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Party Time!

Today, I’m sharing the details of the kids‘ birthday. Hard to believe it, but the are officially 11.

I’ve always been big on birthdays. I started traditions with them when they were young, and we always look forward to their big day. 717 weitere Wörter


Glazer Children's Museum Monthly Free Day Sponsored By the Children's Board

This post about the Children’s museum was originally written in July 2019, one of my first blog posts. Our first time going to Glazer was almost two years ago in December 2018. 369 weitere Wörter


Happy Whatever

My wonderful partner is not the easiest person for whom to shop for birthday gifts. He is always so clever with my gifts on birthdays and special occasions. 297 weitere Wörter

the fool's cafe (for little kids)

Since Halloween is still a couple weeks away, it’s worth sharing this idea for any DIY party planners out there.

Some background: Arrow really took to the idea of „mystery meal“ for her birthday last month and decided that would be her main activity for her little party. 435 weitere Wörter

Birthday Parties

Weirding the Normal: The Ritual of Birthday Celebrations

With Émile Durkheim’s functionalist perspective in mind, this sociological essay was written in the wake of the flurry of elaborate parties that transpired when my cohort turned 21, for NUS‘ SC3101 Social Thought and Social Theory module in 2017. 1.285 weitere Wörter


We all Need a Little Celebration Right Now

It’s almost the end of September which means many of us have almost made it through our first month of school. Now that calls for a CELEBRATION, especially with the climate of the world today, we should be celebrating all the little extra things we wouldn’t normally celebrate. 315 weitere Wörter

Kreative Kids

Turning 10 During the 2020 Pandemic

There’s something both highly obsessive and therapeutic about packaging up my daughter’s birthday favors and treats every year. For the 9th time, I stayed up late on one of the last days of September long after she and everyone else in the house had gone to bed. 530 weitere Wörter