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This isn’t so much about my baby as it is about my – self – care! Giving birth to a human is tough work. Carrying that kid in side of you for 9 months and then having it cut out of you (in my case) and having to try to get off the couch without waking him up with no ab muscles for the first month or so, puts your body through it. 277 weitere Wörter

First Time Mom

Andy's Birth Story

I hesitated to share this story until I told the Hubs and he said „It’s as much your story as it is hers“ (he’s so great… 2.049 weitere Wörter

Locked And Loaded

I’ve spent a good portion of my life walking a narrow line to keep myself safe from being personally attacked. Careful to not offend, I blur into a nondescript paper doll of quiet perfection with my plastic smile. 702 weitere Wörter

One Day at a Time - Postnatal Depression

I don’t cry. Not a lot anyway.

I might shed a tear or two in a sad movie or at a sad event. But sobbing is generally reserved for in the shower or in bed; my two safe spaces to let go, where D will hold me and then help me put the pieces back together. 432 weitere Wörter

Lesbian Mums

FO Friday: Baby Vertebrae for PB

Okay, this FO has been done for awhile. Truth be told all it needed was a bath but a mild but persistent upper respiratory virus attached itself to this pregnant body and I lost all will to do anything but play with Jellybean while simultaneously laying on the couch and then surf Instagram after he went to bed for like a solid week back in early April. 81 weitere Wörter