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The Right Altitude

May Snow

A week ago I posted Wisteria photo taken the same day, so enamoured I was of its floriferous and fragrant presence. I called it a mature spring dream. 285 weitere Wörter


Mature Imagination and Youth


late April

Northern hemisphere

Spring moisture

17 degrees centigrade

cloudless sky

mid morning

faint breeze…

…just enough to stir these sweet fragrances

and you will have no doubt… 19 weitere Wörter


Go, take a hike!

„Wanderlust“ is a compound noun of German origin, and both parts translated literally mean „hiking“ and „desire“.  And the desire to go hiking in the Berner Oberland in Switzerland – that’s exactly what I feel when I see these famous three peaks. 11 weitere Wörter

About dandelions

***Warning Hate Inside***

When I was a kid, my dad used to send me out in the front yard lawn, early spring, saying, “Get rid of the dandelions—and get out all the roots, too.” 113 weitere Wörter


Spring Snow Showers

Northern range of the Swiss Alps.

Last third of April–lots of spring flowers–violets going by–winter clothes put away–boom–spring snow showers. 27 weitere Wörter