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Sea Change

On this day, 110 years ago, the world changed.  The Royal Navy launched HMS Dreadnought.  With this single act every other battleship on the planet became obsolete.   noch 552 Wörter


"You Sank my Dysprosium!": Periodic Table Battleship

Kids these days, they have it so easy. Back in the old days, we learned our elements the hard way, by listening to “The Elements” by Tom Lehrer over and over until the vinyl wore out on the LP. noch 269 Wörter

Misc Hacks

HMS Belfast by Family-Man

HMS Belfast, London’e floating battleship museum

From 500px


Battleship Texas State Historic Site

There is a great line about history in Timeline, Michael Crichton’s science fiction novel about a group of history students who travel back in time to rescue their professor from 14th century France. noch 481 Wörter

Texas History