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08 APRIL 2015

Gapped up above PDC and PDH and formed a range.

Long at BOF of previous day swing point high .. trail till IRH

Range broken on upside but just to form another range. noch 23 Wörter

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Pottkast "Bildungsalltag 1" ist online. Thema: Die Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung

Ein kritisches Gespräch über die Erfahrungen mit dem größten Fördergeber der “think europe”Jugendbildung des Europahaus Marienberg: Die Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung BpB

Schonungslos wird die Bundeszentrale mit Lob und Kritik überhäuft. noch 51 Wörter

Gesellschaftspolitisch Relevante Ergüsse

T20 and the Stat-Fan.

As a prominent viewer of basketball, one of my favourite aspects of the game is the amount of statistical data available to trawl through to compare various players and their effectiveness on the court. noch 1.874 Wörter

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BPB Gathering

Cesar Chavez once said students must have initiatives. They should not be mere imitators. They should learn to think and act for themselves and be free. noch 461 Wörter


1 Dec 2014

Choppy day .. my reading was like a barbed wire around initial range. Not many opportunities with good R:R. Was expecting a chop / range day before the news event tomorrow. Expect volatility expansion tomorrow.

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25 Nov 2014

Another lesson learnt today from ST – how to view intraday corrections

Not much from a trade standpoint. Still dealing with some hesitation; but gaining confidence each day. noch 61 Wörter

Elliot Wave