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Met these girls on Monday...

In the dead of night, I sneak into a sleeping child’s room and slip a cuddly sock onto each of her feet. I tuck in her quilt along both edges of the crib so she can’t easily kick it away and become cold in the night, and then I worry about this aloud to CT. 472 weitere Wörter


I Might Have To Revoke My Knitter Card

So all this week I have been fighting with my Westport Blanket and having all kinds of trouble. As I was knitting last night it really started to sink in that my work didn’t really look anything like the pattern picture.  133 weitere Wörter


Babywise Week 6

Our second week of giving Babywise a go went well! I can honestly say that getting Baby Girl on a schedule made our house a much more peaceful place. 581 weitere Wörter

First Time Mom

Baby sleep round two

Isn’t it amazing how we always get hung up on how our babies sleep?

It was such a big deal with my first child. I spent hours reading all the articles on sleep training and nap transitions. 555 weitere Wörter

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