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The Berlin Stories by Christopher Isherwood

I wanted to read Huxley’s Island but it was out so I got the next best thing: The Berlin Stories by Christopher Isherwood. I say ’next best thing‘ but what I mean is Isherwood is the next author on the HU library shelf and I see him every time I go to get out a Huxley. 138 weitere Wörter

Reading The Why

BERLIN ALEXANDERPLATZ: Being Woke in Weimar Germany

Berlin Alexanderplatz (1929) by Alfred Döblin

          The context behind Berlin Alexanderplatz, according to Döblin, was that there isn’t much difference between a criminal and an average person. 965 weitere Wörter


The Dancer and the Body

More than a hundred years after its first publication in German, NYRB Editions has released the collection “Bright Magic: Stories”—edited and translated by Damien Searls and with an introduction by Günter Grass—which allows us to read Alfred Döblin’s early expressionistic work along with some later fables and “incomprehensible stories”. 3.419 weitere Wörter

Iain Bamforth

Alexanderplatz: Berlin Blue

Dreams: {Alexanderplatz: Berlin Blue}


Not only autos go a hundred
How annoying
Time too rushes on
How insane
Take it easy, Mr. Time
Slow down on the curve…
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Alain Resnais