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Jekyll & Hyde, Platform Theatre

Giant red paper lanterns float over a smoky Victorian London alleyway. Six actors in western clothes and eastern whiteface also marry East and West in what initially promises to be a vibrant, transnational reimagining of R. noch 505 Wörter


Why We Believe in Fiction

Fiction: it’s not real, right? That’s why it’s called fiction. Yet… there is something about picking up a book and immersing ourselves in its complex and vividly imagined universe, or getting drawn into the dazzling effects of a movie, or even finding ourselves completely invested in a character from a video game which we just can’t help. noch 757 Wörter

Video Games

De Statie: expert in second chances

Hi guys!

Last week, the boyfriend and I wanted to try a restaurant in our neighbourhood, De Statie. Our visit didn’t really go the way we had hoped it would be… noch 480 Wörter


Europe Dissolves the People

Former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis relates this telling anecdote from his negotiations with the troika: noch 168 Wörter

The 1947 Blogathon: Monsieur Verdoux

Dear Readers, this is my post for The 1947 Blogathon. Be sure to visit our host sites Shadows & Satin and Speakeasy for more information and links to the other posts on a great year in cinematic history. noch 2.083 Wörter


Brecht, the ‘alienation effect’ and Mother Courage

In his theory of theatre, Bertolt Brecht developed the ‘alienation effect’, a concept that broke severely with the dominant Aristotelian dramaturgy in many ways, rejecting the traditional function of art, and Aristotle’s conceptions of mimesis, catharsis and unified plot. noch 4.062 Wörter

Birdland - Simon Stephens

Birdland is one of two Simon Stephens’ plays that I have actually seen in production. My original review of it is here. I did not buy the script last year (when it was 3£) because walking into the show I didn’t know if it would be ‘good enough’ that I wanted to have a copy. noch 372 Wörter