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The Politics of Theatre

Politics is occupying my head space!  The current Australian political climate requires attention and action, but with so much going on to be concerned about, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and helpless as an individual.  noch 743 Wörter

CACS302 Creative Arts Internship

Bertolt Brecht, Seventeen Poems

Just to say I’ve added translations of seventeen poems by Bertolt Brecht over at my new German translations blog, Passing on the Flame, in case anyone is interested. noch 22 Wörter


Bertolt Brecht, Seventeen Poems

Bertolt Brecht, Seventeen Poems

Brecht, 1898-1956, Germany’s greatest 20th century playwright and director; short membership of revolutionary Soldiers’ Council in Augburg 1918; became a Communist in the 1920s, exile in the 1930s to USA via Denmark and Sweden; had to appear before McCarthy’s Committee on Un-American Activities in 1947; from 1948 in East Berlin; moved from an early Expressionist style and ballads influenced by Villon, Rimbaud, Wedekind and Kipling to a lean functionalism/realism. noch 2.881 Wörter

German Poetry In Translation

What If We Try This? Rediscovering the Possibilities of Design Thinking . . .

Door knobs can be annoying. They’re not all the same. It’s not always clear whether you should push or pull and nothing makes you look like an idiot faster than struggling with a door. noch 673 Wörter

Medical School

अंधायुग (बर्त्तोल ब्रेख्त)

(बर्त्तोल   ब्रेख्त- 20वीं सदी के महान कवि, नाटककार तथा निर्देशक। जन्म- जर्मनी 1898, मृत्यु-1956। ब्रेख़्त ने नाटकों को एक नयी शैली प्रदान की। मदर करेज और थ्री पेनी ओपेरा उनके प्रसिद्ध नाटक हैं। इनकी रचनाओं में शांति की पक्षधरता तथा फासीवाद एवं युद्ध विरोधी स्वर मुखर रूप में दिखाई देता है।) noch 7 Wörter

Poetry In Translation

Nuclear Sky brings Brecht to a new high-tech horizon

These days, Bertolt Brecht’s major plays tend to be confined to student productions, partly because their epic scope allows for everybody in the ensemble to get their turn at bat, partly because an aura of radical chic still adheres to his name. noch 625 Wörter