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Best Android Smartphone In India

Enjoy the pure android experience with the exclusive range of LG Smartphones, loaded with high performance processor latest OS and lots of productive applications. noch 6 Wörter

Consumer Electronics

3D VR Glasses, 3D VR Headset Virtual Reality Box

Today I am reviewing this fantastic product the 3D VR Glasses/Headset Virtual Reality Box with Adjustable Lens and Strap IOS Phones and Android SmartPhone for 3D Movies and Games. noch 393 Wörter


8 Killer Tips To Conserve Your Android Smartphone Battery

The most common problem faced by most smartphone users, is getting battery drained out in the middle of the day. Even developers go through a similar issue in providing… noch 470 Wörter

Android Application Development

Sirin Labs' Solarin isn't for pro-privacy bankers. It's for rich execs who want bling

‚Advanced technology for those where cost is not an issue‘.

El Reg got hands-on with the Solarin $14,000 ultra-high-end Android smartphone during a trip to Tel Aviv this week. noch 557 Wörter

Cyber Security

Sony Xperia Android smartphone boom over many Countries

Sony Mobile formerly name was Sony Ericsson is a multinational mobile phone manufacturing company which is having headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.Sony Mobile Communications has research countries like Tokyo, Japan; Chennai, India; Lund, Sweden; Beijing, China and Silicon Valley, United States.Sony Mobile was the fourth-largest smartphone manufacturer by Sony Mobile Communication in year 2012 with 9.8 million units shipped. noch 207 Wörter


Nokia Entry Into Device Segment - Real Facts

It is Challengeable For #Nokia

Ex-Nokia employee and its management at last brought back the pride of Nokia to Finland by acquiring Feature phone and Tablet part from Microsoft in firesell cleanup process by Microsoft post their multiple misstep prior and post acquisition of Nokia devices.

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