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Jesus is Not Your Bae, Boo or Man.

Last week, as part of the spouse challenge, a woman named Teneka Griffin posted some pictures that were edited to make it appear as if she was is in a relationship with Jesus. noch 1.342 Wörter

Challenge Week: Learn To Love Challenge Day #4

Today I have chosen to Learn to Love … poetry! A form I’m not the biggest fan of, as I’ve said in Q&A’s before, so this is a brave step for me. noch 615 Wörter



Look at her now and you would think she was born to it but I know the truth, I was closer to her than any of them. noch 533 Wörter

Other Writing

Modern Day Cinderella

Perhaps this is the modern day Cinderella. When I snapped this picture I didn’t ask, but I do have a decent imagination. Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.


Junior Explorers Episode 1

Welcome to Episode 1 of the Junior Explorers, a series of minisodes featuring our explorers talking with their kids. After all, what’s better than seeing Disney through the eyes of a child? noch 32 Wörter

Hollywood Studios

The Cinderella Complex

Everyone knows the story of Cinderella but, in case you were living under a rock throughout your childhood and your parents didn’t allow you to watch Disney movies, let me give you a brief synopsis.   noch 774 Wörter


Note: This is a spin-off of a classic fairytale I did for  a creative writing class I took. Circa 2014.


“Charming wake up!” A hoarse voice shouted into my ear. noch 2.671 Wörter

Creative Writing.