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Walkable Neighborhoods

My two cents worth… What is at the heart of a comfortably walkable neighborhood?

1. Public ways that have human scale. Like the above.

Comment: Originally built before autos—but still able to accommodate wagons and animals. 94 weitere Wörter


Coniferous Infrastructure

Water, flowing up and down the trunk road interstate, branches off to the regional limited-access freeway, then via highways to cities and on to local neighborhoods until arriving at each needle, each home…pausing at the stomata, before finally exiting to begin its mystical cycle again. 34 weitere Wörter



Oscar Hammerstein II, said that in the 1950s when he wrote the lyrics for the musical, The Sound of Music.

The title song has these simple lyrics. 133 weitere Wörter


Not yet

The snow hasn’t fallen in the valley yet this year, so all I can do is… 22 weitere Wörter


Sky, water…

…and humans.

Please remind me–the humans are powerful enough to have done what to this earth?

Fear, uncertainty and dread…all built upon imagined human hubris. 32 weitere Wörter


People and Plants Caption?

This is a bit of a change. But most of my posts are about real life, so I guess this fits in.

All I see in this photo is an attempt at ‘cross-cultural integration’. 102 weitere Wörter


Queens of the Alps

Eryngium alpinum—the queens in our Alpine neighborhood. 8 weitere Wörter