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Shedding a little light on unreleased Amiga game - Warrior

Howdy folks,

There was a very early alpha demo of a game called „Warrior“ that was released into the scene around 91.

Even in its early state the game looked quite promising, the main character sprite running swagger animation reminded me of Shadow of the Beast 3 as did the boomerang behaviour of the weapons, though I believe this demo predates the release of the aforesaid game by at least a year. noch 293 Wörter


AmigaOne X5000: You can now register interest with A-EON

Hi everyone,

Seems like the release of the brand new computer, the AmigaOne X5000, is not too far away. You can now register your interest in purchasing the machine at the… noch 34 Wörter


Double Dragon 2600, TMNT Arcade & Altered Beast for Amiga mini reviews, cheats and more!

Continuing on the beat ‚em up theme from last time, I have some cheats companied with my waxing lyrical opines of these arcade game conversions for the home. noch 745 Wörter

Action Replay

The 'Big Sam' Challenge

Arise Sam Allardyce, the fixer of broken teams, the straight-talking, no-nonsense man from the midlands, the new England Manager!!  And to salute this special occasion what better excuse for the the PFTP boys to boot up Kick Off 2, a game coincidentally that has much in common with Big Sam,  with it’s direct football and long balls (tho short passes are possible too) and abundance of  footy stats… noch 478 Wörter

Retro Retrogaming Kick Off 2 Kickoff

Amiga 600: Vampire II videos - Sam & Max, 7th Guest and more!

Hi everyone,

Hope you all are enjoying the summer. :)

Mjnurney, the lucky owner of a Vampire II accelerator for his Amiga 600, has uploaded a ton of cool videos on YouTube. noch 106 Wörter


Amiga: New 64KB Intro by Void

Hi guys,

My Amiga group, Void, released a small 64KB intro at the Solskogen party in Norway this summer. :) You can get it from by clicking… noch 19 Wörter