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Deep Fried Oreos

That title right there is the answer to any „how’s the diet going“ questions you might have.

I’ve always found that question to come off as a little dickish. 228 weitere Wörter

Fat Boy On A Diet

Movie review: Barry (2016)

I was looking for a pick-me-up. A movie about the recent former president seemed like just the thing.

Barry is a biopic about former President Obama’s first year in college. 788 weitere Wörter


Air Victory Museum

The Roomie heard about the Air Victory Museum last summer but this is the first chance we’ve had to see it.

The Summer of Barry continues with this museum.  106 weitere Wörter

The Roomie


Charlie came looking
For Barry today
So we had a little chat
Charlie said Barry
Had been mean by
Saying he was fat
I looked ol‘ Charlie…

35 weitere Wörter


Beautiful Barry
Furry and grey
Just popped over
To say „G’day“
Large grey eyes
Matching his coat
He’s a little shy
But he loves his boat



June already, wow when did that sneak up on us?

Next month is last month in school, then it’ll be Christmas already. Then I’ll have a five year old, I’m so not ready! 232 weitere Wörter