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Sonnenkönig – Marché aux Puces Saint Ouen

Ateliers Steinitz


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Boutique und Ateliers

„SONNENKÖNIG, BEER GARDEN URBAIN ouvre ses portes: Les Bières Demory Paris, boissons fraîches et… 12 weitere Wörter



Summer nights in Vienna call for outdoor dinners, and if it’s in one of its typical Viennese courtyards full of trees and flowers – aka… 129 weitere Wörter


Missing Deutschland -- the Biergarten report

It’s been almost two months since I’ve returned from my year in Germany. Since that time, I’ve already been to Belgium and back. So today’s post will be about my last month in Germany where I spent much of my time in Munich. 558 weitere Wörter


Monday Mash-Up

You know it was a good weekend when you have so much to share on a Monday morning! Ha! We really did have a good weekend, with some great pictures to prove it, if I do say so myself ;) 880 weitere Wörter

It's August, Y'all!

Does anyone else feel like it was JUST Christmas?! It’s so strange because in alot of ways, yes, Christmas feels like eons ago and ALOT of awesome adventures have been had since then, but in other ways, I just can’t even wrap my mind around the fact that summer is just about over- it just got here, dammit! 756 weitere Wörter


What a beautiful city!  One of the best preserved and most intact medieval cities in Germany is Regensburg.  Dating back 2,000 years ago, it was founded by the Romans.  309 weitere Wörter

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