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Ang Masinahon nga Amiga

Ang Masinahon nga Amiga

Tungod sa iyang pagkamasinahon, nibati iyang istura. Wa na siya nailhan sa iyahang bana.

Naa’y duha ka magka’amiga. Ang usa, gwapa, puti-on, taas ug buhok ato nganlag Jona nya ang usa, bati-g nawng, morena, ug kuloton og buhok ato nganlag Jena. 249 weitere Wörter


Test Drive II - The Duell

TEST DRIVE II – THE DUELL von Accolade aus dem Jahr 1989 war Damals mein erstes Rennspiel das mich vor dem Monitor gefesselt hatte. TEST DRIVE hatte ich nie besessen. 1.005 weitere Wörter

I'm Famous!

Trevor Dickinson of A-Eon Technology did a flattering post about me over on his blog. Thank you so much for this Trevor!

Read the original article here:

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Amiwest 2017 is Nearly Here!

As many of you may (or may not) know the 20th Amiwest show is nearing fast! It will be out in Sacramento California as it is every year on October 19th through the 22nd. 63 weitere Wörter

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Collectors edition is back ! AmigaOS 4.X - PC - MAC

NEWSFLASH! – Battle Squadron collectors edition is back in limited supply!!

Order your special collectors edition today!!

The legendary Commodore Amiga shooter Battle Squadron with the infamous rating on fantastic 109% is now available in a super slick and special CD/DVD Collector’s Edition. 187 weitere Wörter


Top Ten Retro Game Soundtracks

In the battle of graphics vs gameplay there is of course only one winner. For every dire but pretty Rise of the Robots, there is a superior if plainer looking Sensible Soccer. 1.691 weitere Wörter