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Great Plains EFT Batch Recovery Frozen Error

When running an EFT batch, sometimes you will find a $0 dollar check can cause and error and Batch Recovery does not work.


Report says: “Duplicate check numbers are not allowed. noch 200 Wörter


Finding missing frames in a sequence

It’s very annoying to face missing frames when you come back to work, happy and hopeful to pass the renders to the comp department. And it’s even more annoying when those missing frames have no logical order. noch 272 Wörter


Lean Simulations: "Batch vs One Piece Flow with Transport - Office" Now Available

Here is a screenshot of the latest Lean Simulation.  It demonstrates a significant improvement can result from reducing transport times.  The key is lower travel times between workstations lead to smaller batch sizes. noch 207 Wörter

New Simulation

Breaking up a collection into smaller fixed size collections with C# .NET

Occasionally you may need to break up a large collection into smaller size collections or groups. Consider the following integer list:

List<int> ints = new List<int>() { 1, 4, 2, 5, 2, 6, 5, 43, 6, 234, 645, 2, 12, 45, 13, 5, 3 };
… noch 101 Wörter

TCPKILL | Scripting mode - batch mode

TKILL_ID_SEM="/tmp/tcpkill.$(date +%s).$RANDOM"
test -f $TKILL_ID_SEM && rm -f $TKILL_ID_SEM 

tcpkill -9 host $DEAD_HOST > $TKILL_ID_SEM 2>/dev/null &



while [ $CNT -lt $CNTLIMIT ]; do

#    echo $TKILL_ID_SEM

    sleep 1

    test -f $TKILL_ID_SEM && rm -f $TKILL_ID_SEM && kill -9 $KILL_PID && exit 

    CNT = $[ $CNT + 1 ]

#    echo $CNT

kill -9 $KILL_PID

Call Python From Bat File And Get Return Code

The windows shell saves the return code in the ERRORLEVEL variable:


In the python script you can exit the script and set the return value by calling… noch 25 Wörter