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Die besten regionalen Speisen in Frankfurt (Oder)

Frankfurt (Oder) hat für einen Tagesausflug viel zu bieten. Wenn Sie die authentische deutsche Gastronomie probieren möchten, ist Frankfurt an der Oder der beste Ort für Sie. 548 weitere Wörter

Frankfurt Oder Restaurant


Biergarten in Dahlem Dorf. Love the ambiance, especially at night with all the lights. There is a student discount every Thursday, but tell them when ordering, otherwise they will not give you the discount (not sure why..). 41 weitere Wörter


Sunday Brunch at the Strandard Hotel

A few weeks ago one of my friends invited to have brunch at the Standard Grill and thought it would be a nice opportunity to go back to this restaurant. 324 weitere Wörter


Bayreuther Hell


/bright-golden blonde

/strong foam, vivid

/always wanted to taste this brew and yes it really is a simply tasty beer, because: full, sparkling, a pleasant taste, not too soft for a Helles type and definitely one that is still wonderful after you already had 8 of them…not that I had 8 of them…



Schnitzer Bräu German Hirse Premium


/very bright, thin blonde

/soft, fine foam

/this is a millet brew and it tastes like someone left a Gummibear in the barrel. A girly beer! 11 weitere Wörter


Crazy for Carcassonne

Collin continues to request Carc.  We played 3 games of to refresh him of the rules and gameplay, then we added The River II, … 446 weitere Wörter

Board Games

Biergarten, Boardgames & Balance

Every couple of months, Collin and I manage to convince our wives that it is right and proper that we go to the German biergarten on a Saturday to drink ourselves happy, eat peanuts, and play board games.   461 weitere Wörter

Board Games