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RN Leonardo da Vinci, 1/100 model

This model is preserved at Museo tecnico Navale, La Spezia. Full info on this ship here. The story of the her sabotage and raising is a interesting page of naval history.


Battleship Texas Away

Battleship Texas Away

Photograph by Mabry Campbell, La Porte (Houston), Texas, 2015

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RN Dante Alighieri, large scale model

This large scale model (possibly 1/100) is preserved at Museo Tecnico Navale, La Spezia. Full info on this ship here.


The Normandie class battleships with quadruple turrets

This article by Henry Le Masson is from Warship International, N°4, 1984. You may want to check the specs for this class against the three sets of projects made by General (Naval Corps) Ferrati for the Regia Marina.

Never Weres

12th November - On This Day In History


1929 Grace Kelly (Princess of Monaco and actress)


1035 Canute The Great, King of the Danes

On This Day:

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How To Properly Gamble on Board Games (Monopoly, Risk, BattleShip, Sorry)...

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