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In Brecht’s 1954 poem ‘First Half’ is the line:

I read Voltaire’s letters and Mao’s essay on contradiction.

In a letter to uan Miau-Tse from 31 August 1955 he wrote: ‘In the theatre, we’ve benefited a lot from Mao Tse-Tung’s essay “On Contradiction”.’

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Misty and moisty

Being by the sea we often wake to mist in the morning and usually it blows away or is burned away by the sun, it’s what we call a sea fret. noch 243 Wörter


Towards a Theory of Why Marion Cotillard Should Not Win an Oscar Tonight

Among the more pressing controversies attending the announcement of this year’s Academy Award nominations came the surprise inclusion of Marion Cotillard in the category of best actress, a nomination granted for her role in Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne’s film Two Days, One Night (Deux jours, un nuit). noch 1.624 Wörter


Bertolt Brecht on an Example of a Scenic Innovation through the Observation of a Mistake

In the Chinese agitation play Millet for the Eighth, farmers smuggle millet to Mao Zedong’s revolutionary Eighth Army. After the play had been adapted, the young director explained some of the details of his basic scenic design to Brecht.

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The Caucasian Chalk Circle

Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh 17/02/15

This is one of those productions that makes me want to bottle its essence, and use it when – in my day job as a drama teacher – I am introducing a class of students to Brecht and his ideas. noch 470 Wörter

Edinburgh 2014

Weekly Poem #101


It doesn’t take long for piss to soak into suede,

I wish I’d known that before I donned my boat shoes that day.

It doesn’t take a kind view to denim either, noch 352 Wörter