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I was born in and grew up in large cities–Detroit, Chicago and Cleveland. With that big-city-supermarket-only detachment, I still look at farm life as a Disneyland attraction. 322 weitere Wörter


Cute museum of Haslital


If you stay in the Meiringen village, you should visit this cute place. Doors are open absolutely for free for everyone in summer season from June 1 – October 16 ! 208 weitere Wörter

Berner Oberland

The knight's castle in Meiringen.

Up on the rock, many hundreds years ago, knight Resti built a castle. The great building still standing on it’s place and inviting a visitors. Totally for free you can enjoy an incredible view on Haslital from the tower. 377 weitere Wörter

Berner Oberland

Your path…

Your path is in front of you.

Take the path. Explore. Discover. It’s free. :-) 17 weitere Wörter


St.Michael's church in Meiringen

In the early Middle Ages in Meiringen was founded the St. Michael church. The building still can make you feel the touch of long history of this place. 267 weitere Wörter

Berner Oberland

Mountain Fog

I am hiking to the Brienzer Rothorn.