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Jetpack Joyride

Are you ready to steal the greatest technology ever? In Jetpack Joyride that is exactly what you do.

The game is basically an endless runner where you grab a jetpack a try to get as far as possible. noch 360 Wörter


Today's Thought: The Trouble w/Integrity

The Blessing of Adversity: If you desire to be a person of integrity, trouble is inevitable, so greet it with composure and joy

Daily Thoughts

Barry, Chapter One, Part XX

            “I have an idea,” Thomas said.  “There are three boys and three tents, if we put one boy in each tent, that wouldn’t be a problem would it? noch 190 Wörter

Today's Thought: Promised Trouble

The Blessing of Adversity: To be sure, if you’re living right, the Bible promises you’ll have trouble

Daily Thoughts

Barry, Chapter One, Part XIX

They screamed, then one said “who are you, go away, this is private property.”

            “Is that you Lisa?” I asked.  “Your mother sent us down here from my parent’s party.” noch 140 Wörter

Today's Thought: Redemption!

The Blessing of Adversity: Redeem your suffering by allowing it to deepen your intimacy with Jesus

Daily Thoughts

Barry Chapter One, Part XVIII

What the hell Barry, it could be any of these places,” Jerry chirped in the cool night air.  Canandaigua’s water only gets to about 67 degrees in a good August, so at night, the lake cools the air. noch 137 Wörter