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Future ROH broadcasts at the Bloor

Following on from yesterday’s Der fliegende Holländer showing at the Bloor Hot Docs Cinema I followed up with them about future plans for the ROH opera broadcasts.   noch 133 Wörter

Toronto Opera News And Views

Short Theatre Review: The Caucasian Chalk Circle at the Unicorn Theatre


A few days ago I went to see a show and I just had to blog about it! It was an adaptation from the play “The Caucasian Chalk Circle” by Berlot Brecht. noch 337 Wörter


day eleven: the caucasian chalk circle

Author: Bertolt Brecht

Translator: James and Tania Stern with W.H. Auden

Synopsis: to make sure we never get too close, the primary narrative is presented as a play-within-a-play. noch 479 Wörter


The tuba player has no double!

The other day I went to the opera for the first time.

I saw Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weil’s opera ‘The rise and fall of the city Mahagoni’. noch 1.215 Wörter


Give us this day our daily Brecht: Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny

From its stunningly filmic opening to its faux-Golgotha finale, the Royal Opera House’s new production of Weill’s Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny demands our attention.  noch 299 Wörter


The Caucasian Chalk Circle (by Bertolt Brecht) Excerpt question 2

Read the excerpt below and then answer the questions that follows
A peasant’s cottage appears.
GRUSHA: (to the CHILD): Noontime, eating time. Now we’ll sit hopefully in the grass, while… noch 508 Wörter

Grizzly-Cop Eats Faces: Chapter I - The Grizzly Crime That Almost Was (And the Grizzly Crime that Actually Was)

Paxton stole a furtive glance back at his father’s mansion before lighting his cigarette. There were some activities that Paxton engaged in that he did not want his father to see. noch 787 Wörter