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What does this even mean? It means „register“ and „unregister“ and it refers to the process of letting the city authorities know you’ve arrived and intend to stay as a resident within their jurisdiction OR that you’re leaving.  781 weitere Wörter

Living In Germany

Usual Formalities

Nouveau pays (enfin presque), nouvelle ville, et de nouveau les joyeusetés d’expatriés aka les formalités, qu’elles soient administratives ou d’arrivée. Et ce fut long et laborieux… 664 weitere Wörter


German Bureaucracy: The Anmelde bestaetigung (durchschrift der anmeldung)

When you move to Germany, you HAVE to register your address at the local town hall within 14 days if you want to remain legal. But, like in many other parts of the world, you have to make sure you do it by presenting paperwork, an abundance of paperwork, some of which is logical, some of which is slightly less so. 293 weitere Wörter

Rechtzeitig handeln: Zoll- und Aussenhandelsfristen – Teil 1 (Einfuhr)

Fristen über Fristen mit denen wir uns im Zollalltag herumschlagen. Da fällt es schwer, den Überblick zu behalten und sich zurecht zu finden. Dies nehmen wir zum Anlass, um regelmässig über Fristen zu informieren und für Klarheit zu sorgen. 286 weitere Wörter

Zoll Allgemein

Moving to Berlin | Registering Your Address

You’re moving to/or have already moved to Germany! One of the most important things you will need here if you plan on staying longer than three months is the ‚Anmeldung‘. 335 weitere Wörter


Der nächste Schritt: Gewerbeanmeldung fürs Bloggen- Teil 1: Die WKO

Hey all my english speaking friends! This post is only written in german, because in every country there are other different ways for the business registration! 1.017 weitere Wörter


New(ish) Form for Registering Your Arrival / Departure

As I’m prepping to leave, I’ve just found out there’s a new form necessary for processing your Anmeldung or Abmeldung:  The Wohnungsgeberbestätigung.  As of November 2015, when you go to register your residence or your move, you are now required to provide a form from your landlord confirming that you are moving in or out.   21 weitere Wörter