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The Mysterious Legend of the Teenage Attitude...

I have recently had a new perspective on the legend of the teenage attitude. As all teens know, parents claim that the worst part of being a teenager is “The Attitude.” Parents think that teens purposely have an attitude towards them, or that it’s hormonal. noch 273 Wörter


'Frozen Fever' Trailer

‘Frozen Fever’ will be shown before ‘Cinderella’ when it hits theaters on March 13. The short film will also feature original cast members Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell, Jonathan Groff and Josh Gad, and will feature all new songs.


Cinderella collection at kohl's

here’s the beautiful Lauren Conrad,

For the new cinderella collection for Kohl’s.

Pictures from pinterest



Disney Reflections No.2 - Rodents Are the Best Dressmakers

This is Disney Reflections, a series of monthly posts in which I compare Disney animated fairy tales to the original stories.

Though Walt Disney had been tossing around ideas for a version of this fairy tale for years, Cinderella was eventually released in 1950. noch 2.240 Wörter

Fairy Tale

Red Carpet Manicure Debuts a Cinderella Inspired Collection

Time is ticking away till Cinderella’s March 13 release, and anticipation for the live action version of the Disney classic is at a fever pitch. noch 197 Wörter


Watch The Preview For The New Short, 'Frozen Fever'

Good news, Frozen fans!

An animated short reuniting the original characters of the hit film (and their voiceover counterparts) will be screening before Cinderella in theaters when it premieres March 12. noch 61 Wörter


First glimpse of "Frozen Fever"

Brace yourselves: Frozen pandemonium is about to resurge.

Yesterday, Disney debuted a 30 second teaser of Frozen Fever, a short film to play before the March 13 release of Disney’s live-action… noch 99 Wörter

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