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Te tengo a ti

¿Te acuerdas de la primera vez que salimos?, ¿de nuestras pláticas interminables?, ¿de las caminatas al parque Roma?, ¿o de las tardes de verano sobre el suelo fresco de la terraza?, ¿de las canciones que cantábamos a todo pulmón antes de dormir?, ¿de los días de piyama y películas en enero?, ¿de nuestras primeras vacaciones?, ¿te acuerdas?, porque yo sí. noch 377 Wörter


MAME ADF support is back in 0.166

  The latest version of MAME was released about a week ago, though there is not a lot of note to mention, and furthermore there hasn’t been a source update on the Amiga side of things in quite a while, some good news is ADF disk images are now working again. noch 72 Wörter


Evangelion episode 2

Hello everyone!
Due to a bad source, I had to change provider for this episode, there is not much difference when converted to CDXL.

Download it from the… noch 92 Wörter


Assembly 2015: Master Control Program by Desire (Amiga Demo)

Hi everyone,

Here’s the runner-up in the Amiga demo competition at the Assembly 2015 demo party in Finland. It is called Master Control Program and was made by Desire. noch 44 Wörter


Interview with Robert J. "RJ" Mical by Ravi Abbott

Hi all,

The well known Amiga enthusiast Ravi Abbott has released an interview he did with the Amiga-legend RJ Mical today. Check it out below. :)


Commodore Amiga: a visual Commpendium

The Amiga was a massive part of my teenage life. In the early 90s we had a Sega Mega Drive, a Sinclair ZX Spectrum and an Amstrad CPC, but I was always far more interested in my mate’s Amiga 500 – the graphics and sound were gorgeous, the games intoxicating and he seemed to have hundreds and hundreds of them. noch 1.246 Wörter

Video Games

We are the Mighty Trump

What do you think of when you think of video games? For me growing up it was always blasters. Shooters if you will, shoot-em-ups to the cognoscenti, STGs if your spending too much money, shmups if you really have to. noch 512 Wörter

Floppy Disc