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Sync’d Motion’s newest Unisex dance is pretty dope, if I do say so myself. There are 4 Animations that come in the pack. 112 weitere Wörter

Karel Flores: the Vision!

A discussion with Karel Flores cannot be confined to usual topics, e.g. ‘who she is’, ‘how her career started’, and ‘ 2.501 weitere Wörter


Kate Shares TOI Insights in PSA Webinars this Month

This month Kate and Theatre on Ice (TOI) Committee Chairman and judge, John Cole, speak at two PSA Theatre on Ice (TOI) webinars. The first of the two presentations (on April 9) is entitled, „ 43 weitere Wörter


Karel Flores: the Flow!

In a conversation about the people who nowadays define Salsa, we must certainly include KAREL FLORES as a top dancer, choreographer and instructor. Karel Flores stands out for her quickness and accuracy in her movement, elements that even the unskilled eye can detect. 2.700 weitere Wörter


9+1 Choreographies that changed the Salsa World!

Do you ever wonder how we ended up dancing Salsa like we do? Why old shows look nothing like today’s shows? These are 9+1 choreographies that changed the way people saw, thought or even danced Salsa after their debut. 866 weitere Wörter


Kate & Garrett (Again) Do CE Example Video for USFSA TOI Program

Once again, Kate and Garrett Kling, have choreographed and produced this season’s „Choreographic Exercise“ (CE) example video for U.S. Figure Skating’s Theatre on Ice (TOI) program. 89 weitere Wörter