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Hanging with the Ampelmännchen

After finishing the bike tour yesterday I wandered around the corner to the TV tower to go to observation deck. I could get a fast pass ticket for 5.45pm, which was three hours away, so I bough that (€19) and then headed over to the DDR museum to do that whilst I waited. 771 weitere Wörter


Berlin's Abandoned Cable Factory - Kabelwerk Köpenick

Kabelwerk Köpenick looms over the River Spree, hauntingly beautiful with a lengthy and proud history. Two years ago marked the 100th anniversary of the factory, built in 1916 by Julius Vogel and his sons, the cable factory now has sadly been reclaimed by nature. 699 weitere Wörter


Visiting Two of Berlin's Museums

On Wednesday 18 July I visited Berlin’s Museum Island, a complex of five international standard museums on an island in the centre of Berlin.

Pergamon Museum is the most famous, and even arriving at 10 a.m. 346 weitere Wörter

A Few Photos from my Trip to Berlin

My first time visiting Germany has been a lot of fun. The main purpose of my visit was to spend some quality time with my sister, who lives in Berlin, but I was also able to visit a few of the major tourist attractions and get a feel for the culture of the city. 169 weitere Wörter


Ritter Sport Bunte Schokowelt Berlin

Ritter Sport has always been my favourite chocolate brand since young hence visiting the flagship store is like coming home to the mothership. To be real honest, this store is my main reason to visit… 230 weitere Wörter


My Trip to Berlin

I was only in Berlin for a short amount of time, but that short amount of time was enough to re-ignite my passion for art and creativity which over the few weeks before had dwindled. 1.037 weitere Wörter