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Time Out Blog: 22 Video games set in London

My latest blog for Time Out London looks at 22 video games set in the capital, dating from the 1980s up to the present day. 8 weitere Wörter


Amiga Family poster

I thought this poster looked great and wanted to share it. Click for a larger image.

It’s available for purchase here:
–> link <–


Amibian - Amiga as a software service

I’ve read a couple of interesting articles about how the Amiga system is being re-implemented in Javascript so that it will continue to survive in the future world of cloud computing where microservices are all the rage and the choice of OS is arbitrary. 59 weitere Wörter


Dear Viri,

Happy Late Birthday Viri!! I know you read my blogs so I’ll know you’ll see this. I gave you a birthday present without a birthday card which is something I normally don’t do. 542 weitere Wörter


Getting started coding for Amiga

Here’s a nice intro to those looking into coding for the Amiga:

Link to Coppershade’s Amiga Development Environments.

There are a few articles on hardware programming on their main site. 33 weitere Wörter


Commodore Story documentary heads for stardom

A new techno-nostalgia film production is headed for Kickstarter stardom – and is set to become an essential addition to the collections of fans of classic Commodore computers, games and software, including as it does, many of the charismatic creators and movers and shakers who feature in the dramatic tale of so much of that seminal computer industry and hobby community history. 468 weitere Wörter


Good to see commercial games continue to be developed for the Amiga

This one is an AGA shoot-em-up game, currently under development and taking preorders: AlarCity .

Check out the gameplay:

A downloadable demo is available on their webpage (see AlarCity link above)