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[205] Last Attempt

Uncanny valleys of little sense
Where everything feels not real at all
You are at the far end of my regret
I’ll be quite near to your regret in a while… 66 weitere Wörter


What Are We Selling in Public Health?

There isn’t a week that goes by where someone doesn’t call me a „Pharma Shill.“ They claim that I must be getting paid by „Big Pharma“ because I dare say that vaccines say lives and counter the claims of antivaxxers on social media. 1.080 weitere Wörter


⇪ Transparency

Black, White, White, Black
Black with White, White with Black

Together! („Hope is Green“)
The Grey of tense sky’s end
The Blue of an immense sea… 103 weitere Wörter


Much Needed Rest - Eva's Daily Tarot - Oct 23,18

4 of Swords – Robin Wood Deck

Your body is telling you to slow down today. Take a break and recharge. Maybe you are overdoing something and not taking breaks in between. 81 weitere Wörter


a little letter to me, part one

hello there, myself. how has the world been for you?

i am doing pretty well, covering myself in the blanket and typing this on the comfortable bed. 197 weitere Wörter