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Logic Apps: the new batch feature!

Jon Fancey announced at Integrate the out-of-the-box batching feature in Logic Apps!  This early morning, I saw by accident that this feature is already released in West-Europe.  473 weitere Wörter

Logic Apps

Spring Batch Intercept Execution with Listeners

When we are running a batch job we sometimes want to perform actions during a job. For this the following interfaces exist:

  • JobExecutionListener
  • StepExecutionListener (an extension of the StepListener interface)
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Spring Batch with Cron

When we want a certain task to happen at a scheduled time we can make use of Cron Expressions. Spring has support for these expressions from the get-go. 488 weitere Wörter


Launch a Spring Batch Job Anywhere

Today we are going to launch a Spring Batch job with an HTTP request. For this we will need a batch job. Like the one we made yesterday and we will continue to use here. 367 weitere Wörter


Transforming Data with Spring-Batch

While changing small amounts of data is easy to do with something like Spring-Data sometimes we need a bit more. For changing large amounts of data we use a process called ETL (Extract, Transform, Load). 1.071 weitere Wörter


Tic Tac Toe [Batch/CMD]

@echo off
title Tic Tac Toe

setlocal enabledelayedexpansion

@echo off Developed by ‚CodeTerm‘

::~ ^^^ Stops all commands appearing on screen, sets the title and enables the use of ! 2.657 weitere Wörter