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Do My Life As Doll Clothes Fit American Girl Dolls?

Recently I snagged a great deal on a three-outfit pack of ‚My Life As‘ doll clothes from Walmart (gotta love clearance prices!).  With my $12.99 prize, I figured it was time to do some scientific testing and answer once and for all – will doll clothes made for the 18 inch doll line ‚ My Life As‘ fit the American Girl Dolls?  956 weitere Wörter

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A Final Shoot from my Trip

Hi! Happy Thursday!

Today I have the last photoshoot that I got of Caroline during my recent trip (which was actually a few weeks ago now) 134 weitere Wörter

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Methods of Choosing Ideal American Girl Puppet

These days, the market is abundant with a plethora of American Girl doll models. This is obviously enhancing your selection option but at the same time creates much confusion as well. 255 weitere Wörter

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Papal Peace

All good (and lapsed) Catholics remember St Francis of Assisi, standing around with birds on his shoulders and animals curled around his stone feet. He was the one saint everybody loved because his tenet was, „All Creatures are One Family.“ So it’s only right that the modern day Pope of the Holy Roman Catholic Church should be named Francis; he sleeps in the most spartan bedroom at the Vatican and rides around in a Ford. 614 weitere Wörter

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Head in a Book - Photoshoot with Caroline


Who remembers me saying in my last post that I hoped to get this one out early… ;-)

Time flies!

I guess editing 21 pictures took longer than I expected, but I hope that you will enjoy this fun photoshoot that I took… 88 weitere Wörter

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American Girl: Ultimate Visual Guide Book Review

First off, if you’re looking for a complete encyclopedia of every American Girl doll and item ever made, this is not it.  But if you’re looking for a clear timeline of the American Girl Company, an overview of all the historical doll characters, tons of interesting facts and even more gorgeous pictures, this is the book you want! 536 weitere Wörter

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