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Get To Know D'andre Dixon From The Future Kingz

Tonight we get a new premiere. D’andre from Chicago’s favorite dance crew, The Future Kingz, premieres a new video and does a q&a. Check it out below! 1.055 weitere Wörter

Alysa Pires Presentation reflection

September 25. 2016

Today Alysa Pires came into class and told us all about her experiences when she left Ryerson’s dance program and how she found her niche as she became a professional dancer in the real world. 947 weitere Wörter

My take on choreography ~ ideas and statements as how I wish to continue

Like the changing tides, every reaction had an equal reaction. I want to be sucked into your orbit propelled through space, held there in a vacuum of nothingness reaching out amongst the matrix that makes up your very being. 245 weitere Wörter

Art is Power, Art is Possible

So recently I’ve been going through a hectic series of events. Some more successful than others, some less so. In the past week I’ve experienced some pretty amazing things including being a part of Kenny Pearl’s Winter Intensive, performing but also creating and going to rehearsals of my own creation and interest. 1.502 weitere Wörter

Kate Presents Choreo Seminar for TOI

Kate traveled just outside Washington, D.C. to give a presentation titled „Tools of Choreography“ at the Theatre on Ice (TOI) Seminar sponsored by U.S. Figure Skating. 19 weitere Wörter


Kate Consults with WV TOI Team

Kate returned to Charleston, West Viginia, to help the Charleston Figure Skating Club’s new Theatre on Ice (TOI) team again. She advised the team and coaches on choreography and choreographic elements, building on the material covered in her workshop there last June when they launched the new TOI program. 13 weitere Wörter