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this is the story of barry and the nintendo jamplex that is in his mum's room (part 1)

barry was sitting in his mom’s room playin on the new Nintendo console that had just come out it was called the Nintendo Jamplex and it was probably the best console to ever grace suburbia so barry was all about it and he played all of the Nintendo games front to back unlocking all of the secret levels and duck hunt locales that he could find until one day he realized that there was another game on his duck hunt cartridge and that it was called super mario bros. noch 1.222 Wörter


Gross promoted to CE director

Barry Stangel, president of the Pest Management Training & Consulting Center, Suffern, N.Y., announces the promotion of Deborah Gross to Director of Continuing Education. Her responsibilities include working with the center s new educational partner, Central Turf & Irrigation Co., Elmsford, N.Y. noch 38 Wörter

the feds finally leave Home Run King Barry Bonds alone

and its been long over due.  it  was racist

and wrong the way the feds and  the baseball powers

that be were messing with the Home RUn King  Barry Bonds… noch 78 Wörter


Até Logo!

It’s hard to believe we are back. I’m sorry for not posting but once we returned “home” to Arraial D’ajuda in late May we slipped into a normal routine of capoeira, beach, pool and home school. noch 737 Wörter


"Send me an Austrian explosive bullet"

Colonel Stanley Leonard Barry (1873-1943), a career soldier and Boer War veteran, was ADC to the Commander in Chief of the British Expeditionary Force in France. noch 84 Wörter

News From The Front: The Grim Reality Of War

Barry Bonds Snaps Selfie With Snoozing Willie Mays

Barry Bonds might have gotten himself into a little trouble with the legendary Willie Mays.

Former Giants slugger Barry Bonds noticed a sleeping Mays recently, and rather than letting him nap (like a good godson), he instead snapped a quick selfie. noch 89 Wörter