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Brave New World - Aldous Huxley (1932)

Rating: ★★

I found this to be an OK read. Working in healthcare, much of the story that focused on human reproduction in the hatchery and psychological conditioning were to me a little boring. 389 weitere Wörter

Literary Fiction

Prompt Theme: High School Literature

Here you’ll find some quotes from books that are on high school reading lists. 349 weitere Wörter

Snowflake melt

ANYONE WHO ventures beyond the regressive, internet dumps of Huffpost, Salon, Slate, Politico, etc., has grown accustomed to seeing left-wing lunatics blubbering over the Brave New World of Donald J. 54 weitere Wörter


Mr. Donald J. Trump is not my President. My rights as an American will not go up for sale. I think we all should read a book, …

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IT SEEMS LIKE every movie is getting a remake these days .

Psycho. The Wicker Man. Dawn of the Dead. The Pink Panther… 1.860 weitere Wörter


11. 17th Jan 2017

Why are we so obsessed with happiness in life?

Like the goal of life is to be happy.

Well… is it?

Happiness is not a state of living. 335 weitere Wörter