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Breaking in new pointe shoes!

I recently managed to get this pair of Mirella Academie pointe shoes from Bloch and was excited to break it in, so I spent about two hours today–in between some one-on-one meetings I held with members of the university accounting club I help lead–in my bedroom and makeshift dance studio practicing hopping from fifth position of the feet into relevé en pointe. 64 weitere Wörter


The Ballet Mentality for Life: Dealing with Critiques

Little known fact, (since no one knows who I am ha HA!), but I’ve been a ballet dancer all my life. I even considered going professional and joining a company full-time. 926 weitere Wörter

From The Editor

today, now.

Without much certainty of the future, this strange year has led to a great deal of looking into the past. Comparing ancient plagues to the current pandemic… 668 weitere Wörter


China's leading ballet troupe stages first original work after lockdown —


— The National Ballet of China on Friday presented its first original ballet since the outbreak of COVID-19. The piece, which was infused with ethnic-Miao folk dance and costume, wowed the audience at the National Center for the Performing Arts on Friday night…

Image courtesy of CGTN


Paris, Texas, and the Frontier of Heartbreak

by Guy Walker

Some years ago, I roared off in the middle of the night, driving the thousand miles from Los Angeles to Aspen in order to catch the ballet in time. 4.304 weitere Wörter