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Barbie - well, Ken cosplays mr. Rimmer and mr. Flibble

Gingham dress and army boots, accessorize with homicidal penguin hand puppet.

If you wonder what in the world, here is a clip from bbc Red Dwarf episode ‘Quarantine’. noch 18 Wörter


Trouble with Tribbles

Today was a productive day…

…if you find making miniature tribbles productive.

Wish to have better concentrated energy soon or might end up with a lot of tribbles… noch 13 Wörter

Barbie & Ken

Barbie Cosplay - BSG

aimed for Tricia Helfer (Number six from Battlestar Galactica) but ended up with Marilyn Monroe wannabe… Will post more wip (had to do little rerooting too) pics and stuff later. noch 91 Wörter

Hipster Fashion dolls - Print tees

Totally hair tote. “Who Says I’m Mainstream” Print shirt of vintage Barbie wearing accessory glasses.

Playing around in Gimp, getting frustrated with the new printer’s settings and finding a piece of iron on transfer paper led into this, print tees for Barbie and other fashion dolls! noch 494 Wörter


Pin Up Bikinis for Barbie...

…or Christie, as in the picture :D Oh man I struggled with the shorts pattern! I wanted to make them snug, mini and low waist. It took a few drafts after the result was what I was after but now I have a perfect pattern to variate. noch 186 Wörter

WIP Custom Abbey Bominable Monster High

She’s not even done yet, but got to be featured as a jewelry model. She’s also my first reroot as she was having a really bad case of glue seepage even fresh out of package, oh she’s been through a lot! noch 108 Wörter