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Ladies Dancing In Blacklight Body Paint (360° Video clip)

A dancing at night.

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Life goal: Beyonce’s Single Ladies

Recent stuff in my life has made me rethink my life goals, or let’s say: it has me changing my bucketlist a bit. Not that there are a lot of things taken off, but I now have a bucketlist that gets more awesome every day! 284 weitere Wörter


Dancing Connections

For those who may not know a lot about me I am a Hip-Hop dancer and also a B-boy and I am glad I have those friends who showed me the true side of the culture. 242 weitere Wörter


60 second dance film/Introduction to Vibgyor

..So I’ve been thinking alot about the lack of collaboration within the art circle in Delhi (perhaps the whole of India) and how that is precisely the reason why we never come up with new ideas. 168 weitere Wörter

Happy 20 year anniversary Spice Girls!

When I was growing up, at one point the Backstreet Boys and the Spice Girls were a thing. Take That was before my time, and One Direction was wayyy after, so you were either team Backstreet Boys, Team Spice Girls or no team at all (which obviously makes you boring by default! 555 weitere Wörter


Body Rock Dance Competition 2016

Just this past weekend, San Diego was in full effect for Body Rock. 131 weitere Wörter