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PSA 2016

I use a lot of products. Too many I think. A few months ago I got rid of one of my routines. I no longer buy make-up remover. 155 weitere Wörter


End of Book, Reflections and Themes

We’re so happy that we finally finished the book. It was a INTERESTING experience. There was no satisfying ending. —-. We would recommend this book to an older audience (wayyyyyyyyyyy more than 14+). 125 weitere Wörter

Brave New World

Summary of chapters 8-12 and Author's Writing Style

During these chapters we got to learn the backstory of John and Linda. Linda (mentioned earlier by Director) was left in the Savage Reservation . She there really never became a savage. 219 weitere Wörter

Brave New World

Book review 3: Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

So I’m sure everyone has heard of George Orwell’s classic 1984, and if you haven’t then I’m sure you at least know of a few of it’s major plot points through this the myriad of YA knockoffs that have been flooding the bookstores and movie theaters since the start of this… 320 weitere Wörter

Book Review

The gobble gobble 

It’s the Tuesday before Thanksgiving – my absolute favorite time of year. Who would have guessed that a vegetarian Indian girl who never even really acknowledged the holiday until 1991, would be this obsessed. 521 weitere Wörter


"Perhaps home is not a place but simply an irrevocable condition"*...

The idea that American life is increasingly transient and uprooted is a myth: people are moving less, but worrying more.

In 1971, the great Carole King sang: ‘So far away/ Doesn’t anyone stay in one place anymore?’ Thirty years later, the editors of…

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