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There and Back Again

Sermon preached at Midway Christian Church of Mexico, MO. The Scripture was Ruth 3:1-5; 4:13-17. 

Have you heard of the story of Bilbo Baggins? Bilbo went on quite an adventure and wrote about it. 1.841 weitere Wörter


CHRISTMAS IS COMING! We went from Halloween and we will have Thanksgiving but everyone knows the big deal is Christmas! Prior to being a mom, Christmas was fun; however, actually being a Mom makes it THE ABSOLUTE BEST THING EVER. 117 weitere Wörter


Will {newborn}

Loved getting to meet baby Will last week! At first, he wasn’t too sure about his session and fought me on everything, but then he went right to sleep and was full of smiles!! 15 weitere Wörter

Highlands Ranch

Oooh Baby, Baby- Oops you think, you're in a music video too? Samuel L. Jackson Narrating my movie*

Picture it, you’re driving down the road, raindrops plop on your window as it’s slowly raining outside. It’s just one of those ya know,  emo- days where everything has you ‚in the feels‘. 172 weitere Wörter


So, I've Figured Out How to Get Stuff Done With a Baby

And it involves getting very comfortable with light yelling.

When we first had Baboo, Adam and I realized very quickly that we weren’t comfortable letting her cry it out. 246 weitere Wörter


JoJo Maman Bebe Pocket Dinosaur Review

We’ve recently been buying up plenty of wooden toys. After seeing how much Gracie loved her other wooden animals that we’d picked up, I was excited to get the Pocket Dinosaur set for her. 245 weitere Wörter


Hello Third Trimester!!

Yesterday I turned 28 weeks pregnant and boy do I feel like it, lol! These last few months have been really good to me so I can’t complain! 733 weitere Wörter