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Tempest in a Teacup

My appearance at the Code/Mobile conference created a minor furor yesterday. To my dismay, the media focused on a few of my comments while ignoring many others… noch 554 Wörter


Get a 2-year subscription to over 1,000 computer and software courses for $59 [Deal]

Take a giant step towards your dream career, promotion, or certification with access to courses on everything from Unity 3D game development to Linux security. Virtual Training Company, one of the world’s largest producers of online learning, promises top-notch instruction not only on building new skills but on mastering software from Autodesk, Adobe, and more. noch 35 Wörter


HTC One M8 GPe Android Marshmallow update planned for October

With Google’s Android Marshmallow update rolling out to its Nexus devices, many have been wondering when their Google Play edition phones would be updated to the latest version of Android. noch 131 Wörter


Descubre qué dispositivos Samsung Galaxy actualizarán primero a Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Google ha dado el pistoletazo de salida a la nueva versión Android 6.0 Marshmallow, que ya se encuentra disponible y que como es habitual, un año más surgen las dudas acerca de… noch 630 Wörter


Unannounced handset from OnePlus shown off by the FCC

There’s an unannounced OnePlus-branded handset out there in the world, if the FCC is to be believed. The new device was revealed by the commission in a single photo, with very few details to go along with it. noch 175 Wörter


Samsung retorna al camino de los beneficios en el último semestre

El mercado se encuentra en un momento bastante difícil debido a la incorporación de diversos actores principales que se han sumado a la gran y súper producción que es ahora Android. noch 585 Wörter