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Harry Potter and the Parent of the Year

(Why I’m still trying to decide if I liked Harry Potter and the Cursed Child)

The script is an enchanting example of the Brechtian epic theater… 195 weitere Wörter

Misli Povodom

I/Mmature student 7. Bowie and Brecht.

So far today has been a lovely day, which is a relief as it’s the one I was most nervous about as we’re looking at movement, voice and getting down to techniques that I know nothing about. 204 weitere Wörter


Daehangno Poster Session 6

After lunch at 이모네 and before seeing the interesting production of Brecht’s Badener Lehrstück vom Einverständnis by Hyoungjin Im (임형진) and his ensemble “Theaterraum” (테아터라움 철학하는 몸), once again some more posters caught my eye… 218 weitere Wörter


The Fickle Ear Is Nowhere As Fickle - And A Lot Kinder - I Think - Than The Fickle Eye

The Fickle Eye is a lot more ruthless than The Fickle Ear, I think, and the reasons for this are many and it is far too early in the morning to plunge into those matters now, since I am still asleep. 297 weitere Wörter


When technology gets in the way of performance - a review of Close to the Bone

This past year I realized that one of the things I would really love to do is use technology to bridge the gap between film and theatre. 1.716 weitere Wörter

Ordinary Lives

A couple of Commonplace Book Entries that resonate with one another across a century and a culture. Bertolt Brecht on the anonymous workers who drive history (but are forgotten) and George Eliot on ordinary lives. 468 weitere Wörter

Commonplace Book

Play: Bertolt Brecht Segment.


HOMELESS PERSON, dishevelled, in rags.

ATTENDANT, in a typical suit attire.

SECURITY GUARD (non-speaking part) typical security guard attire.

Setting: Job centre/appointment environment.

Scene 1. 1.128 weitere Wörter