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One Of Mitochondria's BisDak Song

One Of Mitochondria’s BisDak Song


Performed live at D’ZYR Restobar




Imagine you could go to the kind of place you dreamed of as a child. A land of hearts and cards and clouds and clocks, where a means of transport might be a kite or a drinking straw. noch 3.293 Wörter


Techno Cop (1988) (Atari ST, Amiga....)

Av en tillfällighet råkade jag i en av mina retrogrupper jag är med i på FB se en bild av ett av mina favoritspel på min Atari ST. noch 222 Wörter


Let's move on!

Second episode of the anime “From the new World”.

Download here.

Here’s the cover:

It will be a long journey…


[VIDEO] 61 Things the Robots Can Do Now

Zip your zipper

It can go around curves and move forward and backward. Get ready for tiny bots to zip around your pants, jackets, and dresses. noch 37 Wörter


From the new release, From the new World

Shinsekai Yori – From the new World is the new release.

Great Anime, I remember that I watched it in japanese audio, subtitled in italian. noch 93 Wörter