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Unsolicited Baby Advice

There is a woman on my street who, every time she sees Noam, must comment on what he’s not wearing. This goes back to when he was two weeks old and I started going on walks with him tucked cozily into the sling I used to wear. 1.228 weitere Wörter


Riqueza cultural

„A história é dura com certos povos. Há muita dor, muita injustiça, mas há também um valor, uma riqueza e uma beleza cultural incrível!
Nem sempre foi assim. 66 weitere Wörter

Vale do Capão

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Tomar banho nesta cachoeira não é permitido. Primeiro por que está numa área de preservação ambiental; segundo por que a trilha oficial te leva até a parte superior da cachoeira, e o caminho até a sua base fica muito longe dali. 225 weitere Wörter


Moving states, Espirito de Santo and Bahia - the hot, the wet and the happening

Having taken quite a few long haul and night buses throughout South America I hadn’t been phased about leaving Rio on the night bus. That was until a fellow passenger stood up and asked the driver permission to pray for us all as we undertook the dangerous journey ahead. 615 weitere Wörter

Salvador de Bahia, Brasil

Salvador de Bahia was founded as Brazil’s first capital in 1549 and is currently the country’s third largest city; its complex history as one of South America’s biggest slave ports and one of the most important bastions of Portuguese colonialism has made it a lively, colorful place with a rich culture and beautiful albeit decaying architecture. 153 weitere Wörter