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Wing Leader Game is in Amazon App Store

Be the fastest bee on an Amazon device. The Wing Leader game is now on the Amazon App Store. Leaderboards, achievements, and saved games are handled by Amazon GameCircle. 10 weitere Wörter


Gives Your Eyes A Break - Download Twilight For Your Phone (Android)

The brightness of the screens of these smartphones is enough to make you cross eyed if you are not careful. I recently purchased the Motorola Moto G5 Plus… 203 weitere Wörter

Information Technology

Best FREE Android Apps of 2017 AND Best Free Windows Software of 2017

I am sure you have figured out that I love apps and software that run on the Android OS (for smartphones and tablets) and the Windows OS (for desktops and laptops). 122 weitere Wörter


Best Sellers - Unlocked Cell Phones (at Amazon)

The advantage of an unlocked cell phone is that they are typically carrier-friendly and work with all major carrier networks domestically or abroad. I have always purchased unlocked phones in the event I need to change carriers and typically swapping out the SIMs card is all that is required. 171 weitere Wörter


SmartNews- The Only News App You Will Ever Need

I am a news junky and can tell you, I have tried every „news source“ app out for my phone and tablet. What I settled on and have used for over a year, is an app called „ 133 weitere Wörter

Information Technology

Fall's in Full Swing and Here Come the Apps!

Being in Ontario, Canada, we get the full on 4 seasons – and I’m thankful enough to have had the chance to get some good fall colour viewing in over the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend (shameless plug for my twitter… 707 weitere Wörter


BREAKING: Lauren Kortbein has switched platforms...again

A long, long time ago, I was a BlackBerry addict. I had numerous devices, from OS 7 all the way up to BlackBerry 10. I was such an addict, that when I switched to iPhone, it became a “thing”. 474 weitere Wörter