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Volunteer or Don't but please leave your cynicism at the door.

The Singapore Volunteer Corps is a long dead organisation that recently has been resurrected as the Singapore Armed Forces Volunteer Corps to provide Singaporeans both new and old the opportunity to be part of an intrinsically Singaporean male experience, that of National Service (NS). noch 483 Wörter


How to batch DELETE statements with Hibernate


In my previous post, I explained the Hibernate configurations required for batching INSERT and UPDATE statements. This post will continue this topic with DELETE statements batching. noch 1.163 Wörter


Sample Batch Status

The NVDNP staff are thrilled to announce that our very first sample batch has been accepted by the Library of Congress! We can now officially start our production batches without any worries. noch 8 Wörter

Chronicling America

Jadi mau nulis apa lagi? #KPM5


Hari ini sudah satu jam duduk manis di depan laptop dan aku ngga tau mau nulis apa.

Melamun, melamun, dan melamun sambil mengumpulkan mood buat menulis. noch 215 Wörter

Kelab Penulis Muda! #KPM5

22 Maret 2015

..dan aku terjaga, dari tidurku yg terlelap
separuh nyawaku masih bersama dengan mimpiku
dan aku tersenyum sambil berkata selamat pagi, dunia..

Lagu… noch 193 Wörter

Let's Talk About Batch Codes.

Look.  I buy a lot on line.  Most of my clothing and many of my cosmetics.  Generally, when I buy makeup I buy directly from the sellers website, from a pro site like… noch 1.255 Wörter

The Beauty Industry

How to: Set and Reset the PATH Variable using Batch Files - Portable Applications (Windows 7/8)

I’ve got a “Portable” folder that I use to take apps such as MiKTeX, Sublime Text and SumatraPDF with me where ever I go. The only problem is that I want to add these applications to my PATH variable and then once I’m done I’d like to remove them from the PATH variable again. noch 259 Wörter