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Barbie & Ken: Super Sims --Part II

So we join our awesomesauce sims, Barbie & Ken at the their house, both of whom just got level 2 of their respective skills, art and logic. 417 weitere Wörter


Barbie & Ken: The Super Sims

So I recently started re-watching Deligracy’s most awesome sims series about Barbie and her life with Ken. Part 1: , for those of you wish to check it out. 398 weitere Wörter


[VIDEO] Mattel’s Ken Doll Follows Barbie With a Full Makeover

Slim, broad or chiseled and now in seven skin tones.

Barbie is getting a chubbier boyfriend.

Paul Ziobro reports: A year after Mattel Inc. MAT -1.27% … 175 weitere Wörter