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Biergarten, Whitefield

Whitefield looks to be an exciting place for eating out in Bengaluru – I’ve had pretty good experiences at Chili’s and CPK in Phoenix Market City and Sigree Global Kitchen. 586 weitere Wörter


New Arrival: Biergarten

Good evening, everyone. Just a quick post about the latest addition to my collection, Biergarten. I’ve had my eye on this one for a little while now and, when I saw it go on sale, I decided to snag a copy. 18 weitere Wörter

Tabletop General

Drink the world in Downtown Syracuse

By Rohan:

Step into Wolff’s Biergarten on Montgomery Street and all of a sudden, you are transported from a chilly Syracuse evening to a festive indoor biergarten. 292 weitere Wörter


Hot Empanadas and Cold Drinks: Jersey Shore Edition

There is something beautiful about things wrapped in dough: sweet things, savory things. And they’re usually better when they’re fried. That’s exactly what Matt and I were craving today, so we hopped in the car and went to one of the… 392 weitere Wörter


We are now in Boppard, Germany.  This is Holb’s Biergarten.  For those who haven’t figured it out yet, a biergarten is a pub.  In fact, one of the signs said it was and Irish pub.  100 weitere Wörter

Vantage Rhine River Cruise

Schlappe Seppel


/cold-gold shade

/mixed, fast foam

/the brewer had a slow leg, hence Joseph got called Schlappe Seppel. Apparently he brewed for Swedish King Gustav, who liked the Bavarian, edgy beer. 13 weitere Wörter