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Purple Pain and the Daring Doofus

Friends, like every other person taking up space on Planet Earth, I am devastated by the untimely death of Prince. Completely gutted and gobsmacked.  To paraphrase former MTV VJ Martha Quinn:   noch 640 Wörter

16-inch Guns and No Sleep

Not so secretly, I quite looked forward to my night on the Battleship USS Massachusetts even though I’d been warned about the sleeping arrangements. How often does such an opportunity arise?   noch 1.040 Wörter

New England

April 12th - "A Week With..." Google Sheets Day 1

The “A Week With…” series is back and this time it’s with Google Sheets.  The first few months have been focused on Google Apps for Education (GAFE) products because they are free and a lot of people are using them.   noch 331 Wörter

Google Sheets

Deepwater Horizon trailer

Peter Berg is an accomplished film maker, bringing us such gems as Hancock, Friday Night Lights and Lone Survivor (he also directed Battleship, but that’s 131 minutes of my life I’m never getting back). noch 71 Wörter

Movie Posters


When we speak about motherhood, I have found that we so quickly focus on the challenges and shortcomings of society, the help that is so lacking, and on and on. noch 487 Wörter