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Linuxnutzer Ahoi! :)

Hey, eine frische Info! :)

Habe mich vor kurzem nochmal rangesetzt und jetzt eine sehr anfängliche Version von Vaultana auf Python2 und Python3 erstellt.
Download unter:!AolwuHfkyPPesXbrNAjnKiiNS3HY… 144 weitere Wörter


Erster Post, fertiges Programm!

Damit willkommen auf meinem Blog! Hier geht es primär um die Programme, die ich mit der Zeit schreibe. Das heißt, die Seite ist eine Art Ablage und Newsblog für alle möglichen kleinen Programme, die ich von Zeit zu Zeit mal programmieren werde. 126 weitere Wörter


Monitoring network connectivity

The batch file below uses ping to monitor the status of a network connection or server. By default it will only attempt to connect approximately once every 30 seconds to the amount of additional network traffic it generates is quite low. 1.027 weitere Wörter


Dynamo Workflow to Batch PDFs

The dynamo workflow allows to select sheets using “Issue Event” & “Sheet Discipline” parameter and make PDFs into the specific folder, then rename those using a naming rule assigned in workflow. 26 weitere Wörter


Fate\kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya 2wei! - BD

Mission Accomplished!

Continuing on with the Prisma Illya project, here’s season two.  A lot of changes in this one.  Most notable is giving Kuro her name back instead of inexplicably trying to localize it, but there were plenty of other changes as well, like a correction where someone thought Bazett was a member of the Church instead of the Mage’s Association.  123 weitere Wörter


Next batch of 3Gen flats to be offered in Yishun in May: HDB


SINGAPORE: The next batch of 3Gen flats will be offered in Yishun as part of the Build-to-Order (BTO) sales exercise this May, said the Housing and Development Board (HDB) on Wednesday (Feb 14) 180 weitere Wörter

Current Affairs

Giant Hypermarket apologises for maggots found in egg trays


SINGAPORE: Hypermart chain Giant apologised on Monday (Feb 12) after a video showing maggots in several trays of eggs displayed at Giant Hypermarket Tampines was circulated online. 294 weitere Wörter

Current Affairs