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P4t: Goldberg 23/1/2018

yesterday morning (tuesday 23rd), 5.46-5.49am, on bbc radio 2
pause for thought by jewish chaplain alex goldberg

„You can’t bring back the millions that perished, but where words and people survive they can thrive again … the Torah, containing the words that have preserved our community for millenia.“ 15 weitere Wörter

Berlin: Sound and Place

Music has always reminded me of certain places more than anything else.   I have created playlists for every summer, every school year, and every major milestone (sometimes collaborating with my best friend).   984 weitere Wörter


Berlin's Blacklane raises $40-45M for its high-end transport on demand service

Transportation-on-demand startups betting on growth by honing in on specific market segments continue to play strong with both investors and customers looking for alternatives to traditional taxis and Uber. 1.086 weitere Wörter


Gothic walking.

All of a sudden, at exactly 12:12, the sun came out and took me by surprise on my walk through the romantic ruins of Babelsberg Park. 223 weitere Wörter


The Breakfast Club is flying to the desert!

This year, the nomadic residency will happen in the home country of three (!) of our members: Israel. What has been long discussed will thus finally happen this year and we are busy organizing, finding funds, buying travels. 18 weitere Wörter


Coffee Scenes - Berlin

When you think of visiting Berlin, you’re most likely to have all the usual historical sites on your hit list.

Reichstage – check.

Berlin Wall – check. 630 weitere Wörter


It Is What It Is

How do you think up the title of your posts? At one time I used to use “Weekly Photo Challenge: and then whatever the them was for that week i.e. 510 weitere Wörter