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#bookrelease The Master and the Maid

Laura tried to do the “right thing” and study something useful, but she spent all her time reading German literature. The result is the richly textured, Heaven’s Pond Trilogy, set in Bamberg, Germany at the time of the Thirty Years War. noch 163 Wörter


The One Rule of Magic

Frieda Schoenhofer is dead, murdered in Rotterdam. For her grief-stricken parents the true story of their daughter’s life is about to begin, a story of conspiracy and dangerous black magic. noch 551 Wörter

Alien Noise Corporation

Who Among Us...

Disowned by her family and deranged by anger, Jennifer Enzo views the world as a demonic garden, a film script and a list of names to be assassinated. noch 546 Wörter

Alien Noise Corporation

Vivat Academia!

So by now I’m well into class. The second week to be exact. German universities work a little differently than universities in North America. The Winter/Summer semesters don’t even begin to touch on the differences. noch 1.048 Wörter