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Bamberg: A Bavarian Gem

Bamberg was a last minute decision on our three-month trip through Europe. A mutual friend of both me and my wife lived there, so, naturally, we wanted to catch up while nearby. 602 weitere Wörter


A story hidden in every corner.

Waking up to that, how could I not reach for my camera as soon as I get out of bed! After taking a moment to appreciate the view, I welcomed the… 547 weitere Wörter

My Story.

A return to running

In April 2015 I stopped going to yoga class because I couldn’t fit it in anymore on top of swimming, cycling, running and working. In hindsight that was the point when my running came undone. 981 weitere Wörter


How to watch Alba Berlin vs Brose Bamberg

Boys and girls good morning!

It’s gameday for Bundesliga lovers and ALBA BERLIN- BROSE BAMBER is the most important match of the day.

The quesion is: how can you watch this match? 27 weitere Wörter

Brose Baskets

Autumn in Bavaria - Bamberg to Berlin

We had a wonderful 11 days in Germany for høstferie. We focused on child friendly activities so that our 7 and 9 year old children would have a good holiday to remember. 560 weitere Wörter



Our walk into Bamberg started at the home of the famous Bamberg Symphony. Along the way we found the first of many signs in this town stencilled onto walls and streets to welcome refugees. 389 weitere Wörter

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