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Year of the Beer Day 31: Fässla Gold Pils

Day 31 of the beer marathon and we are still in Bamberg, going only a few blocks down to take a look at another beer, the Fässla. noch 512 Wörter


Year of the Beer Day 30: Alt-Bamberg Urstoff

Day 30 of the beer tasting marathon takes us to Franconia in northern Bavaria, and in particular, Bamberg. Located on the River Regnitz south of its confluence with the River Main, north of Nuremberg, Bamberg is famous for its cathedral and old town, both of which are listed as the UNESCO World Heritage sites. noch 622 Wörter


A Taste Of The Old World

I lift the glass of Rauchbier up to my lips and take a tentative sip. A blend of two familiar flavours meets my taste buds. noch 1.341 Wörter



We were travelling most of the night and this morning woke to find the canal banks shining with a deep frost. At last winter seems to have arrived in Europe. noch 139 Wörter

Bamberg Germany

Sunday 4th October 2015

Bamberg’s city center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is in “the book.”

City began as a fortress.

City Hall was built on an island in the river. noch 138 Wörter

The Book

Day 3 : Bamberg & Nurnberg


The Christmas markets in Bamberg may not be that large but they still have the familiar atmosphere of the larger markets and make up for its smaller size with a beautiful town scenery.  noch 434 Wörter