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AMIcast: Amiga Podcast

Hi guys,

Recently a new podcast has been initiated. It is called AMIcast and aims to bring information, as well as interviews, from and about the Amiga community. noch 124 Wörter


27 March 2015 --- Best day/mejor día

A fun day! Swedish group in the morning. Lunch with a good friend. Took lots of photos of friends in my Mexican restaurant. When I posted them later, there were many fun comments. noch 32 Wörter

The Hyperion Bankruptcy: Hearing Next Week

Hi everyone,

Just a quick update from Bert Dehandschutter concerning the bankruptcy of Hyperion Entertainment, the makers of AmigaOS 4.x. I sent him an e-mail asking about the current status of the case, since we are all eager to hear the verdict, and this is the reply he sent me: noch 61 Wörter


Return to normal

Left behind the ebola’s incident, it’s time to resume the Tuesday’s releases.

New stage that begins with the controversial episode 8 (as a bonus the scene with Saki and Mary in hires!). noch 27 Wörter


The Real Ghostbusters

Whom do you feel compelled to contact?

Not the Real assbag Ghostbusters, that’s for damn sure.

The Real Ghostbusters was a hit cartoon based on the original… noch 1.820 Wörter


Blog links updated

I haven’t updated my own entries yet (although I have several great ideas).

However, I have been adding blogs to my big blog link post. Two columns: Next Gen and Classic… noch 14 Wörter


Building a virtual Amiga for retrogaming

I recently built a new virtual Amiga (emulated via WinUAE) for the purpose of playing classic games. My previous build mostly worked okay, but I was having a few issues primarily from upgrading to OS3.9 as well as  installing software in a haphazard manner, so I decided to start afresh. noch 2.817 Wörter

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