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Me First (A Repost)

A recent study of „Millennials“ summarized in the Chronicle of Higher Education is disquieting at best. The study was published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology and was conducted by Jean M. 802 weitere Wörter

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Interview with Pete Kilroy of Hey Geronimo

Aussie rockers Hey Geronimo are set to release their sophomore album and head back on the road to share their new music with fans. In light of that, I’m taking a trip down memory lane by posting this interview with the band’s lead singer, Pete Kilroy leading up to the release of their debut record, … 2.002 weitere Wörter


issue #5 of "brave new world" is out

Table of Contents:

Gary Barwin – Miro’s Sky
Mark Young – Eleven poems
Marco Giovenale – Six Glitch Asemic Pieces
Sean Smith – Forty Weaves… 39 weitere Wörter

Segnali E Azioni

April 2017

Sorry about the delay with this month’s reviews! It’s been a busy one so I’ve only got through three books but they were a mixed bag: 620 weitere Wörter


Changing Your Mind About Values? "Mind-altering media applications," Brain, Behavior, and Media | Psychology Today

Who decides what are the „negative“ and „positive“ behaviors and values which mind altering media applications demonstratively induce in people?

„Mind-altering media applications may be found in video games, iPods, YouTube and other evolving communications applications. 32 weitere Wörter


My Life With Kant: Aldous Huxley

I will be out of town for the next several days so I’m dumping out the Best Of MY LIFE WITH KANT.

When I wrote this, I was pissed off at society. 1.922 weitere Wörter