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Weekly Dance Break: Trap Queen (Fetty Wap), Choreography

Really, if all our weekly dance breaks are just videos of carefree bebes slaying the studio—that’s ok with me.


Weekly Dance Break: Missy Elliott | Aidan Prince

This little kid is a better dancer than you or I will ever be. And that’s ok.



YOU, make it look like it’s magic!

My favourite choreographer did it again! An amazing cover and choreo to The Weekend’s song Earned it. Thank you… noch 9 Wörter


Nothing wakes you up like a morning twerk session

Katerina Shoshina shows you her morning twerk routine.


today's song.

This one caught my attention from the first seconds, and now I wanna make a choreo to it. The song is on repeat, will I get tired of it? noch 28 Wörter


The Skating Club of Boston's Senior TOI Team Competes in France

The reigning national champion Senior Theatre on Ice (TOI) team, Act 1 of Boston just returned from the Nation’s Cup competition in Colombs, just outside Paris. noch 20 Wörter


International Dance Day

Today it has been “The International Danceday”, which is why I will post two of my favourite pieces from “So You Think You Can Dance”. noch 57 Wörter