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Debunking I’m still alive!

I’m posting this to let all readers of this blog know that I’m still alive! In this case, thought I should accompany my post with a video of the same title, featuring the amazing Amiga (“Super Atari”) computer, which wasn’t designed by Jack Tramiel or Commodore, but Commodore bought the rights to the Amiga after Jack Tramiel left Commodore.

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Amiga CD32 emulation guide

The Amiga CD32 console, released in 1993, was Commodore’s follow-up to the CDTV. Essentially, it was a repackaged Amiga 1200 with a built in CD-ROM drive and a bespoke 6-button joypad controller. noch 1.251 Wörter


Amiga 600: More Vampire II Videos

Hello all,

The upcoming Vampire II continues to impress. In the first video you can see the Amiga 600 emulating a Nintendo NES and running Mario! noch 26 Wörter


Eva - episode 14

The first half of this episode is a clip show, in the form of a report by Seele reviewing Gendo’s actions, summarizing the first season of episodes and the story up until this point. noch 36 Wörter


Game inserts and cases

My previous post showed how I created nice labels for my games, but I wanted to go a little further.  Disks on their own are a little soulless and get lost in your disk case.   noch 516 Wörter


Is your Mac a nightmare to update?

Upgrades and updates to OS X have seldom run entirely smoothly. Some particular releases have been notorious, and caused widespread grief, sometimes so badly that Apple has been driven to have another go, issuing a second version of the update. noch 505 Wörter


Game play videos on You Tube.... Reality Glitch Plays!

Been making some game play videos to put up on You Tube, part to help encourage me to get back into some gaming and part for me to demonstrate some of my favourite Amiga games growing up. noch 121 Wörter

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