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Cinderella Complex

I had an epiphany today.

Well if we’re being technical, I had several epiphanies but for the purposes of time I’ll condense it into one general idea. 586 weitere Wörter


Cinderella - Simply DVD Review

Nick Dear’s reimagining of Cinderella relocates the story to mid twentieth century Britain. Young Zezolla (Marcella Plunkett) tangles with her new stepmother, Claudette (Kathleen Turner), an evil woman who has the unsuspecting Martin (David Warner) firmly in her grasp. 677 weitere Wörter

Simply Media

Night of Pumpkins: Part I

Everyone in the village knew my husband could never keep me. I was a disgraced girl with a sharp disposition and a want that always conquered all else, born out of a family fallen from its place in the king’s good graces. 1.109 weitere Wörter

Short Stories

Night of Pumpkins: Part II

The Halloween Ball welcomed us with a spider-infested foyer. I nearly screamed as they crawled over and around my calves. Brushing some house spiders off his sleeves, Pietro tugged on his tie and straightened the lapels of his black suit jacket. 2.001 weitere Wörter

Short Stories

Cinderella Through The Years

Yeh-Hsien (China)

In the story, Yeh-hsien father who is a cave master remarry. When Yeh-hsien father died, the Step-mother started to treat her badly by giving her hard and dangerous task along with tattered clothes to wear. 655 weitere Wörter


HEP ALIEN CLUB| A TU X TU: CINDERELLA (feat. I Think Magazine)

C’era una volta una fanciulla forte ma un po’ sfortunata, chiamata Cinderella. La sua singolare favola, in una versione inedita e diversa da quella della… 1.036 weitere Wörter


History Of Cinderella

Disney’s Cinderella:

The American version of Cinderella that we know is the one created by Disney Studios and Walt Disney himself. Their version of Cinderella was based on the French version of the tale by Charles Perrault, „Cinderella“, written in 1698. 345 weitere Wörter