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Der Hunger

Sometimes, Germany is really awesome.

An example: I was around the Yorckstrasse U-Bahn stop after coming back from the Auslanderbehörde this week and realized that one of the most famous kebab stands in Berlin was only a 20-minute walk away. noch 839 Wörter

Viking River Cruises: Traveling the world the Viking way

Viking Cruises is an international company that operates the world’s largest fleet of river cruise vessels in Europe, Russia, China, Southeast Asia, and Egypt. Combining the ancient Viking tradition of exploring great waterways, with the most elegant comforts and luxuries, results in a sophisticated journey that’s second to none. noch 67 Wörter


Sultry summer in Pittsburgh? Hit the Kimpton Rooftop Biergarten

Pittsburgh, PA — It can get pretty steamy in Pittsburgh during the summer months, especially downtown. So catch a breeze on the Kimpton hotel’s newly-opened seasonal rooftop biergarten. noch 78 Wörter

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Day 3, Blogging by the river

Where in the world?

I’m guessing El Jefe, that would be Jeff for those that don’t try to inject Spanish, is in Frankfort Germany on a Lay-Over in route to Nigeria. noch 426 Wörter

Munich's Englischer Garten

Munich has a wonderful variety of gardens ranging from the biergartens to the Englischer Garten. And, since it is Germany afterall, the Englischer Garten has four biergartens itself.  noch 306 Wörter


Wiener Platz 1.Gang: Biergarten

Unser erster Gang beginnt mit einem alten bayerischen Brauch, selbst mitgebrachtes Essen im Biergarten verzehren zu dürfen und dabei in kleiner, wie auch in großer geselliger Runde das Mittagessen zu genießen.   noch 193 Wörter

Starting to Say Farewell

I leave for Korea in four days. It’s really crept up on me quickly.

Thursday was my last day at my retail job, and it was bittersweet. noch 332 Wörter