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Zoot Suit (1981)- Hollywood's Hispanic Heritage Blogathon

Dear Readers, To celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month (which is every month for me!) Aurora at Once Upon a Screen hosts Hollywood’s Hispanic Heritage Blogathon on October 12. noch 1.410 Wörter



We often speak of the violence of a river, but never of the violence of the banks that confine it.

~ Bertolt Brecht~


Così il tempo passò che sulla terra m'era stato dato

Ancora su Ignazio Marino, che ieri alla fine s’è dimesso.

Il bel pezzo di Jacopo Tondelli su gli Stati generali, si chiude con un avviso: noch 175 Wörter


Ideas from audio programs

  1. 伽利略(三)---看理想,一千零一夜 (梁文道)




2. 罗辑思维


目标转移 (赢钱到赌气)

成本束缚 (鼓掌一个小时不愿放弃)

take care of a small group of people

do one thing, do it best… noch 155 Wörter


The Latest Dramaturgical Adventures

This semester, I’m pulling double duty as the production dramaturg for The Threepenny Opera and as one of four dramaturgs for Invisible Cities (being put on in conjunction with international theatre group… noch 681 Wörter

The Witch of Walkern

News from the education frontier.

Ipswich High School for Girls has cancelled a performance of Rebecca Lenkiewicz’s new play Jane Wenham: The Witch of Walkern… noch 429 Wörter


The Seven Deadly Sins

New kids on the block , The Friends of Gravity, presented their first show last night at St. Bartholomew’s Anglican Church on Dundas East.  It was a silent film themed take on Weill’s… noch 267 Wörter

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