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„Über die Saiten der Windhauch lief/ über sein Herz ein Traum ging“

Wir sind voller Sehnsucht. Nach Gott. Nach fernen Lȁndern und Leuten. Nach Liebe. Drei Zigeuner fand ich einmal. 135 weitere Wörter


Contre Le Monde, Contre La Vie

„Come, sweet death“ is the title of a song of Johann Sebastian Bach. Unsurprisingly, the lyrics describe the „desire to depart“ to say it with Saint Paul: „Come, sweet death, come, blessed rest, come lead me into peace, because I’m tired of the world, and I wait for you to lead me and to close my eyes.“ And it isn’t even Bach’s most popular song describing this longing for death. 809 weitere Wörter


Orbits at The Drayton Arms Theatre

Orbits is supposed to be about Galileo, Brecht, and Laughton. Before attending the show, my familiarity with the three was, in order, Galileo, Brecht, and Laughton. 457 weitere Wörter

Brecht and Storytelling, Part 3

Here’s the final installment, lovely lurkers. I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments on any of the three installments.   ~jenn

Brecht and Storytelling… 825 weitere Wörter


Brecht and Storytelling, Part 2

Brecht and Storytelling

Written by Jenn Zuko for Senior Seminar, BFA Acting program @UCB, 1995.

Part 2


Let us consider this for a moment. 647 weitere Wörter


Jet-Lagged Thoughts

Hello past, present, and future blog readers,

It is currently 22:09 GMT and I am finally settling into my Earl’s Court Residence, where I will be living during most of my study abroad here in London. 229 weitere Wörter