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Agency and Storytelling

Agency and Narrative can quite successfully be reconciled by adopting a particular form of agency which fosters narrative potential… [] … the very act of exercising agency results in it being temporarily removed while a scripted or pre-rendered narrative fragment is presented. noch 2.136 Wörter


Interactive Digital Storytelling

One of the great pleasures of narrative is to become lost, immersed in the world the narrative conjures up in our imagination. This sense of presence is just as important to interactive graphical media as to text based media such as the novel. noch 1.569 Wörter


Sapere aude et activus

Tole bi bil moj face-lift Kantovega “drzni si misliti”, znanega gesla razsvetljenstva. Torej ne samo, da moramo stremeti k temu, da si drznemo misliti, stremeti moramo tudi k udejanjanju teh naših misli in idej. noch 539 Wörter

Božidar Debenjak


I don’t really like the concept of naturalism. But, then again, that’s not unusual, especially in academic circles. However, I dislike criticizing it as a movement because it seems to me that everyone else is doing it, and I happen to be the most Adornian hipster I know of. noch 641 Wörter


Jekyll & Hyde, Platform Theatre

Giant red paper lanterns float over a smoky Victorian London alleyway. Six actors in western clothes and eastern whiteface also marry East and West in what initially promises to be a vibrant, transnational reimagining of R. noch 505 Wörter


Day 4 [May 8]: Anybody want a drink? Reflections on Peace and War; Vienna at Last

I wish I could say that we talked about Brecht’s Mother Courage while sipping on some “liquid courage,” but we were holding class in a bar because it was the only meeting room still available in our hotel. noch 365 Wörter

Travel= A New Perspective

Why We Believe in Fiction

Fiction: it’s not real, right? That’s why it’s called fiction. Yet… there is something about picking up a book and immersing ourselves in its complex and vividly imagined universe, or getting drawn into the dazzling effects of a movie, or even finding ourselves completely invested in a character from a video game which we just can’t help. noch 757 Wörter

Video Games