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Cinderella: The Real Story

So this is the second in my series of ‘real’ fairy tales. The first European telling of ‘Cinderella’ was written by Giambattista Basile in the early 1600s and was originally named ‘The Cat-Cinderella’. noch 846 Wörter


My Top 10 Makeup Products

Hey everyone, 

Here is my Top 10 makeup products of 2016 so far. I tried to Share a variety of things for this blog would be on just lipsticks, if you want to see that let me know! noch 901 Wörter


Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

When you hear Pride and Prejudice, you think of Jane Austen, you think of a period piece with period costumes, you think of Mr. Darcy… well, you’ll see all of those in this twisted re-telling of the classic piece but there’s a catch, the Bennets are armed and battling… you guessed it, zombies! noch 284 Wörter


Fairy Tales Do Happen! Jumoke The Breadseller Covers ThisDay Style!

Last week a story was shared about a bread seller who photo bombed TyBello’s photoshoot with Tinie Tempah and as people thought the bread seller was a model, Tybello searched for her with the aim of changing her story. noch 73 Wörter


Cinderella: William's Perspective - Recreating the Ball Part 2

“William let’s go to the ballroom now.”

“But why? Aren’t we meeting our cousins here?”

“No, they’re going to the ballroom.” My father began walking to the ballroom and I followed. noch 1.025 Wörter


Another Tinderella Tale.

Today there are no Cinderellas.

Or there are, but few and far between.

At best they are just beauty queens

Wearing tiaras,

Kissed a few too many men with Ferraris or even standard frogs, noch 572 Wörter