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The F(P)light of Communication

Today just passed me by, I had been so busy that I did not have the time to sit back and look at the day. It is a messy conundrum–when I do nothing at all, I feel guilty for having wasted the day, and when I do something, I feel guilty for having not given myself enough time to enjoy the day. 942 weitere Wörter


The Basis- Building blocks of our space:

We talked about vectors as arrows fixed with the tail at the origin in our coordinate systems. Also, we represented them using coordinates in square brackets .  231 weitere Wörter

Linear Algebra

Various quick tips

I am turning this blog into into my quick reference guide of useful commands and tricks pretty much for my own use.

Storing your git credentials(source: 62 weitere Wörter


Assign User ID tambahan pada TR

Pada proses Configurasi, pasti ada nomor-nomor TR yang sudah di seragamkan di setiap modul nya, dengan format yang disepakati oleh BASIS. Sebagai contoh untuk modul PM, secara general beberapa standard pengelompokan TR yang bisa digunakan adalah : 207 weitere Wörter