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Security and Productivity is Key for Small Businesses, Too. DTEK50 and BlackBerry Software are the Solution.

If you run a small or midsize business (SMB), you know the struggle of doing the work you want to do – innovating and growing your business – while keeping track of the business-critical, yet mundane, things that demand your attention. 1.185 weitere Wörter


Detect navigation bar, or get it's height in Android

Problem: To solve different device display problem. (fitSystemWindows)

Some android device has a virtual navigation barWhen I want the application ActionBar or content fitSystemWindows=“true“, the content shown under the Status Bar and the Navigation Bar. 323 weitere Wörter


Android Nougat is out!

The next major version of Android was released today called Android Nougat, which brings the version number to 7.0.

There are already a ton of articles talking about this today, so instead of being redundant, I’ll list out some of the best content to check out; 301 weitere Wörter

Mobile Tech

Melacak riwayat keberadaan seseorang melalui Google Maps

Salah satu fitur di Google Maps yang perlu dimiliki oleh para orang tua yang memiliki anak, apalagi kalau anaknya sedikit bandel dan suka keluyuran nggak jelas atau suami/istri /pasangan mungkin yang curiga atau hanya sekedar jaga-jaga pasangannya di- 328 weitere Wörter

Tips And Tricks

Duo: Video calling made simple

I’m trying to back off of pushing new apps on people. I’m an early adopter and I often get backlash from friends, family, and even coworkers when I am the one who is suggesting new technology to them. 402 weitere Wörter


The top 100 Android apps

Folks, PC Magazine has published its „Best of“ review for Android apps. Click the link, then choose a category (I suspect many of you will check out the „Games“ category.. 147 weitere Wörter