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Debugging Batch Jobs of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 in Visual Studio

Recently I came across a requirement for that I need to debug the Batch Jobs but after CIL Generation we cannot debug the logic inside the Batch job. noch 423 Wörter

Dynamics AX 2012


DZUP Radio Circle, the student organization of DZUP 1602, just had it’s acquaintance party of Application Batch 14B in the CMC Student Activity Center last February 27, Friday. noch 15 Wörter


Batch script to copy only files from a folder and respective subfolders

Ok so here’s a nifty little batch script that will loop through all the directories in a directory to gather all the subsequent files into a new directory. noch 312 Wörter


Sweet Cravings In A Hurry

We’re all pretty busy and we don’t always have the time to spend it in the kitchen baking. So, sometimes when you have a sweet craving, you have to take care of it elsewhere, and not in your own kitchen. noch 514 Wörter

I2E Querying: License Consumption

There’s a variety of ways of running searches using I2E but for most purposes, the modes can be simplified to:

  1. Search using the I2E Java Client, and…
  2. noch 904 Wörter

Execute Batch Process based on cron run

The batch api is primary design to work with forms and it depends what is the purpose of your use, but you can create a function that mimic form submission, and then you can use batch together with cron, assume you have function that will be triggered by a rule on cron run, so this function is _mymodule_batch(): noch 96 Wörter


Batch file to update a .DLL file

::Step 1 – Rename Old dll (32x machines)
ren “C:\Program Files\Common Files\AspenTech Shared\strgxi2.dll” “strgxi2.dll_old”
::Step 2 – Rename Old dll (64x machines)
ren “C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\AspenTech Shared\strgxi2.dll” “strgxi2.dll_old” noch 73 Wörter