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NetFlix Needs to Revive Paolo Montalban and Brandy's "Cinderella

I would love to know what happened in their kingdom!

After attending Mr. Montalban’s „The King and I“ on Sunday, I was reminded of one of my favorite films growing up…. noch 129 Wörter


Down the rabbit hole, part 5: Once Upon a Time

Will there be any more fairy tales? This is what a friend of mine asked me one night as we were swapping favorite literary classics. It’s an interesting question; I mean, sure, we’ve got countless stories with all the makings of fairy tales– magical lands, talking animals and unreasonably capable children– but when’s the last time we had an original like Peter or Alice or Cindy? noch 589 Wörter

Nerd Stuff

Claire Danes is the Cinderella of Met Gala 2016

Claire Danes lit up the red carpet literally with her beautiful Zac Posen gown. She sets a new standard of class and sophistication at the themed-based Met Gala. noch 67 Wörter


Top 10 Tuesday - Characters you'd love to revist as an adult

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday (by The Broke and the Bookish) is a fun one!

The topic : Ten childhood characters you’d love to revisit as an adult. noch 511 Wörter


Did You See The Glow-In-The-Dark Ball Gown Claire Danes Wore To the Met Gala?

The gown Claire Danes wore to the Met Gala last night was so exquisite, it didn’t need any additional bells and whistles, but given that the theme of the evening focused on enmeshing fashion with technology, designer Zac Posen hit the nail on the head.   noch 99 Wörter


Spring is here

I think spring has arrived although it’s quite hard to tell as one day it’s sunny and then the next day it hails. We’ve even had snow recently. noch 745 Wörter


Clare Danes Dress Lightens up the Met Gala

Clare Danes lightens up the Met Gala with her custom made dress by Zac Posen. She was looking like a modern Cinderella coming from the future. noch 37 Wörter