More... Sewing!


Do you like to sew? I do! Though I don’t do it too often, occasionally I get a burst of motivation and make a bunch of doll clothes. 239 weitere Wörter

American Girl Doll

Draped Doll Cardigan

After changing my mind several times about what to make Grace for her new outfit, I went with Suzy M Studios‘ draped cardigan, Liberty Jane baseball tee, and the Liberty Jane jeans I had previously made.  127 weitere Wörter


We are back + A Photoseries​

Hi everyone! Yes, we did disappear for a few months on an unannounced hiatus, but we are back! And with some exciting news…

We are starting a photo series! 336 weitere Wörter

Long Time Coming

Tomorrow is a special day.  No, it is no one’s birthday.  No, it is not some holiday.  It is the day my youngest daughter and I finally get to take a trip we have been wanting for years.  296 weitere Wörter

Kirsten's Prairie Ensemble- Keeper Dolly Duds 3

It was Kirsten’s turn for a new outfit.  I have had this Keeper Dolly Duds‘ „Prairie Ruffle“ for a little while and went with that for her. 219 weitere Wörter


OOTD - Easter Ballerina

Outfit of the Day – Lea

Easter Ballerina

Dress: Truly Me Celebration Dress

Accessories: Headband from Grace’s Baking Outfit, Lea’s pink logo earrings, flower from Isabelle’s Performance Set, purse from CYO… 287 weitere Wörter

American Girl

Willa's Easter Photoshoot!

Hello Everyone!

As you all know, Easter is on Sunday! Since it’s almost Easter Sunday, I thought that I would do a photoshoot of Willa wearing her Easter outfit! 58 weitere Wörter