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"Cinderella" (Broadway Version): Dressing Ella, Part 4 (Ball Gown)

In the Broadway Version of „Cinderella“, Ella has to ditch her traditional Disney-blue gown for white.  There really isn’t any way to get around this.  When Marie asks about going to the Ball, Ella replies she dreams of a white gown, done up with pearls.   2.381 weitere Wörter


Dear Ella of Frell,

You will always be my favorite Cinderella. I wish the movie they made had done you more justice, but unfortunately, it barely resembled your story at all. 609 weitere Wörter


Book Review - Geekerella

Title: Geekerella

Release date April 4, 2017

Author: Ashley Poston


(4 out of 5 pages)

Age Range:  Young Adult


Geek girl Elle Wittimer lives and breathes Starfield, the classic sci-fi series she grew up watching with her late father. 333 weitere Wörter


Essay: Horrific Parenting in Fairy Tales

There are virtually no good parents in the world of fairy tales. At best, there are saintly mothers who die immediately after giving birth, only to be replaced by an Evil Stepmother. 2.108 weitere Wörter

Fairy Tales


Yesterday, I walked up to Trader Joe’s and spent about $15 on food for my friends. However, I wasn’t just spending it for the heck of it. 301 weitere Wörter

More Beauty and the Beast thoughts: Be my guest

Sorry, I just really wanted to use one of those cheesy thematic post titles that I told you last week I wasn’t going to use.  Before I move on to other topics (such as, possibly, another  626 weitere Wörter