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The Coolest KPOP Choreographs Ever Created (Part 2)

11.) NU’EST – Hello

12.) SISTAR19 – Gone Not Around Any Longer

13.) EXID – Every Night

14.) EvoL – Get Up

15.) Teen Top – No More Perfume… noch 17 Wörter

A New LINE Sticker set! Eye Stickers!

At work we created another set of LINE stickers! LINE is insanely popular in Japan. It’s just so simple for people to communicate and to exchange stickers to express their feelings and intent. noch 110 Wörter


YouTube Dance Sensation ‘Willdabeast’ Does It Again!

A class at Movement Lifestyle in Los Angeles destroys this choreography created by the YouTube sensation Willdabeast Adams. Dancers of all ages make this hard hitting trap music come to life with their bodies. noch 51 Wörter


Teaching Musical Theatre with students not musically inclined...

This year, I was lucky enough to inherit two Year 9 Musical Theatre groups, with little prescribed about the content I was to deliver. An exciting prospect. noch 564 Wörter

[Video] May J Lee Choreography 'Fallin' Out'

May J Choreography ‘Fallin’ Out’

Client / May J Lee
Duration / 1:33
Location / Haneul Park
Director / Soohyun Cathy Lee
Music / Keyshia Cole – Fallin’ Out

Work Log

Recruitment site graphics

For our New Years project we had a little bit of a makeover in Photoshop. Very industrial look! For the past three years somehow I’ve had to change my image for the New Years project (which I am fine with! noch 228 Wörter