CHENNAI: AIADMK supremo J Jayalalithaa was on Friday unanimously elected its legislature party leader, paving the way for her return as a chief minister of Tamil Nadu following her acquittal in a disproportionate assets case. noch 459 Wörter


Panneerselvam Resigns as TN CM, Invited Jaya to Form Government

సెల్వం రాజీనామా, జయలలిత శాసనసభా పక్షనేతగా ఎన్నిక


ఈరోజు ఉదయం తమిళనాడు ముఖ్యమంత్రి ఓ. పన్నీర్ సెల్వం గవర్నర్ రోశయ్యను కలిసి ఆయనకి తన రాజీనామా పత్రం సమర్పించారు. దానిని ఆయన వెంటనే ఆమోదించారు. ఆ తరువాత చెన్నైలో….. Read More


Kick up your Heels! - Cannes 2015

Post by CM

In the week when women were allegedly refused to walk the red carpet unless they were wearing high heels, the focus on fashion at the Cannes Film Festival is more vocal than ever. noch 479 Wörter

Country Mouse

Quote of the week

“I can resist anything except temptation.”

(Oscar Wilde)

The Ovulation Forecast

This is a pure, self-indulgent, wandering blog post. We’ve DTD seven times in the last ten days. Romance is out of the window which is ironic given that this morning I feared I had cystitis aka the honeymooners’ disease. noch 305 Wörter

Quote of the week

“All acts performed in the world begin in the imagination.”

(Barbara Grizzuti Harrison)