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Memory pains

I knew right away that I wanted to make some architectural improvements before getting too far into this year’s project.  For example, I wanted to be able to read geometry definitions from a file, rather than having them hardcoded into the application.  noch 898 Wörter


#ShoutOut to thatazynha89

Não tenho nem palavras para expressar o quanto tem sido importante pra mim ultimamente. Em pensar que tempos atras nossos santos não se batiam e hoje tudo é tão diferente. noch 62 Wörter


Retrochallenge 2015 07

So here I am with another last-minute entry into the Retrochallenge.  I really thought I was going to be thoroughly prepared with something really ambitious this time.  noch 220 Wörter


A new "classic", MorphOS and the next NextGen from A-Eon

So, I haven’t posted much lately due to being busy but also not seeing much that I wanted to comment upon.

First off, the MorphOS team has already uploaded a new build (v3.9) less than 2 months after 3.8. noch 218 Wörter


Comical Psychosomatic Medicine number 3

The english subs are over, next week we can get the last episodes of this anime.

You can download the third iso here, and enjoy the episodes from 11 to 15.

Stay tuned!



Does anybody here like Game of Thrones? I know I do! Well, just imagine a computer game a bit like that, only without the sex, nudity and swearing! noch 3.602 Wörter