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Episode 72 Review

First off, remember that Cosmic Chronicles Review I promised last time? Sorry about that, I’ve been too busy to get around to it. Hopefully I’ll have it up within the next two days. 284 weitere Wörter

Episode Review

The Flash S3 Ep13- Review


This episode of The Flash, titled “Attack on Gorilla City” is the first part of a two part storyline featuring Gorilla Grodd as the main villain. 882 weitere Wörter


Moonlight- Review

Moonlight is directed by Barry Jenkins, and is the story of Chiron, an African-American boy who grows up in Miami. The film follows his life through three decades. 570 weitere Wörter


Tverculosis: Riverdale & The Crown


Based from the Archie comics that I really did not read when I was a kid because I really don’t like reading comics at all except those funny Filipino tabloid or political jokes… 429 weitere Wörter

Free Writing

Must-See Films in Celebration of Black History Month.

These are the top 5 movies that I have watched recently in celebration of Black History Month:

What are some other films that are a must-see in celebration of Black History Month?

CHOCOBO WARRIOR title screen, Boco, the only 4 original CHOCOBO WARRIOR enemies

I called Barry at 10:05 today to hopefully get a food shopping appointment in. He asked whether Feb. 23 would work, and I said it would. 81 weitere Wörter

Phone Calls