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When we were planning this trip to Europe, the Swiss Alps was where I most wanted to visit. I had spent about 4 days during college in the Interlaken area of Switzerland, and that short trip left me very eager to return and experience more of the natural beauty. 2.071 weitere Wörter

Magic of the Lauenensee

Welcome to Berner Oberland. Place full of emotions, beauty, history and culture. There are also a magic places. One of them is the Lauenensee.

From many lakes which are high in mountains, Launensee is easiest to reach with social transport or car. 387 weitere Wörter

Berner Oberland

Listen to 'Mys Alpli'

Edelwyss-Starnen sing the last verse of Mys Alpli. High in the Berner Oberland, an alp is a field, a pasture, a productive piece of mountain land where animals can be grazed. 236 weitere Wörter