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A mind… has become infected
With loath, and that self-doubt
A life… is slowly being effected
Sorrow has brought this about

A heart… is fast being rejected… 43 weitere Wörter


Image Writing Prompt #150

Writing Prompt #150:

‘Hey what’s up?’

‘Nothing I’m just thinking.’



Al Capone’s Miami Beach Mansion Hits The Market For $15 Million

Al Capone’s Former Miami Beach Mansion Hits The Market For $15 Million

The former Miami Beach mansion of Al Capone just hit the market for $14.9 million. 89 weitere Wörter


Smackdown Live Recap - Superstar Shake up (April 17, 2018)

Sorry this is a few days late, but here is the rest of the superstar shake up.

We only knew of one person who was going over to Smackdown, the Miz. 418 weitere Wörter


The Need to Write

Writing has evolved over the years for me. It started as a hobby I couldn’t stop doing and it gradually became more serious until it was something I couldn’t help but do. 183 weitere Wörter