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Moving to Berlin | Registering Your Address

You’re moving to/or have already moved to Germany! One of the most important things you will need here if you plan on staying longer than three months is the ‚Anmeldung‘. 335 weitere Wörter


Der nächste Schritt: Gewerbeanmeldung fürs Bloggen- Teil 1: Die WKO

Hey all my english speaking friends! This post is only written in german, because in every country there are other different ways for the business registration! 1.029 weitere Wörter


New(ish) Form for Registering Your Arrival / Departure

As I’m prepping to leave, I’ve just found out there’s a new form necessary for processing your Anmeldung or Abmeldung:  The Wohnungsgeberbestätigung.  As of November 2015, when you go to register your residence or your move, you are now required to provide a form from your landlord confirming that you are moving in or out.   47 weitere Wörter


Connecting to the World

A mon arrivée à Francfort sur le Main, mes deux priorités pour m’installer dans ma nouvelle vie/ville étaient :

1. Obtenir un numéro de téléphone allemand… 847 weitere Wörter


Linda goes to the library

I love reading. This is due to the fact that my mother read to me when I was a baby (according to my mother). However, a bit like dating an Eastern European woman, my love is becoming rather an expensive habit. 807 weitere Wörter


Registering in Berlin - The Anmeldung

*This post was written over a year ago. Things are now much different in terms of requirements and waiting times.

As such take this as my experience not a guide on getting registered. 708 weitere Wörter

Getting Started

Erasmus in Genf - Alles, was du wissen musst

Die Organisation eines Erasmus-Aufenthaltes ist nicht einfach. Deswegen habe ich mir überlegt, die wichtigsten Schritte hier zusammenzufassen, die für meine Anmeldung für Erasmus in Genf erforderlich waren. 528 weitere Wörter