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Delete All Data in SAP table

This is how to delete all data or all content from table

Step 1 : Open T-code se14

Step 2 : Input table name in, then click edit… 47 weitere Wörter


Change of basis formula

When I ask you to picture the vector , most of you see this in your head:

To be precise, what you are picturing is the vector in the standard basis for : , where represents a unit vector in the direction of the positive -axis, and represents a unit vector in the direction of the positive -axis. 142 weitere Wörter

Own Actions.

„Well, well, well, if it isn’t the consequences of my own actions.“

– Me on a daily basis.


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How to unimplement sapnote?

How to revert sapnote?

How to de implement sapnote?

Step 1 : Open T-code SNOTE, then choose sapnote is to unimplement… 34 weitere Wörter


Delete Duplicate Role

Step 1 : Go to T-code su01

Step 2 : Insert Username, click display

Step 3 : Check roles, there are 2 roles with the same name. 39 weitere Wörter



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