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Space Probe Update and Others

I attempted a trial run of a real life version of the game. Attempted, because I didn’t get to finish. The real life version requires another person to oversee it, and it is apparently an undesirable job. 152 weitere Wörter


Tier III German BB Nassau

My last game in this BB. It’s nice to finish off all the hard work on a good match. Especially if RNG smiles upon you… 6 weitere Wörter


The Royal Navy's last Battleship

HMS Vanguard

Vanguard was laid down as a „one off“ hull to use the 15 inch turrets and guns that had been build for HMS Courageous and Glorious during WW1. 617 weitere Wörter


Intro Chem 24 - Game day!

Half my students were absent today so we had a game day (state testing…blah).  We played periodic table battleship, built molecules with snatoms and one of the students brought   183 weitere Wörter


Jordan Godwin & Dan Kruk Battleship Frames Out Now

You knows it! The frames will be in the BMX shops that know what’s up – so get down to your Wethepeople dealer…

„The Battleship frame is available now worldwide in both Trans Purple & Matt Black, and the special edition Dan Kruk and Jordan Godwin signature colourways.“


Montana class genesis

Montana class general overview:

Last and final battleship class designed for the United States Navy with design process starting in paralel to the BB-61 Iowa… 2.819 weitere Wörter

US Navy

Battleship Apk Game For PC,Windows, Mac and android devices

Battleship is a free Simulation game with over 500,000 download from Google Play.

Overall rating of Battleship is 4. Please note that these are cumulative ratings since the app was listed on google play store. 210 weitere Wörter