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Biergarten - A 50th Anniversary Dinner

What I love, and sometimes hate, about Walt Disney World restaurants is that no matter when you go if you have been to it before you pretty much know what you are going to get.  noch 733 Wörter

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BERL(not that)IN(to it)

This weekend my roommates and I ventured out bright and early Friday morning to fly to Berlin. Let’s just start off with the fact that I go to school in Florida, and as soon as the plane landed at Schoenefeld Airport, there were icicles on the windows and it was more depressing than the day after your birthday… not to mention that the the gloom and fog didn’t add to any of our moods…. noch 887 Wörter


Our favorite Disney restaurants: Biergarten

So, if you ever find yourself as part of a party of seven in Epcot at lunchtime on a ridiculously hot day in August and really just want to get out of the sun and into the air conditioning and don’t have an ADR… go to Biergarten. noch 151 Wörter


winter is coming

Okay, winter is already here.  I know.  I read this book over holiday break and a handful of the main characters kept saying, “Winter is coming”.   noch 562 Wörter

2015 Goals

Der perfekte Ort

Zweifelsohne gibt es viele typisch deutsche Traditionen. Alle Ausländer denken als Erstes über Deutschland zwei Worte: Bier und Würstchen. Es ist ein Klischee und nach ein paar Monaten hier habe ich viele andere Sitten gelernt. noch 259 Wörter

My German Wife Promises Beer, Then Crushes All My Hopes

Back in 2013, my wife was finishing a big paper during her time as a Referendariat teacher. She was working very hard, so we made sure to balance things out with a little fun. noch 226 Wörter