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Update on My Application

As we are already well into the current application cycle (class of 2021) I thought I’d add an update on where I am at personally in the process. 52 weitere Wörter


Barry Flanagan, Gendrd I et Gendrd II, 1994

Some cool mold chinese images:

Barry Flanagan, Gendrd I et Gendrd II, 1994

Image by art_inthecity
Jardin de sculptures du Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal… 1.653 weitere Wörter

Short film: When Barry, the cocaine dealer, decides to make a facebook page

Barry from Jay Rondot on Vimeo.

A homespun cocaine dealer who joins Facebook in an attempt to take his business to the next level. However, he soon finds that sharing doesn’t always lead to caring.


‘Barry’ Teaser Reveals Critically Acclaimed Obama Biopic!! Check It Out!!

Synopsis – A biopic of Barack Obama set during his time as a college student in New York City.

Directed – Vikram Gandhi

Starring – 10 weitere Wörter


Why I Chose to get a Masters Degree

After graduating from a 4-year university with a degree in Media & Information, I realized that there was NO chance of getting into a dental school with the GPA I had. 231 weitere Wörter