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Today's Thought: Too Late to Lose

The Blessing of Adversity: Many fail to gain by losing because they give too late

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Today's Thought: No delay!

The Blessing of Adversity: We should not delay in our giving

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Today's Thought: Focused Giving

The Blessing of Adversity: we should give with a focus on human needs

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Hello and welcome,

This is my first foray into the world of blogging, so I do hope that I don’t waffle on and manage to maintain your enthrallment in a, hopefully, long series of posts. 119 weitere Wörter


on 50 First Date

Whoaa. I jump to my phone right after watch this movie, because I cant handle this feeling.I’m gonna talk about this Adam Sadler’s movie, and no, no its not his funny movies, but this „50 First Date“ movie released in 2004. 650 weitere Wörter

Today's Thought: Crisis management

The Blessing of Adversity: God managed the crisis of evil by giving

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