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Brave New World

These days I seek to simplify. Like Thoreau at Walden, I’m not entirely removed from my local world, but surrounded by it.

I see people, the masses, by and large, hurling themselves daily through a Brave New World, in many ways unrecognizable from the world of my youth, a brief half-century ago. noch 1.491 Wörter

Observations From The Soft Chair

Living in Dystopia

I find it fascinating that most dystopian novels seem to toy with this idea of control by means of manipulating or lessening the intelligence of the population. noch 893 Wörter

Michael Hanby on the "Brave New World" of same-sex marriage

Sometimes, other people are simply better at explaining the alleged “bigoted” philosophical opposition against same-sex marriage better than me. Published about a year ago, here are some highlights from… noch 1.904 Wörter


Noah Chomsky's Thoughts on Capitalism

In a previous post, I had mentioned some of the downfalls to our current system of what I would describe as “extreme capitalism”. I would define extreme capitalism as the unnecessary and irrational need for every aspect of our society, whether it be things like education or law enforcement, being solely designed to increase profit and eliminate costs. noch 1.404 Wörter

Brave New World

Outward Conformity

The disconnect between ones actions and thoughts is a red flag for numerous psychological illnesses and the major cause of this disconnect is societal norms and enforced thinking that leads to conformity, Bernard from Huxley’s “Brave New World” thinks as though he wishes we could go against the “normal” society he lies in because he desires more then what the utopia is presenting him. noch 525 Wörter

Who's Who

I’ve finally established a cast that extends beyond two people and one dog, something that took me entirely to long. As such, I will now provide you with a list so you can keep track of who everyone is as I rant and rave at them. noch 613 Wörter



In October of 1949, a few months after the release of George Orwell‘s dystopian masterpiece, 1984, he received a letter from fellow author (and Orwell’s French tutor at Eton)  noch 741 Wörter