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Here we go again...

So then, another season is upon us.

Nine months of being put through the ringer by the team we were brainwashed into supporting by our family from the moment we were born. 383 weitere Wörter

Fafalle Tricolore

… wer hat angst vor bleublancrouge? take the gockel and run? whatever makes you happy? …

Das Ding, was immer es ist, ein Bein mit Vogelkopf, ein Hahn, ein Pokémon, ein Broiler … – das Ding ist aus Ton und das Wetter wird sich dort – in dieses Ding – reinmeisseln, es kaputt machen, verfallen bzw. 6 weitere Wörter


Russian Songs of Victory and Peace in the center of Berlin! #VictoryDay (Red Army Choir)

#VictoryDay special 2. A huge crowd gathered to hear the Russian songs of victory and peace in the center of Berlin. This rare event happened on May 7, 2017. 138 weitere Wörter


S8 Pre-Order Deals In Lebanon - a letdown?

The Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus pre-order deals in Lebanon have started and unfortunately, it is a letdown. Comparing this to the pre-order deals that started in the US right after the „Unbox your phone“ event in New York, it does seem like a real letdown. 71 weitere Wörter


Scenes from Panama City - USA vs. Panama

There are always the brave US Soccer fans that make a point to travel to the away matches. Tuesday night was no different. Here are some images from American fans supporting the national team in Panama City, Panama. 165 weitere Wörter


Og da er ukens klageinnlegg i ferd med å bli et faktum…

På søndag trente jeg bein med PTen min. Det ble bokstavelig talt en beinhard økt (haha…) og på slutten hadde jeg fint lite å gi. 375 weitere Wörter


How To Watch beIN Sports Outside Middle East

If you want to watch beIN Sports from outside Middle East than you need to read this super simple guide. Read on to find out more. 7 weitere Wörter