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El lado duro de tratar de embarazarte: Las pruebas negativas.

No hay peor sentimiento que te baje justo cuando estas tratando de tener un bebé, todas las ilusiones que llevas acumulando ya semanas desde que intentaste se vienen abajo en una simple ida al baño. 446 weitere Wörter


#982 Friendship and roses

Tending to friendships, and tending to roses, is much the same.

Your approach to the task, and the love you give to both, give you comparable results. 681 weitere Wörter


DIY Maternity Costumes with Buzzfeed

If you’re following along with me on Instagram, you saw a little behind the scenes look of a video I was in with Buzzfeed’s Playfull  shooting a few DIY maternity costumes. 174 weitere Wörter



Baby rips the blinds
Open: spinning cement truck
Stared down ‚til it leaves


Small talk and hors d’oevres
Baby testing couch pillows
Amid all the feet

Huggy Lowdown: Another Celeb Pregnancy!

It seems like there are more baby bumps than usual right now! Porsha Williams, Kenya Moore, and Meghan Markle have all announced that they’re expecting. 41 weitere Wörter

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Christmas Themed Baby Shower!

Happy Tuesday!

I can’t believe that at the end of next week, it’ll be November!  This whole year seems to have flown by (although I certainly didn’t think that at the time) and now I’m hoping the next 8.5 weeks fly by too #letsmeetBabyG… 680 weitere Wörter