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About dandelions

***Warning Hate Inside***

When I was a kid, my dad used to send me out in the front yard lawn, early spring, saying, “Get rid of the dandelions—and get out all the roots, too.” 113 weitere Wörter


Spring Snow Showers

Northern range of the Swiss Alps.

Last third of April–lots of spring flowers–violets going by–winter clothes put away–boom–spring snow showers. 27 weitere Wörter


Black Bird

About this time of year, the early spring on the northern slope of the Swiss Alps in the Jungfrau Region–as the grasses first turn a full green, as the first wild primroses bloom, as the forsythia and magnolias bloom, the farmers bring out the sheep and cows–the bells and their random mystical ringing. 50 weitere Wörter



The spring wild flowers in homeowners’ lawns speak Easter to my memories.

Between the mountain air and those flowering plants is an aura that feeds and frees my creative synapses. 175 weitere Wörter


Der Frühling ist da

…a south facing slope at 580 meters above sea level on the northern edge of the Swiss Alps…


Video: Ski Trip to Grindelwald

In January I’ve skied the snowy slopes of Kleine Scheidegg – Männlichen ski area located in the Swiss Alps above the village of Grindelwald in… 28 weitere Wörter


As I leave civilization

…it is not without trepidation that I travel, from my savoured highlands, down into the infamous 21st century cities of Western Europe.

I’ll be back.