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At a wedding I seek not have any history, because history is already being done in that moment. noch 51 Wörter



Hoje apercebo-me de que baixei demasiado as defesas contigo.
Foi bom. Entreguei-me. Saboreei a sensação de pertencer a alguém.

Por outro lado, criei em mim a necessidade de me sentir protegida e acompanhada. noch 72 Wörter


Amigo 2015

What do you get when you place an antsy adventurer at a camp that is in harmony with both God and nature?  A summer full of epic memories, Russian accents, numerous mothers, and deep thoughts.  noch 34 Wörter


Amigo Adventures: Special Snowflakes

CLO is an intentional community for the developmentally disabled.  Each fall for the past few years, they have been coming to Amigo for a taste of camp life.   noch 714 Wörter


Amigo Adventures: Reflections of a Russian Glowworm

“You are epic!”

One week this summer, I had the privilege of functioning in the “camp pastor” role at Camp Amigo.  Our theme for summer camp this year is LIFE, with each day of camp focusing on a different aspect of life.  noch 882 Wörter