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Raiders Of The Lost Ark (1981)

Director – Steven Spielberg

Starring – Harrison Ford, Karen Allen, Paul Freeman, John Rhys-Davies, Denholm Elliott, Alfred Molina,

Just a classic, classic film

Film Reviews

Dragons: Race to the Edge all fired up for Netflix

Who knew there was such a big market for dragon training and its related shenanigans? Horse training, sure. Dog training, ditto. Cat training? Well, good luck – they’ll never succumb to us humans as overlords. noch 596 Wörter


On This Week's Talking Pictures Podcast .....

Want the low-down on this week’s new releases and DVDs?  The answer’s elementary, my dear movie fan!  The latest Talking Pictures podcast is out now. noch 120 Wörter

Film Review

Strange Magic (2015) - reviewed by George

This animated film was produced by Lucasfilm, Ltd., with Story by George Lucas himself, but since Lucasfilm  is owned by Disney this is also a Touchstone Picture. noch 347 Wörter


Movie Review: Love Is Strange

With the Irish people recently voting to legalise same-sex marriage in their country, it seemed the right time to review a film about one such relationship. noch 498 Wörter

Supervillain Spotlight - Doctor Octopus

This week’s villainous feature takes a look at another Spider-Man villain, and definitely one of the greats. Another invention of Stan Lee and artist Steve Ditko, Otto Octavius debuted in the pages of  noch 962 Wörter

Supervillain Spotlight