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Day 11: Bamberg, Germany

Our Bamberg day started out interesting due to a delay in one of the locks. That morning we woke up a little later and there was an announcement into the cabins about a slight change in the tour schedule for the day. noch 928 Wörter


Wrapping up the Viking River Cruise

Well, the blog is finished – at least for the Viking River Cruise part.  Later, I will add more materials – especially links to more information about the places we visited, as well as practical information about Viking, the hotels, etc.  noch 109 Wörter


Bamberg by Max_Ryazanov

Bamberg, Bavaria, Germany.

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Impressions from Franconia_May Evening in Bamberg

If you live in a world-heritage town, reality sometimes seems to be a bit too pretty to be real. One of those “supernatural” moments is an early May evening under falling Appleblossoms in the Franconian town of Bamberg. noch 17 Wörter


#124 - 040515

We visited Bamberg before we left Germany. It’s come to be one of our favourite places, and we’ve fallen in love with all the old buildings and the character of the city. noch 93 Wörter

This Is My Year

Bamberg, Germany

As some of you may know, my boyfriend and I took a 5 and a half week trip to Europe last summer to visit friends and see the world. noch 73 Wörter