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Hiking up to the Geltenhütte. Great experience for the beginners!

There are not many words we can say about this trip. We will share with you the moments. Moments of beauty and peace. Enjoy.

This way takes your breath away. 86 weitere Wörter

Berner Oberland

Geltenhütte or how we spend a night on 2002 m above the sea

Samuel was so excited to sleep in the high mountains that night. We love nature and for sure it was a great experience to sleep in Geltenhütte on 2002 m above the sea. 732 weitere Wörter

Berner Oberland

Stuck on a metaphor

Dancing clouds—I’m stuck on that metaphor.

I’ve lived on many continents, in many climates but only in this region have I felt—joyous, dancing clouds. Only here have I seen the clouds emerge from the earth. 147 weitere Wörter


Descent without mercy

At 2,300 meters above sea level, with the west-north-west wind rasping my face, chilling me colder by the second, I stood firmly and saw how… 8 weitere Wörter


Saanen museum. Or how we get an answer on the main question.

Saanen museum is cute. Really cute. From outside you will not realise that in this chalet, on the main Promenade is a museum of Saanenland. Actually, we were really  many times in Saanen and never think even to search for a museum. 505 weitere Wörter

Berner Oberland

Finally, I escaped…

…escaped from that procrastination flu, you know the illness…

got too much to do today, I’ll take a walk tomorrow,

besides it’s only the first week of autumn. 7 weitere Wörter