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Bamberg, Germany

As some of you may know, my boyfriend and I took a 5 and a half week trip to Europe last summer to visit friends and see the world. noch 71 Wörter


Some things along the way pt. 5 - People

It’s no secret that I like to take pictures of bright things when I travel. Another thing I like to capture is people. Obviously, this takes much more effort. noch 163 Wörter

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PHOTOS: "The Franconian Rome" or "The Italian Bamberg"?

A city with over 70,000 people, inviting you to its traditional houses and up-and-down roads. Know for its smoked beer, nine breweries, Holy Roman Emperor Henry II, Rose Garden, Little Venice and the Old City Council. noch 30 Wörter

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Tag along with me to Bamberg

When I arrived in Germany last year, one of the first places I saw was a small town called Bamberg. The sun was shining that day and it was still very warm. noch 385 Wörter