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How the Berlin Wall came to an end

„What’s that?“ said a fellow East German

„Don’t know, but I want it!“


#How the Berlin Wall fell

#Communism can’t last

#Freedom for life

#DDR Museum Berlin

Hannelore Fischer (Edit.): Eva Besnyö: – Photographin Budapest, Berlin, Amsterdam (Wienand Verlag, 2018)

The lifework of the Hungarian-Jewish photographer Eva Besnyö spans more than six decades. Following training in the Budapest photographic studio of József Pésci, she resettled in Berlin in 1930 and, inspired by ‘Neues Sehen’, swiftly mastered the aesthetic language of modernist photography. 285 weitere Wörter


moon gear

Moon Gear is the new side project of guitar wizard Neta Polturak (Baby Satan Records) and a collaboration with producer Eilon Elikam.
Celebrating Moon Gears first release they’re gonna play live for the very first time with Sophie Labrey (Shoshin, Blaney) on drums and Eleni Poulou (Zen Faschisten, The Fall, NOHE NOSHE) on bass. 9 weitere Wörter


Dear Athens / Dear Berlin

Ink stories everywhere are launching a new series Dear Athens / Dear Berlin. It is a number
of letters written to each city based on my decision to move, my days in Athens, my days in… 11 weitere Wörter