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Are you frustrated with your persistent, untreatable acne?

Do you wish to consult with an expert for alternative treatments, such as Accutane (Isotretinoin)? At OC MedDerm we will educate you regarding the pros and cons of this type of acne therapy. 243 weitere Wörter

Before And After Irvine

The Future is... Ultra Violet

Hi Beauties,

We’re already 24 days into 2018! I’ve already gotten myself out of the habit of writing 2017 whenever I write down the dates, and I’ve already started making plans for the rest of 2018. 457 weitere Wörter


HYDRO Gel Undereye Patch

Recently I have started using the under-eye patches from Body care, I have bought two types one for brightness and the other for calming and lifting which helps to reduce wrinkles as well. 159 weitere Wörter


You Don't Have to Say

You don’t have to say „I love up“ for you show me every day in every way that counts by just being yourself!


You and Her

You and her,

brawny and brainy,

together build an empire.

-Vidya Kethinni


Contrary Feelings

The breaking of the staff of favor (Zech 11:10-11:10)

“I took my staff,


I broke it.

I annulling the covenant

That I had made

With all the people.


It was annulled

On that day. 61 weitere Wörter