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Mushroom and Spinach Canneloni

This is a delicious combination. I have been very lucky this week. I have an allotment big enough to grow lots of vegetables. However, I don’t have an asparagus bed… but one of my neighbouring allotmenters has gone on holiday, and asked me to pick (and use) all the asparagus that grows in his asparagus bed […]

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Paste rapide

Unele din produsele pe care le gatesc frecvent si care nu lipsesc din bucataria mea, sunt pastele. Imi plac in toate combinatiile, spaghette, tagliatelle, fusilli, canneloni, preparate cu sos, la cuptor, dulci, sarate…paste sa fie. noch 229 Wörter


CIBO Wine Bar

Verdict: 3 Star
Atmosphere: Romantic, sophisticated, rustic-chic, spacious
Food: Italian fare, supposedly well-known for their pizzas and pastas (I suspect their success is really due to the addictive fresh-baked rosemary bread that they serve pre-meal.) Beyond the to-die-for bread, I found the food to be a letdown, and can’t recommend any particular standout dish. noch 742 Wörter



Over the years the Italian influence gradually crept into Mum’s cooking.  She cut this Canneloni recipe out of the New Idea in 1994, I’m not sure she actually made it, but I’m sure she meant to one day. It certainly looks good.

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