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Goodbye Isao!

About a month ago, we left the great Isao Takahata, the man who gave birth to Heidi in our childhood and who collaborated in the foundation of Studio Ghibli in our adolescence, accompanying us to adulthood. 33 weitere Wörter


Recent Features

Here is a guest post I wrote recently for the RetroVideoGamer website, talking about the inspiration of 90s Amiga computer game music:

I also participated in SouthWaves Audio’s regular ‚5 Questions‘ feature: 6 weitere Wörter


Say Hello to the AmyITX, Now Complete!!

Many of you may have seen my posting about the AmyITX I was putting together a few months ago. I am pleased to announce its now complete and working well. 54 weitere Wörter

WinUAE Version 4.0.0 Beta 10 Released

This week see’s the excellent WinUAE Version 4.0.0 Beta 10 released.
Download links have been provided below from the official site, and of course for all those interested here’s the changes that have been recently made: 221 weitere Wörter

Greatest Games: Midwinter

Leading a revolution is one thing. Having to do so in the punishing environment of a post-apocalyptic winter is a slightly more complicated matter. This is what faced players of Midwinter, a first person action and strategy game designed by Mike Singleton and Maelstrom Games. 1.035 weitere Wörter


Bonus Post - Remember ZERO Magazine?

Old gaming magazines like Computer & Video Games, Crash and Zzap! 64 quite deservedly still get a lot of attention, but whilst looking for a specific copy of C&VG from a pile that covers most of the eighties for my last post, I found a rogue magazine in my carefully ordered, er, pile! 867 weitere Wörter

Retro Gaming

Final Round. - Mortal Kombat

Part three of the „Final Round“ series is yet another first entry in a legendary fighting game franchise.

Developed by Midway in 1992 as a response to the wildly popular… 2.500 weitere Wörter