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Day 18 - Tick Tock Version 1

Today’s blog post is another move that will be leading up to our final choreography. This is called the Tick Tock.

It works your abs because it forces you to pull them in and hold your back nice and strong and protected, it works your legs, both front and back depending on how low you go down into the move. noch 44 Wörter


Kate Co-Launches AIT Boston

Kate and PSA Master-Rated Choreographer John Mucko have founded a Boston chapter of American Ice Theatre (AIT). They plan to hold auditions later this year to roll out a full Boston-based professional skating performance company. noch 39 Wörter


Dance desperation

Having been planning a wedding, choreographing for our school production of Guys and Dolls as well as being inundated with work, I haven’t been able to get into the studio for a while now, and I feel the itch. noch 291 Wörter

Turn up the lights in here baby

So the amazing ballet and contemporary job I booked happened, and tonight I get to do it again! Me and two other girls got booked to do a contemporary/ballet routine inside some of the best nightclubs in NYC. noch 195 Wörter

Auditions And Work

Koharu Sugawara Debuts New Piece at Urban Dance Camp

It looks like choreography just keeps getting more and more ill. Peep the new piece by Koharu Sugawara – done to Clean Bandit’s “Come Over,” and debuted at Urban Dance Camp. noch 165 Wörter


When You Struggle To Pick Up Choreography

You know when you feel absolutely terrible about yourself.

Your existence feels like a poor joke.

When you just feel like a giant lump of crap. noch 826 Wörter