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6 North Carolina hospital co-workers pregnant at the same time have their babies

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (WGHP) – “The Fabulous 6-Pack” has expanded.

Six nurses working in the same unit at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, who were all pregnant at the same time, have new additions in their families. 380 weitere Wörter

Good News

Maman of TWO!

I cannot believe I am officially a mom of two little girls!

Gabrielle was born September 6th 2018.

Already as a newborn, she was so sweet and oh so quiet! 84 weitere Wörter

Progress not Perfection

Before baby, these kinds of things would have been taken care of fairly quickly, but these days it just doesn’t seem feasible; at least for now. 1.297 weitere Wörter


Toddler Joe Fresh Winter Sale Haul

It comes as no surprise that I love Joe Fresh for toddler clothing – remember this post?? Some of Penny’s cutest outfits are all from there and since they are always such a great price, I just keep coming back for more! 136 weitere Wörter


January 21, 2019.

Hello Everyone!

I’m back! After a year and a half long hiatus I finally feel ready to write again.

As many of you know, I had a baby in December of 2018 and its safe to say that the experience didn’t go quite as planned. 83 weitere Wörter


1931-1934 Changes

There is only one person that Edie can trust. Fern had always been kind to her. Edie confides in Fern. She hopes that Fern will not think poorly of her. 605 weitere Wörter

Talk About Getting Sidetracked!


Two things in life that have absolutely NO respect for one’s schedule are babies and the weather.

And this weekend, I got swept up in both. 396 weitere Wörter

The Novel