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Homemade Canneloni

As some of my followers might know, I’ve been very exposed to Italian culture lately. All my life I’ve seen and had Italian influence because Spain and Italy are so close geographically and culturally. 664 weitere Wörter

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Foolproof Sausage & Cheese-Stuffed Canneloni

Several years ago an episode of America’s Test Kitchen gave me another of their superb cooking hacks – a way to make manicotti or canneloni without struggling to fill pasta shells that often cracked, sometimes just in the box from shipping, but more often from the pressure exerted in stuffing them.   509 weitere Wörter

France Malaucène Le Pont de l'Orme

We went here as a couple of friends were staying in the B&B located in the same place…
I also quickly realized the place is well known in the neighborhood… look at the pics below and you will realize why! 131 weitere Wörter


Vegan cheesy spinach canneloni with tomato sauce

Hi. I made vegan canneloni for the first time. I’ve made heaps of pastries, tarts, pies, scrolls etc with a similar filling base (varied) but never stuffed a pasta tube with it, smothered with sauce and baked it. 226 weitere Wörter


Discover the ingredients and tips to cook homemade Cannelloni

Among the most popular traditional dishes from Italy, stuffed cannelloni are one of the best Italian dishes. Appreciated both in Italy and abroad, cannelloni are often prepared with a filling that includes cheese, cottage cheese, spinach and minced meat. 676 weitere Wörter