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It Was All Supposed To Be Destroyed: Netflix's "Velvet Buzzsaw" and Why Gallerists Should Probably Listen To Their Artists Wishes

Authors Note: There is an in-depth synopsis of the film including spoilers.

Gallerists should listen to their artists more. Or at least take their wishes more into consideration. 1.460 weitere Wörter

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How do you reach a wider audience, have more influence, reach the people who don’t venture into art galleries or theatres? The answer is through film and the internet. 342 weitere Wörter


Happy as Lazzaro [Lazzaro Felice] (2018) ***

Magical Realism
Watched Alone
First Viewing
Recommended Audience: Artistic Film Lovers

Premise: A folk-like story about simpleminded Lazzaro, a sharecropper who is happy to follow orders, even in the face of exploitation and brutality. 573 weitere Wörter


Vox Lux (2018)

Again, I’ve left these next two posts a little late since I’ve been focusing on everything else going on at the moment. I saw Vox Lux about 2 weeks ago, after looking forward to it for a while. 174 weitere Wörter


Let's read the bible. [EXP 10, 2019]

Let’s read the bible together. Enjoy.🤖 #fashionblogger #artvideo #artfilm #canon #canonphotography #videography #videoedits #videostar #visualart

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Let's pray together. [EXP 9, 2019]

Let’s pray together. Enjoy.🤖 #fashionblogger #artvideo #artfilm #canon #canonphotography #videography #videoedits #videostar

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