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People and Plants Caption?

This is a bit of a change. But most of my posts are about real life, so I guess this fits in.

All I see in this photo is an attempt at ‘cross-cultural integration’. 102 weitere Wörter


Queens of the Alps

Eryngium alpinum—the queens in our Alpine neighborhood. 8 weitere Wörter



…yeah, I got them with this snow all around me. 12Nov2016. 35 weitere Wörter


But I am not sad…

Fall is slipping through my fingers,

As has summer… 10 weitere Wörter


Hiking up to the Geltenhütte. Great experience for the beginners!

There are not many words we can say about this trip. We will share with you the moments. Moments of beauty and peace. Enjoy.

This way takes your breath away. 86 weitere Wörter

Berner Oberland

Geltenhütte or how we spend a night on 2002 m above the sea

Samuel was so excited to sleep in the high mountains that night. We love nature and for sure it was a great experience to sleep in Geltenhütte on 2002 m above the sea. 732 weitere Wörter

Berner Oberland