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Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume - BD


Working with pingpongscans, we’ve finally gotten the Sweaty Ping Pong Girls BDs subbed just in time for the end of Bear Namek.  Quite a bit of work went into toning down the more unique elements of the script and applying typesetting to the ever present whiteboards, but the anime should now match the style of the manga translations now. 92 weitere Wörter


Same Run - But Color Difference

One of the first things the installer does before starting a wallpaper job is to check the run numbers, to be sure it is the same for all the bolts of paper. 154 weitere Wörter

Batching and Chunking Down the Work

Batch the similar tasks to a greater slots.

Chunk the difficult tasks into easier tasks.

Sounds simple, yet to masterfully do this through the day is what shows at the end of the day as productivity. 109 weitere Wörter



Production takes place when resources, such as raw materials or components are changed into ‘products’.

Methods Of Production

Job Production – A single product at a time. 417 weitere Wörter


Lean Pull: Be a Good Corporate Citizen

The lean concept of pull is an extension of flow.

Within flow, we’re trying to eliminate excess inventories and places where the product stops moving. The idea is to get an entire… 545 weitere Wörter

यादों के झरोखे से..

छोटे छोटे  लम्हे और इन लम्हों से बनती है हमारी यादें … हमारी यादों में समंदर है उन लम्हों के जिन्हें हम दुबारा जीना चाहते है … इस समंदर में अपने नाव लेकर आओ चले फिर से  घूम आये अपने कालेज के दिनों में …


Nora to Oujo to Noraneko Heart - BD

The GOAT anime.

This was a relatively easy project, especially coming off Illya.  Mostly just the standard BD tweaks to hit archive quality.  Episode 10 was a bit of an oddity in how it was presented.  84 weitere Wörter