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<LuLzFace> kangaroos got two vaginas
* Tender-Hooligan (tender-hool@AN-hl0.jmm.jn5dl0.IP) has joined
<tuxpunx> so does a duck
<dedocne> b
<dedocne> wb
<tuxpunx> spare rape vagina
<LuLzFace> what a weird world… 72 weitere Wörter

The Dox Of All Doxes --> #CrisisActor #Exposed

The Dox Of All Doxes

The whole world is wondering about this girl who pops up on every major attack around the world. 138 weitere Wörter


Anonymous: The Unchangeable Creed

‚The Creed‘

1. Anonymous is an immaterial idea.

2. Anonymous is a living, breathing, entity.

3. Any individual can become Anonymous.

4. Not all can join the collective. 1.596 weitere Wörter


Million Mask March 2015

Greetings Citizens of the world.
Far too many of us struggle in this cacophony of deceit that our corporate owned government institutions force upon us. We are indeed not free, but servile to financial institutions that have their webs cast upon every facet of civilization. 1.269 weitere Wörter


OpSafeWinter 2015

Anonymous Op safe winter is an operation launched to help the homeless find a safe haven every winter, along with a warm meal. Anonymous has taken it upon themselves to spread awareness on the homelessness crisis. 286 weitere Wörter