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Spring: yes, it's here now…

…the cows are out…but, it is always the apple tree–I pause–I look–I inhale…apple blossoms, so fleeting, so delightful in color and fragrance.

Then fruit–off the tree, taken by stealth, enjoyed to the fullest–oh those joys of youth…of anytime. noch 92 Wörter


Civilized Primrose

Meanwhile down in the valley–Primula vulgaris. Vulgaris? Common, it may be, but vulgar!?

Look at it!!!

This is every Easter Sunday of my childhood…and that is childlike happiness–tender spring green grass–soft pastel yellows, pinks, lavenders–and the air is just as full of childlike happiness–every breath brings carefree rejuvenation. noch 23 Wörter


Animals | Bedtime

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Mountains start to breathe

Meanwhile, back below the treeline, in the mixed forests, the mountains vent their steam…stuff is happening somewhere.

Mysterious…clouds…fog…what? Subtle changes in temperature and humidity…why? Beautiful…local…non-specific…can you feel that in your lungs? noch 62 Wörter


…soft soldanella

Though the crocus sit tightly on the earth, the soldanella dares raise its head.

…and gradually small delicate colonies emerge…I am sure we have spring now…right? noch 8 Wörter



In open alpine fields, where the snow cover has just receded, a shout of spring rings in my eyes and leaves my ears breathless–swaths of crocus wildly invite… noch 16 Wörter


…hepatica returns

Under the naked beech tree canopies, through a deep bed of last year’s beech leaves, emerges Hepatica nobilis–noble indeed. I know that this harbinger of Spring is never wrong. noch 15 Wörter