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Specialty Signs

These are a little different than the “Name + flag/symbol” signs that I have been doing.

One of the earliest signs I made for the family Oktoberfest. noch 140 Wörter


Here are a series of walking around photos from Wurstfest in New Braunfels. This is one of my favorite festivals of the year – music, food, drinks, costumes, and too much fun for one place.


Munich's Local Favourites

We – as tourists/travellers – know a city, a place through many platforms like Tripadvisor, travel books, blogs, etc. In the end, all sources are mainly reviewed by other travellers. noch 386 Wörter


Zeppelin Hall, Jersey City

Oktoberfest means beer, beer, and more beer! Earlier this month, John and I decided to spend an afternoon at Zeppelin Hall biergarten. It’s conveniently located along the light rail line, and riding the light rail is much nicer than riding the PATH as it’s on street level. noch 285 Wörter

Beer / Wine / Cocktails

Der Hunger

Sometimes, Germany is really awesome.

An example: I was around the Yorckstrasse U-Bahn stop after coming back from the Auslanderbehörde this week and realized that one of the most famous kebab stands in Berlin was only a 20-minute walk away. noch 839 Wörter

B stands for Bavaria? No, B stands for Beer!

I just realized that there might be many people out there who don’t know about very special Bavarian kinda “cafe” which is called #biergarten… noch 113 Wörter


Viking River Cruises: Traveling the world the Viking way

Viking Cruises is an international company that operates the world’s largest fleet of river cruise vessels in Europe, Russia, China, Southeast Asia, and Egypt. Combining the ancient Viking tradition of exploring great waterways, with the most elegant comforts and luxuries, results in a sophisticated journey that’s second to none. noch 67 Wörter