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Choey went to Mexico

Hi! Welcome back to my blog! It has been awhile! I got sick while I was in Mexico so I was unable to post last week. noch 271 Wörter

Just Because

Who says books are dead?

A post on books might look a little out of place in a blog about retro games, but stick with me: it is (hopefully) relevant – honest! noch 490 Wörter

Book Review

This Little Amiga Still Runs School District's HVAC

It’s the rare tech worker that manages a decade in any one job these days – employee loyalty is just so 1980s. But when you started your career in that fabled age, some of the cultural values might have rubbed off on you.  noch 266 Wörter

Misc Hacks

Happy 30th Birthday - The Commodore Amiga

Today, thirty years ago, the Commodore Amiga trickled out paving the way for a dynasty of tech renowned for doing things such as powering early VR rigs… noch 145 Wörter


Happy 30th Birthday, Amiga!

Thirty years ago today, at the Lincoln Centre in New York, one of the most advanced home computers ever was launched – the Commodore Amiga A1000. noch 512 Wörter