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Just another post about Writer's Block

I’ve had the WORST writer’s block for the past month. It’s not just affecting my writing, but also my songwriting. I’ve recently written a pretty catchy song. noch 560 Wörter

Phat Chats

Carmen Disruption, Almeida Theatre

Bricks from disintegrating walls cover the stage.

A hulking, black bull breathes it last.

An aging opera singer arrives in a nameless European city.

A narcissistic rent boy readies for a “date.” noch 1.085 Wörter


Are Mother Courage's children dead yet?

That’s all I could think during Mutter Courage und ihre Kinder at the Kammerspiele last night. It dragged on and on for what felt like much longer than two hours. noch 471 Wörter


Bertolt Brecht

 ‘Putting a factory on stage will tell you nothing about capitalism.’


Mother Courage, Stop Pulling

Five days ago I ran away, to the coast. I couldn’t bear another moment at home. Despite a promising, relaxed build-up towards my daughter going back to school after 100 days of school refusal, for the start of the summer term…well, let’s just say it didn’t work out. noch 337 Wörter