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Preview: Jordan Godwin's New Bike Is THIS Sick

Yes. Jordan Godwin has a new bike, featuring an advance sample of his siganture colourway of a Wethepeople Battleship frame… he was riding the purple… 37 weitere Wörter


Firestorm Armada Commission Update #3 – Syndicate Battleship

Another addition to the Great White fleet. This time, a slight change. Everything is the same, but the gold is more gold-like. Brighter. Not bronzed like how I usually do my golds. 12 weitere Wörter


Check Out Dan Kruk's WTP x Madera Bike

Wethepeople pro Dan Kruk’s new Battleship frame colourway will be dropping in the new year, so currently he’s riding this set-up built with his new custom… 30 weitere Wörter


"Deepwater Horizon" hit Berg

This is a confession. I’ve decided that I have to see more work from underrated director, Peter Berg. He’s had a few hits, he’s had a few bombs…but he usually makes an impression. 357 weitere Wörter


Battleship North Carolina

The battleship north Carolina being put in her Beth across from Wilmington nc in 1961. She actually destroyed the boat docked in the background, which was a restaurant at the time. 18 weitere Wörter


Longitude and Latitude Battleship

While I know this generation of students will simply pull out a phone to find a location, I still like to spend time teaching map skills. 594 weitere Wörter

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Command Fiction: Out With A Whimper


This Command Fiction vignette is based on my scenario Chilean Chevauchee. It’s deliberately intended as a basic, extremely easy scenario with little opposition. Most notably, it would also have been the last hurrah of the battleship… 119 weitere Wörter