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Being in my hometown, meeting up with old friends, talking about everything and nothing for hours, going for long walks.

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Henry's star mantle and Gunther's shroud

There’s been a bit of a radio silence as I’ve been on holiday followed by a week or so catching up with website work. And all of a sudden it feels like the run-up to the Christmas sales season, starting with… noch 341 Wörter


German Journeys (A Guest Post by Allana D)

After several posts from yours truly, I can only imagine that regular readers of TRGTALP are growing tired of hearing my thoughts on travel by now.  noch 785 Wörter

Drinkable Image: Brauerei Fässla, Bamberg, Germany

When it comes to the breweries of Bamberg, German, Schlenkerla tends to get most of the spotlight. And it’s well-earned, especially since it pretty much put rauchbier on the map in the rest of the world. noch 31 Wörter


Red Light District encounter leads to trouble for US Army soldier

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Sunbury Press has released Pink Crucifix, Johnny Strife’s first installment in The Passion Plaything Trilogy.

Pink Crucifix is a darkly comic romance with horror and fantasy elements. noch 742 Wörter

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