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…shelter…and all are in the landscape.


Autumn Mysteries Revealed…

…in the mountains…in one hour.

These images revealed themselves over 15 minutes during an 800 meter climb on a cogwheel train in the Bernese Oberland Swiss Alps. noch 27 Wörter


The smell of pumpkins and chestnuts

While driving through the countryside between Burgdorf and Affoltern in Emmental …

… the full Bernese Oberland panorama unfolded in front of us.

Jungfrau, Eiger and Mönch and a handful of more than 3,000 meter-high peaks. noch 44 Wörter

Photography Free Time

Mountains, civilized? Ha!

Since written history and before, the Bernese Oberlands have frightened and inspired humans, including Goethe, Byron, Hesse, Mann, Strauss, Schiller, Mendelssohn, Doyle, Haller, Hodler, Savrasov, Koenig, Bierstadt, Wolf, Fearnley…the list goes on and on…and thousands of others who have followed their footsteps. noch 95 Wörter


Tällihütte hike

This summer my husband and I spent some of our weekends exploring Swiss Alps. One of our trips brought us to Grimselwelt, an alpine region in western part of canton Bern covering the Grimsel and Susten pass roads as well as the mountain areas nearby.  noch 414 Wörter


Pop-Up City Centers

I slept well. I dreamt deep.

When I opened my eyes…it was hard to focus…near and far…both fuzzy. Then the foreground cleared and I could see in the distance…across the broad green pastures…I saw the city center. noch 89 Wörter