standard by the police and media when it comes to the race of the perpetrators. Personally, at this time we it shouldn’t be a question.


Angel Wings created by 3D printer for Victoria’s Secret Model

Angel Wings created by 3D printer for Victoria’s Secret Model


Victoria Secret partnered with Shapeways to 3D print “angel wings.”  Shapeways scanned a model’s body and 3D printed the wings layer by layer using Nylon.   noch 39 Wörter

Fox, CNN get it right on debate format

The Republican Party’s presidential field figures to be a thundering herd by the time summer rolls around.

Accordingly, two cable news networks have decided on a format that is going to exclude some of this potentially huge field. noch 319 Wörter

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Coop isn't gonna tell you to watch O'Reilly

Tonight on the Ridiculist, the AC360 anchor talked about how Conan O’Brien encouraged his viewers to DVR his show and go watch David Letterman’s final episode. noch 61 Wörter


¿Cómo verificar en Internet si tu celular es robado?

El IFT lanza herramienta en su sitio para buscar si los equipos tienen reporte de robo o extravío; el sistema funciona con el código de los celulares llamado IMEI. noch 10 Wörter