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Memory Monday-Ken Had to Die

Memory Monday-It’s a thing…

Growing up, I really didn’t like playing with dolls. My grandma Helen was a Barbie collector and insisted on buying me a new Barbie for my birthdays and Christmas. noch 361 Wörter

Memory Monday

The Real Life Of Barbie And Ken

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Son, I work in psychiatry and this is still the most damn disturbing thing that I’ve ever seen.



Kudos for showing up

I started making observations at the gym last year to amuse myself. I have a really short attention span – squirrel! – but I was also getting bored swimming three days a week. noch 349 Wörter

Gym Stories

This Week: Flashback 1961

It was the year of new beginnings . . . JFK’s Inauguration…Barbie meeting Ken for the first time . . .  Alan Shepard becomes the first American in space . noch 129 Wörter


Barbie & Ken Move Into Gold Coast by MerryWiddow!!

Created: 02/16/13
Residents: 2
Funds: §127,898

Household for MerryWiddow’s Gold Coast. Move into The Delhi at 110 Main Street. See Gold Coast thread at TS3 Creators’ Constorium @ for details. noch 76 Wörter