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Art of Deception -- Keith Barry

Keith Patrick Barry is an Irish mentalist, hypnotist, magician and activist for the elderly.

Born in Ferrybank, Waterford city, Ireland, Barry’s interest in magic began at the age of 14 when he purchased a book entitled Magic for the Complete Klutz. noch 633 Wörter


Whiskey caramel ice cream, Birthday Cake ice cream, and Pure Leaf iced tea!

Barry picked me up to go food shopping at 10:30, so I barely had time to eat my noodles. I got on-sale store brand juice (apple / mango / orange / pineapple), on-sale Krema Greek yogurt, pork and vegetable JOY dumplings, an on-sale Marie Callender’s Three-Meat Marinara microwaveable meal, almond milk, juice, NEW on-sale limited edition Western Family whiskey caramel ice cream, NEW on-sale Overwaitea birthday cake ice cream (there’s no guarantee that it will be on sale for my birthday month in September!), Kadoya sesame oil, on-sale Pure Leaf iced tea (green tea and honey / lemon / raspberry / peach), on-sale microwaveable Uncle Ben’s rice (tomato herb / mushroom), blueberries, on-sale stew beef instant noodles, on-sale spicy beef instant noodles, store brand Western Family prune nectar since it was a dollar cheaper than London Drugs, and Parkay margarine since it was a dollar cheaper than Imperial. noch 31 Wörter


Today's Thought: Unleashed!

The Blessing of Adversity: when we want something from God so much that we stop eating, amazing power is often unleashed

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Today's Thought: Ignore the Noise

The Blessing of Adversity: To turn life’s pains into gains, sometimes you must ignore the opposition

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Today's Thought: Surprised?

The Blessing of Adversity: He is never surprised by the variety of events that occur in our world

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