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Macbeth at the RSC

I taught the Scottish play more times than I care to remember at school, and had to take school parties to see a number of mediocre performances usually specifically produced for school audiences. 496 weitere Wörter


Dark times part one

“In the dark times will there also be singing? Yes, there will also be singing. About the dark times.” Bertolt Brecht


A bad Preface of meandering and ambling thought… 4.856 weitere Wörter


Make Brecht Political Again- The Misappropriation of Brechtian Technique in Contemporary Theatre

In doing A-Level Drama, I have become far more closely acquainted with the Brechtian style than I ever planned on becoming. I dislike the fellow, I dislike his politics, and I dislike his particular brand of theatre- but despite all that, what I hate most of all is the blatant misappropriation of the Brechtian style, a trend that has seemingly infected directors nowadays. 1.090 weitere Wörter


A5: Potential context

We are asked to provide 500 words along with an unfinished work-in-progress. The words should include;

  • The specific themes your work is addressing or what your work is attempting to communicate…
  • 955 weitere Wörter
OCA Self & Other

New Article on Brecht and Cognitive Psychology by Prof. Weidauer

Friedemann Weidauer has an article forthcoming in the Brecht Yearbook (Vol. 43, 2018) on „Catharsis? Brecht, Chaplin and Empathy in Film and Theater.“ The articles explores parallels between recent research in cognitive psychology on the reception of art and Brecht’s assessment of the role of empathy in his method of emotionally ‚distancing‘ the spectator from the events on the stage.


The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui (Theatre)

After a delicious lunch of Chinese dumplings, hubby and I took advantage of our school holidays to see a matinee of Sydney Theatre Company’s production of… 855 weitere Wörter

Poem of the Week: "Tapestry," by Carolyn Forché

Please join us this week in welcoming Carolyn Forché for our Spring Poetry Festival. For full schedule, visit our website.


There is no album for these, no white script on black… 293 weitere Wörter

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