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The Real Witch Story #mondayblogs

Bamberg, Germany: The Early Modern Witch Burning Stronghold

Throughout the dark ages, Christianity had difficulties setting down roots among the Germanic tribes. Stories are told of saints who came to the German people and destroyed sacred trees and mystical places in order to show the people that their gods had no power. noch 60 Wörter


Bumbling around in Bamberg

Unless you live in Germany or travel extensively throughout Germany, it’s highly likely that you haven’t heard of this adorable Bavarian town! More tourists looking to experience Germany head for Nuremberg, Munich or Berlin and while those are all great cities, you should consider visiting Bamberg for something little different. noch 624 Wörter


Three cheers for the red, white, and brew

Each year the Bamberg Buddies, the resident club associated with English and American Studies, celebrates either Canada Day (July 1) or American Independence Day. Luckily I chose a year where my national day was the one to be celebrated.The order of the day was an evening of grilling, playing games, and hanging out with Germans and other foreign exchange students–especially those from the ol‘ US of A. noch 245 Wörter


Bamberg Germany

Bamberg has a nice city park. Located in the park is a pond with lots of ducks and frogs. A garden with many flowers and benches under trees to enjoy nature and tranquility. noch 61 Wörter

Bamberg, Land of Beer

Il faut bien se l’avouer, la région de Francfort (et tout son Land Hesse) n’est pas une région de bière. La „Binding“, la bière locale n’est pas du tout à mon goût, pourtant, je suis plutôt amatrice de bières allemandes en général.  noch 1.719 Wörter


Week 45 - #35 On the River

 In the town of Bamberg, Germany, the river Regnitz flows through town and actually around the Old Town Hall that was built in 1386 and is reachable via two bridges – one on either side.   noch 45 Wörter

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Bamberg, Germany - Post 13

Wow, doing catch-up with the final days of the trip. Sorry this has taken a couple of days, it was too hectic to post while changing locations.   noch 191 Wörter

European River Cruise - 2016