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European Adventure 2017 - Hanover & Berlin, Germany (Part 5)

The last country I visited on my 2017 European Adventure was Germany. I have a college friend who has been living there for a few years now so she has learned the language and knows her way around. 1.235 weitere Wörter


A Street Turning in on Itself - Revolutions, Slaughter and Shopping.


I wanted to create a small monument in silver to some of what has happened here.  A street turning in on itself – this is top heavy and oppressive, clouds of itself hanging and reflecting back.  50 weitere Wörter

Atlanta emcee Dillon drops 'Nothin I Can Do' video with producer Batsauce

Atlanta underground emcee Dillon connects with Berlin, Germany based by way of Florida producer Batsauce for the video for the track, ‘Nothin I Can Do’ 82 weitere Wörter


Day 111 in Berlin

My first time at Sankt Oberholz.

The coffee shop & co-working space is well known in Berlin among the expat community at least. It is often so busy that it is normal for people to share desks. 16 weitere Wörter