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New reviews of "Barry," "Go North," and "Trespass Against Us" on Every Movie Has a Lesson and Medium


Every influential man or woman had a formative period of their life where their impressionable knowledge coalesced into cemented principles that would guide them going forward.   259 weitere Wörter


James McAvoy on Patricia, Hedwig, Barry Personalities and ‘Split’ as Backward Superhero Movie

In M. Night Shyamalan’s new supernatural thriller Split, James McAvoy plays a creepy kidnapper with multiple personalities — a number of which emerge over the course of the film….



The title of this movie first intrigued me, mostly because I was unable to recognize a very recognizable name, Barack Obama. But the main character in this film, isn’t recognized as Barrack Obama, but he is simply called, Barry. 470 weitere Wörter


Netflix's Barry is a powerful, tragic rumination on race and belonging

Barry, now streaming on Netflix, imagines Barack Obama as a brooding young black man living in New York City and attending Columbia University as an undergrad. 972 weitere Wörter


A look at a few Presidential themed movies

A look at a few Presidential themed movies on this inaugural day. TT Stern-Enzi offers a couple of tributes to #POTUS44 for consideration.

Source: A look at a few Presidential themed movies

Tt Stern-enzi

Tomorrow Is New President's Day

Tomorrow marks the inauguration of Donald J. Trump as the 45th President of the United States of America.

Barry wishes 45 Good Luck.  It’s not an easy job. 68 weitere Wörter

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