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¿Qué estas haciendo aquí?

No sé qué estas haciendo hoy alla, pero sé que tramas algo. Lo sé por que no has salido de mi mente en toda la semana y no entiendo que haces rebuscando por aquí. noch 336 Wörter


Amiga: A-EON Technology and ACube Systems strengthen strategic alliance

A-EON Technology and ACube Systems strengthen strategic alliance
Cardiff, 21st May 2015

Following a series of meetings held over three days in late April at A-EON Technology’s Cardiff headquarters, the two companies agreed a joint development plan to ensure the future of Classic and Next-Generation Amiga hardware and software development. noch 200 Wörter


Amiga: A-EON Technology acquires Ringhio Messaging System

A-EON Technology acquires Ringhio Messaging System
Cardiff, 21st May 2015

As part of our strategic alliance with ACube srl we are pleased to announce that we have purchased the exclusive rights to the Ringhio messaging system from its developer Max ‘m3x’ Tretene. noch 341 Wörter


International Amiga Day is coming!

In 2012 we saw, and rightly celebrated, the thirtieth birthdays of the remarkable BBC Micro and Sinclair ZX Spectrum, the two main stalwarts of the British home computer revolution of the 1980s, which remain hugely popular today with retro-computing and retro-gaming enthusiasts.   noch 788 Wörter


The Blank: Restored!

One of my ongoing projects has been preserving/remastering/restoring the films that I made with friends in the 1990s, under the banner of Silver Screen Productions (SSP). noch 583 Wörter


20/05/2015 – Gnar Hest-Coda (Puts On Sunglasses) (2015)

Can nothing stop Bristol’s experimental swami in 2015?

Gnar Hest’s new album Void Rider should come with a note exclaiming “No instruments were harmed during the making of this album”. noch 346 Wörter


B.B. King - Mr. Amiga blues has flown

Real name: Riley Ben King

Handle: B.B. King

Country: United States

“The blues was bleeding the same blood as me.” noch 195 Wörter