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A little closer to heaven

I walk. I stop. I look up at the house front. I read.

House inscriptions. In the canton of Berne still common. Particularly in reformed villages, I learn from Robert Tuor’s extracts available on the internet. noch 319 Wörter


Snow Bike Festival 2016 in Gstaad – Rückblick und ein paar Einblicke

Es war Anfang Januar, als mich die Info erreichte, dass ich der Gewinner des Sportograf-Gewinnspiels zum Snow Bike Festival 2016 in Gstaad bin. Der Preis: kostenloser Race-Pass (Wert stolze 990,- CHF) inkl. noch 1.099 Wörter

Race Story

Silence of a winter landscape

Simply because it is so beautiful at the moment – let me share some winter impressions with you

Winter landscape – between silence and dramatic light… noch 16 Wörter



…shelter…and all are in the landscape.


Autumn Mysteries Revealed…

…in the mountains…in one hour.

These images revealed themselves over 15 minutes during an 800 meter climb on a cogwheel train in the Bernese Oberland Swiss Alps. noch 27 Wörter