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Food Gardens

The history of the Interlaken landscape before river channel control was one of a swamp as the Lutschine and Lombach emptied huge Alpine catchments into this flat land adjacent to the Aare River. noch 379 Wörter


Like two sides to every story

The next step: „Symmetry„.  Horizontal symmetry is more difficult to find than vertical symmetry.  Often, though, horizontal symmetry is encountered in reflections.  The photo below has little to do with photographic skills, it was taken on a compact camera without viewer which meant I took the shot practically blind because the screen was almost unreadable.   noch 368 Wörter

A Trip To Thun

The kids are on their Spring Break so today we decided to go on an outing to the outdoor museum in Ballenberg, only to find that it was still closed for winter and doesn’t open until this coming Friday. noch 62 Wörter


Sledging down the Eiger Run in Grindelwald

The weather forecast for the past weekend wasn’t too promising – the rain in Luzern and snow in the most of the alpine resorts. While neither I nor my husband likes to ski in such conditions, we decided to skip skiing this weekend. noch 608 Wörter


A little closer to heaven

I walk. I stop. I look up at the house front. I read.

House inscriptions. In the canton of Berne still common. Particularly in reformed villages, I learn from Robert Tuor’s extracts available on the internet. noch 319 Wörter