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Wiener Platz 1.Gang: Biergarten

Unser erster Gang beginnt mit einem alten bayerischen Brauch, selbst mitgebrachtes Essen im Biergarten verzehren zu dürfen und dabei in kleiner, wie auch in großer geselliger Runde das Mittagessen zu genießen.   noch 193 Wörter

Starting to Say Farewell

I leave for Korea in four days. It’s really crept up on me quickly.

Thursday was my last day at my retail job, and it was bittersweet. noch 332 Wörter


Munich: A Weekend of Castles, Beer and Pretzels

As a result of some terrible planning, it seems to have been ages since we got back from Disney World and this holiday began. We both certainly needed some time off work, but as is usual with our holidays it was far from relaxing. noch 2.313 Wörter


Dresden, Saxony: Altstadt

Our first full day in Dresden brought us views of an amazing city, rebuilt after the war…

The feeling of waking up in Dresden on our second day was… noch 705 Wörter


365 Days of Gratitude - Day 182

The biergarten…

For a warm summer night surrounded by friends, graced by a gentle breeze, entertained by much laughter in a beautiful historic space!

“Laughter and tears are both responses to frustration and exhaustion. noch 24 Wörter

Food, Beer, and Friends Weekend Part I

Summer weekends are like holiday weekends. You leave town, you catch up with old friends, and you do it well with good food and drink. noch 804 Wörter


About Town: With Jon Stewart?

Artist honors Jon Stewart (in chalk and beer froth) at Midtown BierGarten.

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