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Poetry of Exile

The poet in an individual is of a later birth than the exile in him. At first he does not know the name of his affliction, but gradually becomes aware of his un/dis- ease being neither new nor unique. 1.168 weitere Wörter


How does Brecht's ‘Verfremdungseffekt’ influence a feeling of empathy in a spectator?

A key directorial theory of Brecht’s is that the ‘Verfremdungseffekt’ which is the act of making what the spectator knows as familiar become unfamiliar, by doing so a distance is created between the spectator and spectacle. 1.637 weitere Wörter


When in my white room at the Charité
I woke towards morning
And heard the blackbird, I understood
Better. Already for some time
I had lost all fear of death. 700 weitere Wörter


All Licensed Fools

The Elizabethan concept of the „all licensed fool“ provides contemporary artistic expression with a most powerful and essential justification and ingredient for its existence in a political and social framework. 778 weitere Wörter


Rā 180 Rāmere 30 o Pipiri 

We went to see Gus in his year 13 NCEA drama production this evening. It was brilliant. The Good Soul of Seczhuan by Berthold Brecht.


Things I learned at #AAS 2017, part3 (Saturday, 18 March + Sunday, 19 March)

This year’s conference of the Association for Asian Studies (AAS) in Toronto (March 16–19), the first one I ever attended, was enormous. Still overwhelmed by the experience, I publish some of my notes on the various panels I attended and presentations I heard, interspersed with tweets I posted during the conference. 1.940 weitere Wörter


Reflection notes: Representation, methods and reliability

The other night I attended an evening dedicated to exploring Motor Neurone Disease through short lectures, poetry and a  play, including art by Sarah Ezekiel, the woman who I discussed in an earlier post who has lived with the disease for 14 years. 855 weitere Wörter

Assignment 1 Reflection And Research