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Article: My Gaming History – MSX Spectravideo SVI-738 X’Press Part 1

When I try to think about the first time I played video games, I remember only blurry images of games played with a big white keyboard. 859 weitere Wörter


Found an old picture of "OS5" development system

Back in 1998, Amiga Inc was in talks with QNX to use their desktop system as a potential base for the nextgen Amiga. Their web archive page also teased a new system for developers of OS5dev: 27 weitere Wörter


1989 Appearance of the Chip Music Term

Who first started to use the chipmusic term, when and where? I once wrote that 4mat’s first chip music disk from 1989 could be one of the oldest mentions of the term. 324 weitere Wörter


[Review] James Pond II: Codename RoboCod

REVIEW # 00000000 00111101

Something fishy is afoot in the arctic

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Vale, en su tiempo eran la l... ¿y ahora?

Ya de entrada

No todos eran la leche. Después de los largos minutos de espera a que cargase el cassette. Si cargaba. Ese bonito sonido estridente y desgarrador de carga. 500 weitere Wörter


Eres MUJER..? Para ti.

Día Internacional de la Mujer Trabajadora, también llamado Día Internacional de la Mujer, conmemora la lucha de la mujer por su participación, en pie de igualdad con el hombre, en la sociedad y en su desarrollo íntegro como persona. 885 weitere Wörter


XBench 1.0x Pre-Release 2016 for Amiga running on PS Vita via taiHENKaku FW 3.60

So that is quite a title huh, what on earth does that mean?!?

Well just before Christmas, a developer by the username: Cpasjuste, ported UAE4ALL2 over to the PS Vita for those of us who has firmware 3.6 with the HENKaku exploit.  566 weitere Wörter