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Choose from the wide range of best android smartphones in India with exceptional performance, sleek style and functional extras that gives you ultimate mobile experience.

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Starmobile KNIGHT ELITE -- Elegant and Powerful 4G LTE Smartphone

In this current generation, almost all of us has been very active in social media activities. We use our mobile phones to post pictures of our  “Outfit of the Day” —  OOTD, the Instagram-worthy food that is served on our table, the beautiful places that we’ve traveled and the great times shared with our friends just to name a few. noch 394 Wörter

4G LTE Smartphone

Google Stays in the News with Chrome Books and Antitrust Issues

Being one of the largest or should I say the only highest used search engine in the world, Google has always tried to give the best to its users in every way. noch 274 Wörter

Internet Marketing News

Verizon & Sony officially cancel the Xperia Z4v

Verizon took the veil off of the Sony Xperia Z4v just about 4 months ago, saying that it would be coming in the summer. That quite obviously didn’t happen even after… noch 246 Wörter


AT&T HTC Desire 626 - Hardware Review

While we might want the latest and greatest smartphones, in reality not many of us can afford the latest iPhone or the top of the line Android device each year. noch 1.181 Wörter


Singapore Destination Guide

You can now be very much familiar with the name of Singapore as it has made its name engraved in the sightseers’ psyches who can not but rather oppose the obscure’s call, who can not but rather be influenced to watch the magnificence of a nation or of a sure place. noch 354 Wörter

Best Places In Singapore

LG's upcoming 'V10' handset has a 5.7-inch screen, an auxiliary 'ticker display,' Snapdragon 808

We told you yesterday about an unknown LG “V” handset, and now Evan Blass of evleaks has confirmed that this device is indeed the LG V10 handset that he shared many details about just a few days ago. noch 288 Wörter