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Moon’s humid sea brought down to earth –

a slice of it, now hanging in the study.

It covers rows of ruddy books,

at one time taking up my time to live, 164 weitere Wörter


#55 Kathy Cantwell

Henry Martin: What does it mean to change?

Kathy Cantwell: Change for me is an incremental transition from one state of mind to another and this translates into the painting. 65 weitere Wörter


If something cuts, something bleeds. Like a paper that meets the skin is like a blade that slashes through the soul. A paper cut. You know it hurts so much, as your fingers are filled with sensitive nerves. 34 weitere Wörter


Northumberland woodland walk inspiration

On a fresh Autumn day I set out for a walk in the woods. I have been really drawn to Silver Birch trees recently and wanted to gather some bark from a dead tree. 158 weitere Wörter


Hotung Gallery Brightens Up - First Impressions

There was a sense of excitement, when I was approaching up the stairs to enter the Hotung Gallery after the refurbishment. The Chinese part of the Gallery had become thoroughly familiar over the years as I had taken students there and popped in every once in a while to look at again a display case or an object. 471 weitere Wörter