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Talking Sirius Bizinus: Procreation and marriage

Over at Amusing Nonsense, Sirius Bizinus is periodically providing his analysis of Hodges v. Obergefell, which is in front the Supreme Court. He has graciously allowed me to comment on his posts here. noch 2.902 Wörter

Same-sex Marriage

Brave New World

I am an experiment

It didn’t take long to figure it out

Gated fences, surrounded by zombies

Long glances in the distance

Hopelessness to go around. noch 103 Wörter


Happiness Is Not Grand

I have taken this title, and the quote from Aldous Huxley’s book, “Brave New World”, and I thought, “Hmm, there is truth in this”.

And then, thanks to WordPress, I rediscovered a marvellous singer / comedian called Ken Dodd. noch 335 Wörter


Notes on Orwell's Aspidistra

Having just finished George Orwell’s 1956 Keep the Aspidistra Flying, I find myself no less confused about Orwell’s personal philosophies than when I had begun it.  noch 1.254 Wörter

George Orwell

Tomorrowland Review

Disney as cult is not a new concept. The Corporation would never choose such a descriptor, but neither has it ever shied away from behavior that justifies the label. noch 1.426 Wörter


Propaganda in Perspective

Perhaps the most widely accepted political idea of the past fifty years is not any particular liberal or conservative philosophy, but the universal faith in the media’s influence on politics itself.  noch 670 Wörter


A Brave New World...

I never know exactly how to start these. I mean I’ve had a few blogs over the course of my life and I stick with them for a little while… But then, then it starts to feel like work. noch 67 Wörter