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Hank - Paris, France

Ever since I first visited France with my parents I’ve been keenly aware of how unfriendly it can to those living on vegetarian/vegan diet. With this in mind, imagine how surprised I was to come across Have A Nice Karma, or Hank for short, tucked away on a little backstreet, peddling it’s meat free wares. noch 479 Wörter



A little behind on this one!  We visited Bamberg the day before Easter!   From the train station, we strolled through the chilly open-air Easter market on our way to the Dom, and much like springtime in the midwest, people were out enjoying a festively bright morning. noch 346 Wörter


The Art of Staying Healthy

I have a confession. I fell off the bandwagon…as in ate all the food that I know my body hates…but my brain and my tastebuds are tantalised by. noch 538 Wörter

Germans in summer: 6 things I have learned

1. They suffer greatly in weather I experience as pleasantly warm. Sometimes you get the most gorgeous summer weather here: 25° (77° F), low humidity, a light breeze and a blue sky. noch 839 Wörter


Heute gibt´s was für die Ohren

Modul : Verbale Kommunikation , Thema : Funkspots

Heute erwischte ich einen absolut schlechten Start. Kaum hatte ich den üblichen 4-mal umsteigen und zur Uni hetzen – Marathon auf Zeit überstanden, da stand ich auch schon vor dem nächsten Problem. noch 569 Wörter

“Coca-Cola orgânica”

Apague da memória a imagem da feirinha de hortaliças do bairro. Se você acha que produto orgânico se resume a tomate sem agrotóxico, está bem desatualizado. noch 813 Wörter

Neanderthal Metrosexuall - Green