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Episode 69: Follin Back in Time

Download Episode 69: „Follin Back in Time“ here!

Tim Follin may be remembered for writing amazing soundtracks to titles like Silver Surfer (NES) and Rock ’n Roll Racing (SNES), but his career as one of the most celebrated western VGM composers started long before that. 252 weitere Wörter


Novidades 08/2016

O último update que fiz em relação à colecção já foi há uns bons 148 dias, em Março. O culpado do costume não me deixou vir mais cedo e assim fui amontando as coisas até conseguir escrever estas linhas sobre o que foi chegando de novo. 784 weitere Wörter


Hasta luego querida​ amiga <3

Dear Leah,

I can’t believe that I have to leave you. I am almost waiting for you to ring me up, even if it’s right before I go, and tell me that you’ve changed courses and are now moving to Spain for a year to build upon your GCSE Spanish. 290 weitere Wörter


Video of AmigaOS 4.1 FE on AmigaOne X5000

Hi everyone,

Just read the latest post by Trevor Dickinson (owner of A-EON Technologies) on his blog. There he linked to a film of him using the… 69 weitere Wörter


Cartridge Music - the Best of Two Worlds?

Releasing music on a cartridge that needs an old 8-bit platform to work, might seem like the worst way of releasing music today. But if you think about it a bit more…. 787 weitere Wörter


Señales que te dicen si le gustas a tu amiga

Seguramente alguna vez algún amigo te ha confesado su amor y ni te lo imaginabas.

Pero ¿Te ha sucedido con alguien de tu mismo sexo? 332 weitere Wörter