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Splice, Dice and Download Kim Kardashian! 

Tired of you?  Your personality?  Your humdrum existence?

Want a butt, boobs, body and brain like the Mrs. West?

Well take heart!  Your new Kardashian existence could be right around the corner if current scientific research and testing continue to be workable, and some of the predicted possibilities come true. noch 345 Wörter

Artificial Intelligence

The Influence of Pornography (Sex Education, tube sites, sexual identity in 2015) ADULTS ONLY

With the advent of tube sites (i.e. youtube, veimo etc…) we can watch practically anything we want.  There is no doubt that along with the internet in general, these sites have changed so much of the way we used to do things even just 15yrs ago! noch 1.286 Wörter

Bookworm Tuesday – Brave New World Ch. 14 – End

I am not going to go through the last chapters of the book this week.  The death of Linda, John trying to go all freedom fighter by throwing Soma out the window, the debate with Mustapha and the exile and final end of John at the lighthouse were extremely fun to read.  noch 1.203 Wörter


A Brave New (and Very Hot) 1984

I’m thankful for my ninth grade world history teacher. Even though he had this weird propensity for tight black shirts and boasted a goatee way before facial hair was trendy, he gave us a list of books to read if we wanted extra credit. noch 634 Wörter

Literary Notions

3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge (day 3)

Today Is my last day of the challenge. It was great that I was given the opportunity to share my favorite quotes. I really enjoyed it! noch 54 Wörter

3 Terrorist Attacks on the Same Day. France, Tunisia, and Kuwait.

Absolutely deplorable. A vile and disgusting string of attacks. But weren’t these things supposed to be prevented by mass surveillance? Ask yourself, why are you being watched while the terrorists are being completely ignored? noch 22 Wörter