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Why Pronunciation Matters #43

While teaching senior high school can be challenging, I have often found it to be highly entertaining.

This morning in my Year 12 English class, I was in the process of assigning roles for my students to read as part of our study of Bertolt Brecht’s play „Life of Galileo“. noch 42 Wörter

True Story

When Our Destinies Meet - Review

April 19, ten people (and me) arrived at the NUIG campus to play When our Destinies Meet, described by writers Morgan Jarl & Petter Karlsson as a black-box Brechtian larp. noch 1.087 Wörter

Event Reviews

Les grandes villes sous la lune / Eugenio Barba

(Οι μεγάλες πόλεις κάτω από το φεγγάρι)

Με λίγα λόγια μπορούμε, περιμένοντας,

να αντικαταστήσουμε την ιδιοφυία με τη διαύγεια

και να ξεκινήσουμε, από εδώ και στο εξής,


Pedantic madness

I have come to a disturbing conclusion. My skills in reading German and speaking are not aligned by far. The point is now reached where I accidentally start quoting German poetry but still meet some questions of the lady at the bakery with an apologetic smile. noch 429 Wörter