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Getting Your Batch Powder Coating Operation Started

Your new equipment has arrived and you’re ready to get started. Follow along with these tips and avoid these common powder coating challenges. #powdercoating #powdercoat #industrialfinishing

Format a drive without prompt

I’ve had the necessity to format multiple usb drives without going in each single device->right click->format and so on

Be very careful as you may format your secondary HDD with this, before writing the script make sure that your drives have the correct letter assigned. 139 weitere Wörter


Toy Time Plays With The First Batch Of Skylanders: Imaginators Figures


Skylanders: Imaginators puts a lot of stock in letting players create their own characters, but they’re only half the battle. The new sensei characters are here to guide freshly-crafted Skylanders on their way. 607 weitere Wörter


5 Important Tips For Batch Powder Coating Ovens

Want to get the most out of your batch powder coating oven? Avoid these five costly mistakes. #powdercoating #powdercoat #industrialfinishing

Son of a Batch! AutoCAD Core Console Through Lisp

AutoLisp is a very convenient tool for making custom commands and automating tasks, but there are some trade-offs that are made when working with the convenience of the built in Visual Lisp IDE. 925 weitere Wörter


HOWTO batch resize pictures

Resize and apply prefix:

$ for file in *.jpg; do convert $file -resize 25% re_$file; done

Add suffix _re, place the files in parent folder… 81 weitere Wörter


How to create a datetime stamp within a batch script in the format YYYY-MM-DD

Below is a batch script that populates the variable Timestamp with a datetime value in the format YYYY-MM-DD_HH:MM:SS. This variable can then be used when creating files etc. 48 weitere Wörter