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And I'm back, fun at UXCamp - Switzerland

 After taking a hiatus to figure out how to settle down and find a new rhythm in a new country; with a family; another language; and an amazing old (yes, really old.. noch 407 Wörter


Kampot Camping with Barcampers

I always hope that people wouldn’t confuse the concept of Barcamp as having anything to do with actual camping. However, seems like we really cannot escape this predicament. noch 823 Wörter

Samsokrith Story

YouTube Is Dead - Long Live YouTube Red?

YouTube Red has launched a month ago, U.S. only, and was received very controversially across all media channels. Now that the dust has settled, I want to sift through the vast amount of coverage YouTube Red has gotten from journalists, users and most importantly YouTubers.   noch 1.873 Wörter


Agile Dialogs Recap

This will be a short recap of the Agile Dialogs unconference held yesterday.  We discussed ways of predicting value production with and without estimates.  Over the next few days I’ll blog more of what we uncovered, but this will be a simple post on how the unconference was approached. noch 576 Wörter

Agile & Lean

#ReubenRides for Cleft

Children born with cleft lips or palates in recent years has been common, some of these patients cannot afford surgery.  Cleft lip is a congenital split in the upper lip on one or both sides of the centre, often associated with a cleft palate, this distorts their smile and speech. noch 504 Wörter