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Extract email from Unix/Linux mailbox

Aid4mail has a free tool that extracts messages from a Unix/Linux mailbox and creates one file (.eml extension) per message. Once extracted, the .eml files can be viewed either in Mozilla Thunderbird and/or Microsoft Outlook. noch 110 Wörter


Windows script to change file name

A long time ago, when I got my first digital camera, I went ahead and renamed a couple of photos from their generic names, to meaningful names. noch 377 Wörter


Applying Hotfix 3143760 for Windows ADK v1511

Although I’m moving full-steam-ahead with PowerShell, I regularly fall back on batch for really simple things mostly because I’m comfortable with the ‚language.‘   (A little too comfortable maybe.) noch 421 Wörter

Windows 10

WMS Mobile device menu - Display batch disposition codes

In a previous post we had a look at turning on the warehouse disposition code on the warehouse mobile device menu. There is another option that you might find useful if you are working with batch which is the display batch disposition code. noch 7 Wörter

Warehouse Management

Five things

Yesterday I spent a pleasant couple of hours in the flow writing cards to some of the sweetest people in my world. It makes me happy knowing they’re going to find something bright and cheerful in the mail, just like I do every month with my… noch 346 Wörter

Five Things

Batch Number and Fleet Allocation


My most awaited email regarding the batch number and fleet allocation information from our training specialist has finally arrived today! I am very excited to meet my future batch mates in Dubai. noch 74 Wörter

Journey To Emirates

Batch - Switch Proxy Auto-Config URL

This is a batch file I wrote designed for a user in a contracting environment to be able to easily switch between the corporate PAC and their customer’s PAC.   noch 172 Wörter