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CIBO Wine Bar

Verdict: 3 Star
Atmosphere: Romantic, sophisticated, rustic-chic, spacious
Food: Italian fare, supposedly well-known for their pizzas and pastas (I suspect their success is really due to the addictive fresh-baked rosemary bread that they serve pre-meal.) Beyond the to-die-for bread, I found the food to be a letdown, and can’t recommend any particular standout dish. noch 742 Wörter



Over the years the Italian influence gradually crept into Mum’s cooking.  She cut this Canneloni recipe out of the New Idea in 1994, I’m not sure she actually made it, but I’m sure she meant to one day. It certainly looks good.

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Dish name:   Turbot

Recipe of:  Martijn Kajuiter:

“LET’S GO DISCO” at the

Cliff House Hotel –

Ardmore, Co. Waterford

INGREDIENTS QUANTITY FOR 4 Turbot noch 1.610 Wörter
Funky Fish

Butternut Squash, Kale & Ricotta Canneloni

I tried a canneloni recipe and came up with my variation of it. Enjoy!

This recipe is great for:

Vitamin C (kale)

Vitamin A (butternut squash) noch 572 Wörter

Mindful Cooking

Spelt Pasta

My sister wanted to cook canneloni for our family dinner tonight but we only had white canneloni tubes in the house, and couldn’t find any at the supermarket … 😏 … noch 316 Wörter

Canneloni with chanterelles

This was perfect dinner last night. A light dinner after a long and sunny day in the garden. It does not take long to make it either, half an hour for the preparations and another half an hour in the oven. noch 185 Wörter


Sometimes being a woman sucks!

Today I’m driving back from asda with the kids in the back, I’m blasting out some music on the radio when all of a sudden ‘BAM’.. noch 230 Wörter

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