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DOS - Batch - Process Files But Skip Selected Files


We are using ScriptDB to generate SQL files from a live Production system.

Before applying the files to a new system, we need to exclude some of the files and apply batch changes to the remaining files. noch 370 Wörter


Exploring Neural Networks, p. 3

(see part 2 here)

So eventually I got to analyse how training mini-batch size will affect a network that uses Batch Normalisation. There are several factors in play here: noch 434 Wörter



After we finished our AS, it was the turn for A2. I didn’t see her much in A2. There was so much gap that I feel like she don’t even remember me and it’ll be usual. noch 259 Wörter

La réponse à votre stratégie mobile : un site en amont du funnel, une application en aval

Vu dans son interview donnée à PetitWeb la semaine passée, on adore la manière dont Simon Dawlat – CEO de Batch et AppGratis – règle le débat éternel du site web mobile vs. noch 85 Wörter


Adventure of Life

There’s no such thing as failure,

because every failure is part of success.

And success is a journey, not a destination.

It is on how we create ourselves. noch 84 Wörter

[iRing] Baekhyun edition

There is 2 version available for this iRing.
● iRing version 1 (emoticons + picture)
● iRing version 2 (emoticons only)

Price: RM55 (Same price for both Version)
Order due date: 5th February 2016