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[REVIEW] Quake

Developer: GT Interactive
Publisher: Id Software
Release: 1996
Platform: DOS, Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Amiga, Nintendo 64, Saturn
Genre: Dark Fantasy / First Person Action Horror… noch 1.910 Wörter


Amiga: AMOS source code for Oubliette

Hi everyone,

Remember the game I presented a short while ago? Oubliette by James Wilkinson? He has now released the source code for the game. :) If you’re interested in having a look, you can get it from Aminet: … noch 132 Wörter


The Aminet Files: Part 2 – Advanced Lawnmower Simulator (game)

Hi guys,

Welcome to another „episode“ of The Aminet Files. In this series I randomly pick software from Aminet to investigate. It does not matter what it is, when it was released, its quality, everything I end up with will get a mention here on this blog. noch 354 Wörter


Crush Lemmings on the Website of

Hi everyone,

Just visited the website of to drool at the Mist FPGA computer that I want to purchase for my birthday. When I entered the site, I noticed a bunch of characters from the game Lemmings walking across the top of the screen! noch 78 Wörter


The Lost Vikings (1992)

„This is the old way. You will not see it again.“ -The 13th Warrior

Imagine the premise of Sliders with three characters from Beowulf suffering the finale of… noch 1.446 Wörter

Game Review

Maxwell Mouse on tour

I have no doubt it’s gone completely unnoticed that I have been keeping a rather low profile, blog-wise, in recent weeks.  There are numerous reasons for this, prominent among them being that I have been quite extraordinarily lazy but also, to be perfectly frank, there’s been very little worth writing about on the… noch 924 Wörter

Amiga: Oubliette - New Amiga game!


A new Amiga PD game was released in April 2016. It is called Oubliette and was created by James Wilkinson.

I gave it spin and it was fun! noch 247 Wörter