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May in Paris

I had to write this. Stroke is more common than many realize. This may be helpful to those for the first time encountering stroke affected close friends and loved ones. 502 weitere Wörter


Had to Catch a Bus

Had to catch a bus today. Once a week I have therapy and I get there by bus. Well, on the way…it is mid-March in the Berner Oberlands and March came in like a lion with Russian wind and cold from Siberia. 83 weitere Wörter


Real Life or Dream

I have had a difficult time writing this. Not only because it is personal, but because it is also unsettling, unique, even frightening. Some of you may be aware that I suffered a stroke just about a year ago. 377 weitere Wörter


Almost Winter Haiku

Where black forests white

Winter pushes at the edge

Unleashing colored dreams. 14 weitere Wörter


Nearly back at work as Senior Expert

Before starting my new assignements for SWISSCONTACT in Kosovo and Macedonia, we went one week to Lake Geneva for the celebration of my wife’s 70th birthday. 741 weitere Wörter


For real now.

We should have moved a bit to the left.

But I know where the artist stood for his painting.

This is in response to a painting by Ferdinand Hodler featured in… 10 weitere Wörter