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Writer In Motion | Week 4: She's "done"

I diddit. She’s done. I added a few bits here and there as per my CPs‘ feedback. Might be too much, as I’m prone to do, but I think it’s good. 2.288 weitere Wörter

Writer In Motion

The other man/woman or people?

Appropriate word? You tell me at the end of this write up.

The definition of marriage basically means a union of two people, or so we grow up to believe. 2.186 weitere Wörter


Does every vector space have a basis?

Let be a Vector Space over a Field . A set is said to be a basis for if it is a linearly independent spanning set of , in other words, every element of can be expressed uniquely as a linear combination of elements in . 409 weitere Wörter


Inflating A Silver Bubble

By Keith Weiner – Re-Blogged From Silver Phoenix

We’ve been publishing updates recently after days when the silver price has spiked up. Now, after Tuesday’s trading action, silver trades over $26. 552 weitere Wörter

Stocks & Commodities

Gratitude Journal ©Carolyn Crossley

#gratitude # journal


  • I am grateful for another lovely day.
  • I am grateful to have nice, nutritious food to eat today.
  • I am grateful that I am still writing poetry on a daily basis, (since 2nd of April.)

Emir Andromeda Wahju

Seragam Ninja 5’88 (2018)

Ketika tahun 1985 saya pindah dari Soroako dan diterima di SMA 5 Bandung, ekskul pertama yang saya minati adalah unit pencinta alam (dan Pramuka). 672 weitere Wörter


Henis Nuryantini


Menjadi bagian dari anggota paskibra MASUTA sangat berkesan, senang, bangga dan bertambah teman. Paskibra mengajarkan tentang komando rasa satu, melatih kita lebih mementingkan kepentingan bersama, menghargai orang lain. 8 weitere Wörter