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Ann Arbor Emergent

Ann Arbor is rushing toward the future.  Each day, each moment, events small and large are shaping the new reality.  There is no possibility of remaining anchored in the past because we are leaving that behind us.  1.784 weitere Wörter


Elysium's Basis: Not What The Greeks Had In Mind

Researching supplements claiming to be the next anti-aging miracle makes me feel like I’m in the movie Groundhog Day- different day, same story.  The products might be different, but the lack of sufficient scientific evidence stays the same.  1.383 weitere Wörter


Will The Real Bitcoin Please Stand Up


For the past several months I have been positive on Bitcoin.  I have liked the fact that it rebounded from the China Crackdown that coincided with the Jamie Dimon – Bitcoin is a Fraud comment. 170 weitere Wörter

Money Matters

SAP Technical Consultant & SAP Functional Consultant

In SAP Technology, there are more than 20 + Modules.Each Module falls into Two categories

  • Functional Module
  • Technical Module

Accordingly, SAP consultants are also two types. 348 weitere Wörter

SAP Career