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Baby brain is real

Before I had a child I thought baby brain was a myth,
Just some elaborate excuse that mums had come up with.

But now I’ve become a mum I know that it’s true, 339 weitere Wörter


Win BIG this 2018!!!

It’s almost end of the first month of 2018. Oh!!!! that was so fast.

But before it ends, let me share to you our GOALS this 2018. 66 weitere Wörter


My Very Funny Labour And Delivery Story :D

So the other day I was writing a comment on another blog about pregnancy. The comment was about my labour and delivery with my daughter,  as I was writing it I realised that my birth story is very funny and I felt like it would make a good blog post, so here we go this is my birth story (This was two years ago) 1.315 weitere Wörter


Early Scan

Today I saw my baby 😍 I mean, embryo? Kind of looked like a round fried egg but small… I have another scan in a week to make sure there is progress but is it possible to fall in love with something so fast? 29 weitere Wörter


2 Months

I’m 2 months in!

I also have no idea how to get a healthcard here- getting a healthcard is my Everest and all I want is a doctor’s appointment. 305 weitere Wörter

Salter Digital Baby and Toddler Weighing Scale

Oh baby, a scale that grows with your baby!

Keep an accurate measurement of your child’s growth with the Digital Baby and Toddler Scale from Salter. 87 weitere Wörter

Amazon Baby Scale