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The Theater Must Always Be A Safe Place

Woody Guthrie – This Machine Kills Fascists


 “We have art in order not to die of the truth.” Nietzsche

After a performance of Hamilton (a Broadway musical based on the story of one of the United States’ founding fathers, Alexander Hamilton) the lead actor, Brandon Dixon, formally addressed our future vice president, Mike Pence, from the stage. 805 weitere Wörter


A Silent Scream

MOTHER is looking at a photograph that CALVIN made. Two tones enters the room, slowly: a bass and a treble. We iris on MOTHER as the tones enter,

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Preview: The Penelopiad

Image: WikiCommons

20 November 2013, Varsity Online Culture Section

Homer’s story of Odysseus, the Trojan hero and model of masculinity, is almost universally known in the West: the brave soldier endeavouring to return home to Ithaca, the battles with sirens and sea creatures he faces, and the paradigm of all wifely goodness, Penelope, waiting on her isle with tapestry in hand. 587 weitere Wörter


Reflections on what a Trump Presidency might mean

This is just a collection of thoughts that have occurred to me over the previous week since Donald Trump became President Elect of the United States of America.   1.666 weitere Wörter

Political Rant

Day of the Dead. Part two.

Previously on Equinoxio: the Captain and crew are in therapy after the shock of watching the world’s worst haircut after Boris „Judas“ Johnson win the election of the modern Empire. 199 weitere Wörter


Bertolt Brecht, In Praise of Doubt

Praised be doubt! I advise you to greet
Cheerfully and with respect the man
Who tests your word like a bad penny.
I’d like you to be wise and not to give… 331 weitere Wörter

Actor vs. Character: Class, Race, Gender, Sexuality, and Our Message

We had a interesting discussion in our Table Read of Scene 1/2 today…Here’s a recap!

  • Talking gender, pronouns, the relationship between the actor and the character, our contemporary language and ideas in relationship to the text and the 1937 world of the play…
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