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Alfred Döblin’s Berlin Alexanderplatz and the Representation of Metropolitan Experience

Alfred Döblin’s Berlin Alexanderplatz, published in Germany in 1929, is a key example of the Modernist endeavor to encapsulate a new metropolitan experience. Following the mass industrialisation of the previous century, new urban centres had materialised holding thousands of people. noch 4.602 Wörter


Berlin Transfer

Berlin Alexanderplatz by Alfred Döblin. 1929. French translation by Olivier Le Lay. (2008)

My good resolution for German Literature Month hosted by Caroline and Lizzy… noch 808 Wörter


Döblin, S. 420


Whitish-red glaring, earth-shaking thunder. The island threw white clouds high, glowed steaming red from underneath; it shot up wildly in incessant bubbling.

unablässig – incessant… noch 352 Wörter

Döblin, 418


Thousands of loons, screeching lightly, flapped onto dewy cables, through the hatches and portholes, covered the out-board steps with their ducking, feathered bodies, unhelpfully jumping about, and held themselves fast to the keel clipped to the ship’s hull.  noch 315 Wörter

Mehr Döblin! S. 414 + 415


The men had to go below decks into the icy spaces with hooks and knives to tear away the colorful bushes, which were, practically, setting about strangling the ship.  noch 660 Wörter

Alfred Döblin, "Berge, Meere, und Giganten", pp. 402-407, Translation

The squadrons near Thistillfyord and southern Myrdalsjökull anchoring, the freight ships with the tourmaline nets behind them, did not have the capacity to close with the glowing sea amid the bomb throw-off, and the gas and lava explosions. noch 1.942 Wörter