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The Flash Season 2 Finale

The Flash has always been awesome when it comes to the visual effects and twists. But when I first saw the season finale trailer I was like „ok, they are going to race then Barry will definitely beat Zoom and that’s it! noch 187 Wörter


Today's Thought: Lowered Expectations

The Blessing of Adversity: And our failure to ask is a result of diminished expectations

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Today's Thought: Failure to Ask

The Blessing of Adversity: We also live beneath our privilege by failing to ask God for satisfaction

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Today's Thought: Low Bar Syndrome

The Blessing of Adversity: Setting the bar too low, we live beneath our spiritual privilege

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Today's Thought: Unified Discontentment

The Blessing of Adversity: Lack of unity is the root of much discontentment

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Fight to Save Barry's Crown Post Office

Public meeting gives unanimous support to save our Barry Crown Post Office

At a well-attended public meeting at Barry Memorial Hall yesterday evening, there was unanimous support for the campaign to save Barry Crown Post Office from closure. noch 195 Wörter