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Summer skin care part 1

This is the first-part of my skin care prep for Summer.

I have been adapting skin care to the seasons because your skin will change with the weather and your body adjusts the same. 235 weitere Wörter


When I First Met My Kitchen

After my first „non-cooking“ marriage year, I felt that we needed the healthiness and warmth of home cooking! so I’ve been working on my cooking skills for a few months now. 580 weitere Wörter


La Mav BB Creme Review....

Hello lovelies! I hope you’re all having a great week so far. I’ve been working a lot behind the scenes lately and I’ve got some amazing developments coming up. 651 weitere Wörter

Lip Tips


It’s getting to that point now where the cold wind takes a toll on your everyday beauty regiment . Those lips are the thinnest skin on your body and they need extra care when the thermometer drops ; and over the years I’ve gathered a couple of tips and tricks that you may find useful when your lips are chappy and not happy. 815 weitere Wörter


[REVIEW] Innisfree Jeju Volcanic 3 in 1 Nose Pack

Because of the Innisfree Super Volcanic Clay Mask was sold out everywhere, I purchased Innisfree Jeju Volcanic 3 in 1 Nose Pack on the store because first; it’s cheaper, and second, it’s the only clay mask available, lol. 394 weitere Wörter


‘Skin first, make up second, smile always.’

Growing up, my mum used to always tell me to look after my skin otherwise, when I’m 25, I’ll look 40! So, looking after my skin is always something I’ve been conscious about. 410 weitere Wörter

Silky Veil

SILKY VEIL Ururun Hydrating Moisture Gel 100g

This is all -in- one gel.It’s promote the skin metabolism and blood circulation, while diluting the serile plaques and stains, towards the transparent beautiful skin. 89 weitere Wörter