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Working on Trained Neural Networks in Weka

Applying neural networks could be divided into two phases as learning and forecasting. Learning phase has high cost whereas forecasting phase produces results very quickly. Epoch value (aka training time), network structure and historical data size specify the cost of learning phase. 612 weitere Wörter

Machine Learning

Set an environment variable to the current working directory

The current directory is in the „shadow“ variable cd called var.

set "var=%cd%"
set var

Build array index ranges of an integer in C# .NET

Suppose that we have a large array of data heavy objects that are impractical to handle in a single go. Instead we can read batches of the array until all elements have been processed. 465 weitere Wörter


a little bit (softer now)

OKAY, I’ve been meaning to post about some music for a while now…

last week I mined bandcamp DLs via Noel Gardener’s nice punk rock roundup… 382 weitere Wörter


Chili Salt

I bought myself the preserving book Batch, written by the (Canadian!) folks at Well Preserved, and have been enjoying going through all the great information it has within. 330 weitere Wörter


How to Fetch Oracle 12c Implicit Cursors with JDBC and jOOQ

Earlier this week, I’ve blogged about how to execute SQL batches with JDBC and jOOQ. This was useful for the MySQL, SQL Server, and Sybase users among you. 845 weitere Wörter


How to Execute SQL Batches With JDBC and jOOQ

Some databases (in particular MySQL and T-SQL databases like SQL Server and Sybase) support a very nice feature: They allow for running a „batch“ of statements in a single statement. 727 weitere Wörter