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Theatre Practitioners

Theatre practitioners are actors, directors, and playwrights who create theatrical performances and discourses about theatre. They usually create, expand upon, or adapt existing styles of acting and creating theatre in general. 2.750 weitere Wörter


Last Valentine's Day, in Berlin

Last year on Valentine’s Day we left Berlin by train in the late morning, and though we had great weather our time there, that Sunday it was gray and wet (like how you’d picture Berlin in mid-February), but it made for good photos with the thin fog and overall feeling of gloom I imagined. 499 weitere Wörter


Chronic Ills #1

The funeral seems to have gone well; from which
I imagine that he has been buried, the
family did not kill each other, her
mother did not walk around with her… 94 weitere Wörter


Theresa - first in a very short queue?

Sometimes a cartoon will say more than words; this is such a cartoon, these are some times!

Theresa May represents Britain and a set of values that are well know if not well articulated. 521 weitere Wörter


Bertolt Brecht- Brecht on Theatre

Brecht, B., & Willett, J. (1964). Brecht on theatre: the development of an aesthetic. New York: Hill and Wang.

Bertolt Brecht was originally from Germany and was a theatre creator/innovator in the 20th century.   1.059 weitere Wörter

Performance Studies

PDF zelf kleding bedrukken Brecht

PDF zelf kleding bedrukken Brecht

Hoe kan ik in België, in Brecht  (of omgeving), goedkoop zelf t-shirts of andere kleding (stukken) bedrukken, met een embleem, logo en/of tekst van mezelf, mijn bedrijf of mijn vereniging? 132 weitere Wörter

Powerpoint zelf kleding bedrukken Brecht

Powerpoint zelf kleding bedrukken Brecht

Voordelen van emblemen en logo’s die je in Brecht, in België, zelf op kleding of bedrijfskleding kunt bedrukken:
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