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Some thoughts on file naming

So I hit a limit tonight when I was copying ADF files via FTP:  AmigaDOS files can only be 28 characters long.  That’s not a big problem, really, but the ADF files from Internet Archive are longer than that.  757 weitere Wörter


FTP works now

It was a problem with selinux on the server side:

setsebool -P ftpd_connect_all_unreserved on

After that, everything works.

Downloading an ADF file takes around 3 – 3.5 seconds.  118 weitere Wörter


SCSI ROMs are here, initial setup, and TCP/IP

On Thursday the SCSI ROMs arrived, but I didn’t get a chance to put them in.

Friday I started to put the machine back together. 710 weitere Wörter


V500 Vampire V2+ Dispatched!

Received another milestone email from Apollo Accelerators today:

Today is a big day : your Vampire card has been shipped ! If you want tracking number please wait 24-48 hours then send request to us. 8 weitere Wörter

Floppies, real and virtual

Yeah, well about that.  I did the conversion, but then I cut the wires since I was trying to debug why the drive light stayed on. 591 weitere Wörter


V500 Vampire V2+ Allocated!

So excited to receive an email today to let me know that I’ve finally been allocated a V500 Vampire V2+ accelerator card after several months of waiting. 37 weitere Wörter


For no particular reason at all, I’m writing this post in a text editor within an Amiga emulator on the Raspberry Pi. Let me explain that a bit further – a very small circuit board sitting on top of the PC under the desk is running Linux, which is then running an emulator – simulating the hardware and operating system of a Commodore Amiga – a home computer from the late 1980s. 317 weitere Wörter