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Embracing My Last Week in Munich

Guten Tag!

It’s officially been almost a month since I’ve left America, and it has been the longest month of my life!! Okay, so that’s an exaggeration. noch 667 Wörter


Fairytale Castles and an Olympic Park

Hallo aus München!

I can’t believe it’s already been two weeks in this beautiful country! Each day offers something new and a chance to bond with new friends. noch 636 Wörter


Fitting Baby Into Our Lifestyle

Fitting {Baby Beetle} into our lifestyle has been easier than I imagined.  Of course it helps that he is so easy going and just kind of hangs out, otherwise I think we would stay home. noch 128 Wörter


Sib's Haiku of the Day #61

Picnic in Winter,
Seems a bit nonsensical…
From one perspective.

Copyright © 2015, by J. Sibley Law


Biergarten - A 50th Anniversary Dinner

What I love, and sometimes hate, about Walt Disney World restaurants is that no matter when you go if you have been to it before you pretty much know what you are going to get.  noch 733 Wörter

About Us

BERL(not that)IN(to it)

This weekend my roommates and I ventured out bright and early Friday morning to fly to Berlin. Let’s just start off with the fact that I go to school in Florida, and as soon as the plane landed at Schoenefeld Airport, there were icicles on the windows and it was more depressing than the day after your birthday… not to mention that the the gloom and fog didn’t add to any of our moods…. noch 887 Wörter

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