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Fairy Tales and Muggles

On paper, Brian was just right: very intelligent, not bad to look at, and an astoundingly successful career for someone his age. I hesitated at first because he is a few years younger, but everything else seemed to override the age difference. noch 627 Wörter

On Being A Woman


There have been oh so many versions of the Cinderella story both in name and in spirit with some offering something new and enticing to make viewers want to connect with the story all over again. noch 778 Wörter


34 Reasons Why Re-Watching Ever After is Something You Absolutely Should Do This Week

Hi there — Emily here!

When I was 11, I had a videotape of Ever After which I must have watched fifty times over. It was a sparkly, feel-good, girl-power, romantic-comedy, fractured fairy tale. noch 1.626 Wörter


Get enchanted as Walt Disney Pictures brings you another classic fairy tale-inspired movie adaptation, Cinderella.
Although not a direct remake, it borrows many elements from Walt Disney’s 1950 animated musical film of the same… noch 76 Wörter


What I learned about fairy tales from my child

Our little family of three went to watch Disney’s new rendition of Cinderella at the cinemas last weekend. I was as excited as Re was. How would she be? noch 929 Wörter


Cinderella and the Magic of Virtue

As I think you can gather from the movie posters, Kenneth Branagh’s new adaptation of Cinderella is live-action–with, of course, a good measure of CGI thrown it. noch 379 Wörter



I finally got to see the new movie Cinderella.  I can not tell you how excited I was to finally get to go see this movie. noch 761 Wörter