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National Digital Forum - Christchurch barcamp

On Friday 19 June, a bunch of GLAM sector types gathered at the Undercroft at the University of Canterbury for the local area NDF  barcamp. It’s a chance to discuss a variety of issues and topics related to digital stuff.  noch 325 Wörter


A day of Girl Geekness in Manchester

Around early May there was a certain something, a frisson disturbing the still waters of online girl geekdom. A new javascript framework? A working implementation of Quantum Computing infrastructure applied to knowledge mapping Big Data sets? noch 1.917 Wörter


Part 2: Are girls afraid to lead? No, they are not!

A month ago I wrote about girls fearing to lead due to a conversation we had online (twitter) with a few of my followers. This was connected to the Girl Rising day where a few girls attendant yet the event was meant for them. noch 618 Wörter


Canterbury National Digital Forum Barcamp 2015

The Canterbury National Digital Forum Barcamp is happening on 19 June at Undercroft 101. This is your chance to meet with colleagues from the IT and GLAM sectors, share your ideas and ask questions. noch 260 Wörter



 It’s another year and Blogging Ghana, the umbrella organization for all bloggers in Ghana organized their annual BlogCamp,  a forum for bloggers to learn the rudiments of blogging and also other aspects and everything more or less related to blogging. noch 846 Wörter


What is a Bar Camp? That’s what I wanted to know a week ago. Lots of reading about them but no experience. That changed about 11:00 am yesterday morning as I sat in Room 1400 at The Golisano Computer Center at… noch 194 Wörter


Radical Geek @ BarCamp Rochester

Just want to tell people I will be at BarCamp Rochester giving a presentation and manning the Interlock Rochester table.  BarCamp is what they call an Unconference where the participants can give a presentation by placing it on a blank schedule.   noch 71 Wörter