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Show Choir Vocabulary

I have decided to incorporate some of the lingo in the world of Show Choir to everyone. I want to be able to educate individuals as many I was can to people who are interested in this particular field. noch 57 Wörter

Show Choir

Dean 'bonnie & clyde' Choreography [SoulDance Studio]

Confession: I am posting this  because my friend sent me the link and I haven’t even watched it yet but Junho Lee never fails to amaze me and him plus DEAN is a magical combination. Enjoy!

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Janet Jackson Returns to her Dance Roots With "Dammn Baby"

Dammmn Janet. The Queen of Pop dropped a choreographed dance video to show us age ain’t nothing but a number when it comes to dancing. … noch 188 Wörter


The Houghs Are Everything

The video below is a choreographed dance routine to the song „Elastic Heart“ by Sia that was performed on the TV program Dancing With The Stars. noch 17 Wörter

Media Posts

Zumba Fitness LETS GO

Hello there,

As you may know, apart from filming myself daily, writing blogs daily, and all that stuff, i am also a Zumba instructor. And I thought it would be fun to share some of my own choreos with you guys! noch 6 Wörter


Familiarity with Ugliness by Jesse Lovato

A cacophony of sweeping gestures, fluttering feet and pedestrian activity might not necessarily create a pleasurable image of collaboration inside of a choreographer’s mind but, within the right context, a piece of work using these aesthetics can draw a powerful response from within the active imagination of the viewer. noch 723 Wörter